15 Best Tattoo Design Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Getting a tattoo on your body is always a tough decision to make since it’s practically quite difficult to remove the traces from your skin once inked. Therefore, one needs to decide on the tattoo design before having one not to regret it in the future. Nowadays, you can easily find many prominent tattoo design apps that can be relied on to get the perfect design of your dreams. Since the trend of having a cool tattoo on your body never fades away, it’s time for you to check out this great list of top 5 best Tattoo design apps 2022.

Best Tattoo design Apps  Android/iPhone 2022


Tattoo Designs

Want to have some macho tattoos? This is the perfect app for all you men out there to choose from these designs. You can search both offline and online. Get them printed on your wrist, chest, hand, and legs wherever you require. Just select your photo and get them printed. You will love this app as it has some hunky tattoos for you. Android users download it now.


 3500+ Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Design Apps (Android/Iphone)
Once you download this app, you will never regret it. This app is the best app anyone could ever have on their mobiles. This app has 1000+ latest as well as ancient and retro types of stylish tattoo designs for you. Designs like Lotus Animal, Cross, tribal, Phoenix, etc. These tattoos are universal and can be used by both women and men. You will get tattoo designs for your lower back, back, chest, arms, legs, etc. This app keeps getting updated with every passing month, so it keeps you up-to-date as well. Android friendly.

Tattoo For Photo

Best Tattoo design Apps  Android/iPhone 2022
There are about 500 cute stickers for you in this app. It also has many fonts, and the tattoos are suitable for both men and women. It has a lovely collection of tattoos of dragons, crosses, flowers, animals, etc. you can easily select your picture and add your favorite tattoo to it. It has effects in it so that to can match accordingly. Download it, select your favorite design and get yourself inked virtually. There is also a free painting tool on the photo. It best fits Android users.

Tattoo My Photo

Best Tattoo design Apps  Android/iPhone 2022
As the name suggests you can now have yourself tattooed without any pain, and this will be done through this app. You just have to select your photo where you need a tattoo and just select the tattoo of your choice. You can choose more than 1 tattoo on your photo and then resize it accordingly. You have enough options to choose from. it’s the best tattoo app for Android users.

INKHUNTER – try tattoo designs

Best Tattoo design Apps  Android/iPhone 2022
This is the best app android can provide you with. You can make sketches of your own or from the app. You can easily edit your tattoo from this app. Apart from this, you can see your tattoo in augmented style. This allows you to see whether the tattoo will suit you or not. This app is really good and gives you an exact image of how a tattoo will look on you. This app is for Android devices.

Tattoodo – Find your next tattoo

Best Tattoo design Apps  Android/iPhone 2022
Tattoodo allows you to be in touch with the latest trends in this field. It allows you to hunt for a tattoo shop near you. You can see the videos, tattoos, and articles on the latest trends. You can click and upload your tattoo and create a collection of the best tattoos. This tattoo photo editor is trending so much these days. You can even grow your business with this app as it allows you to make friends through this app and see other artist’s work. Android friendly.

Tattoo design men

best tatto design apps 2022
Download and explore this fantastic app based on the tattoo. This tattoo app has been designed not only for boys but for girls and a couple as well. It has 500+ tattoos for you and almost 20+ tattoo categories. This app is like a virtual tattoo salon. This tattoo app has stylish tattoos. You can get yourself inked anytime by choosing from this wide range of tattoos available. Android users, go ahead and download this fantastic infinity tattoo app now.

Virtual Tattoo on Body

This app is handy and good. It allows you to choose from a wide range of tattoos available on this app. It helps you make a proper decision about which tattoo to choose and where you should apply for the perfect look. Virtual tattoo on body app has multiple categories from which you can search and select your favorite tattoo design. You can, without any pain, apply a tattoo on yourself as this app has the feature of selecting the desired image and then virtually applying it on yourself from this app. an iOS-friendly app.

Tribal tattoo ideas

The catalogue of this app has various tattoos with amazing inspiring designs for you. The images provided to you are of HD quality which can be zoomed and seen. It has over 1000+ tattoos for you to see and then get yourself inked. iOS users you are really lucky to have this app of tattoos for free.

Tatoo maker

Get ready to explore cute and mesmerizing styles available from this app online. All those who are afraid of pain by a permanent tattoo. So you will get many designs like mandalas, Paisley print, swirls, asymmetric, etc., which the mehndi artist can apply. It supports many languages and even has videos to see and learn, one of the best tattoo apps, Android 2019, with more than 5 million downloads. It can work offline as well. iOS users, go ahead and download this fantastic app now.

Skin Motion

 Tattoo Design Apps Android / Iphone 2022


Music lovers can make the best use of this popular tattoo design app widely recognized for its unique yet exciting features. It lets a user convert a simple sound clip into something like a sound wave type of tattoo. It means that you could take a random sound clip that does not exceed 30 seconds and convert it into a beautiful piece of art that is nothing but a sound wave design. The app also helps you contact nearby artists who are known for designing sound wave types of tattoos. Apart from this, the app also lets you customize various elements of your specially designed tattoo in its design, color, and shape.

 Trendy Tattoo Designs


This new iOS tattoo application brings you some of the most sophisticated set of tattoo designs that you would definitely love to have on your body. You will find tons of application styles and designs in this particular app that is bound to leave you awestruck. Follow up with the trends as the designers working for this app always work on updating new designs weekly, making it the right choice for you to pick. Apart from this, you also get to share your favourite tattoo ideas on various social media platforms as well.


Virtual Tattoo Maker


Virtual Tattoo Maker is yet another thrilling tattoo design app that will impress you with its exciting collection of tattoo designs. This iOS-based application comes with a rare feature that lets you virtually visualize the look of the design you have selected on your own body. So you no longer need to worry about regretting your tattoo shortly since it’s not going to happen. Moreover, the app also ensures to offer you endless amounts of design styles that are bound to leave you in a dilemma. Thus, you must make sure not to miss out on trying this application to benefit from its functionalities and features fully.

Tattoo Stencil


 Tattoo Design Apps Android / Iphone 2022


A great feature of the Tattoo Stencil application is that it is available for android as well as iPhone users. This application is quite an interesting tool for the travel freaks who are always in search of designs that blow their minds and inspire them to move forward. This tattoo design app allows you to create a stencil for generating some amazing tattoo designs.


HoloTats is yet another popular tattoo design app that is free for you and relatively simple to use. The app offers you some great tattoo designs that could also be shared among your friends on social media platforms. The best part about this app is that it uses Augmented Reality to make the kids’ experience better. It helps them to catch beautiful graphics turn them into action. Not only this, but you can also share them explicitly on social media.

So these were the best tattoo design apps for android/iPhone 2022 for you online. Everyone loves tattoos, either of their initial or zodiac signs or couple tattoo or tattoos with unique meaning or an image or quote. If you are a tattoo lover, then these are the best apps mentioned for you. You have various solo designs as well as designs for a couple. If you found the information good enough for you to download these tattoo apps, please comment and share. Thanks!

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