15 Best Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

There probably isn’t a gamer who is not familiar with the Super Mario franchise. This franchise has a firm grip over the gaming world, published and developed by Nintendo. Whenever a Super Mario game gets released, there is always a huge buzz. Due to the unique graphics and animation, these games best for adults and children. So, this post generates a list of the top 15 Super Mario games of all time! 

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Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Standing on top is Super Mario Odyssey. This piece of entertainment was released on 27th October for the Switch console. The graphics are three-dimensional, and the storyline is as simple as the controls. Collect moons to fuel your airship and glide it through the be Mushroom Kingdom. You also have to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Enjoy the fun and engaging content like never before. So, without any further delay, add the reigning game to your collection.


Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

The Super Mario Maker 2 was released on 28th June 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the previous game, this version focuses more on the building. Restore Princess Peaches’ castle by using your skillful tactics. The gameplay grows more amusing when you can meet players around the world. Yes, the game supports a maximum of 4 players online in the Multiplayer mode. Besides, you can also join an exciting story mode. Anything you do in this game, you’ll be amazed. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Here’s another piece of entertainment for your Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Party was available for the first time on 5th October 2018. However, it was developed to be a fun board game by Nintendo themselves. Roll the dice and see what your destiny awaits. There are over 5 mini-games embedded in the game. Ever heard of Mariothon? It is one of the mini-games in the packet. Turn on your internet and compete in 2 vs 2, or 1 vs 3 modes. So, if you are keen to board games, here’s one for you.


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Get ready for a Super Mario game full of chaos. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released on 7th December 2018, as an action game. Have you wondered about the versatility of characters in the thumbnail? It is when legends clash with each other. Characters in this game are developed with faster combat and defensive skills. Over 8 players can compete among themselves with 900 music tracks playing. This game is a blend of the series like Super Mario Odyssey and Castlevania. Probably there isn’t a better game than this, to unleash mayhem.


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Dear 3DS owners, here’s something for you all. The Bowser’s collection is an RPG action-adventure game brought up on 11th January 2019. The game was more people in North America due to its hilarious storyline. The dialogues within the game will tickle your senses. Don’t laugh much, as it is time for action. Save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, defeating his army. With effort and comedy, the game deserves to be on the list. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Enough of all action games. For, it’s time for racing. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was introduced on 28th April 2017. The game will provide you with the exhilaration; you didn’t imagine. Set a fire in the road with your speed and agility. With three options of play, the 1080p TV mode is the fan-favorite. However, you can only join with 3 other players in the TV mode. Rated; for everyone, this game is a must-have for racing gamers. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Well, the name is very lengthy, so is its content. The 2022 Olympic version was released on 5th November 2019. Unlike other games, it was developed and published by Sega. With the characters of the Mario and Sonic series, the game becomes more fun to play. There are over 30 prestigious events of the Tokyo Olympic games embedded in it. Play with local, online, or multiplayer modes. It’s all your choice. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

When it comes to sports, Mario games get quite amazing. Released on 22nd June 2018, Mario Tennis Aces was published by Nintendo for the Switch console. This sports cum adventure game has gained a lot of attention during its release. The gameplay is very musing where you have to smash the ball hard. Hit it so hard that your opponent gets knocked out. Compete along 3 other players in local or online mode. For sports lovers, here’s the irresistible game. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Want a more straightforward game with humorous content? Well, then this is the amusement for you. This paper crafted game was released on 17th July 2020 by Nintendo. However, the game is a single-player with adorable graphics. The story describes the Mushroom Kingdom that is attacked. Mario teams with Olivia on an adventure to free Peach from King Olly. With 9 supported international languages, the game manages to be on the list. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

What if the two games of the same franchise are blended? Well, Nintendo fulfills this necessity too. The New Super Mario Bros. Ultimate Deluxe is one of the simplified remixed versions. In the game, Mario and Luigi, the two old mates form a team. Join them too on their glorious adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom. There are over 164 platforming courses, as the game belongs to the platforming genre. So, grab the game before feeling guilty. 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Are you ready for a never-ending amusement? Well, this game serves you right. Super Mario Maker is a two-dimensional game with apparent graphics. There are over 100 built-in courses to engage in. You can also create your Super Mario courses for more fun. Players can also go wireless to play the local mode. However, there isn’t any option of online upload. 


Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Nintendo never forgets any of its consoles. For Wii owners, here’s something on the list. New Super Mario Bros. was released way back on 14th May 2015, by Nintendo. Bowser again kidnaps princess Peach. This time, he took her to a remote place. Your job is to bring the Princess back home safe. Explore the enigmatic locations such as mountains and valleys to reach your target. Also, don’t forget to collect coins in your way to unlocking fresh items. If you are searching for content for your Wii, grab this game.


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Super Mario 3D World was the first 3D Super Mario game for the Wii console. Released on 21st November 2013, Nintendo published the game. Being the first 3D game for the Wii, it created a massive buzz among the audience. Coming; to the gameplay, each character has their unique abilities. Overcome every hurdle in the game and proceed towards your goal. Players can also use the touch-screen functions, to freeze enemies and solve puzzles. With all these features, this action game deserves to be on the list.


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

Are you passionate about the baseball game? If yes, your wish is fulfilled. The Mario Super Sluggers was released on 31st March 2016, for the Wii console. This game has a single objective, to hit the ball. Maintain the precise timing and accuracy, using all your might. Players can play with all the fascinating Mario characters for more fun. The more you but hard, the better score it will be. Try to secure as many home runs as you can. The game also allows you to display your skills in front of 4 other players. So, grab your Nunchuck and hit the ball hard! 


 Super Mario Games Of All Time 2022

At last, we have something for the DS console too. The Super Mario 64 DS was released on 25th August 2016. However, this game is compatible with both DS and Wii consoles. It is a single-player game, but don’t take that as a limitation. Coming to the storyline, the culprit is Bowser again. Luigi and Mario showed themselves for a party at Peach’s castle. Later they found the villa to be empty. Bowser imprisoned every member of the party, whom you must rescue. Mario and Luigi are the only hope of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bring all the members safe, including the Princess, and discover new innovative solutions. 


Nintendo spared no expense in marketing and advertising the Super Mario series. These innovative ideas were successful in making the Super Mario series reign. After a decade, this series still serves Nintendo better than any other publication. The Super Mario series made Nintendo a premium gaming company. However, Nintendo didn’t give the privilege of developing the game to any other developer. With all tasks done by themselves, it’s a remark of utmost dedication. To bring you the best out of this, here are the top 15 Nintendo Super Mario games leading the market.