How To Create “Drop your best sunset photos” Instagram Story 2023

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New trends are getting viral daily. Following these trends is also helpful for increasing followers on Instagram.

“Drop your best sunset photo” is among all these popular movements on Instagram.

In this trend, people share their best sunset photos. With the help of this trend, you can reach upto a million users and can also gain followers.

The trend started by a user by uploading his sunset photo. And after uploading it, he invited people to drop their sunset pictures with a newly launched sticker for inviting people.

If you also want to join this club but don’t know how to do that.

You found the right person, shyami- The Instagram guide to guide you step-by-step.

So, let’s start…

Step 1:- Go to an Instagram user’s story who has posted his sunset picture. Make sure you have updated your Instagram or the latest Instagram on your phone.


How To Create “Drop your best sunset photos” Instagram Story 2022

Step 2:- Now you will see a white box next to that picture with a message “Drop your best Sunset Photo”. Click on that option.

How To Create “Drop your best sunset photos” Instagram Story 2022

Step 3:- you will see a blue box with the option “click here.” Click on the option.

Step 4: Now, you have two ways to shoot your picture with that camera icon or upload one of your pictures from your camera roll by swiping up.

Finally, your photo will be included in the series of all sunset images.

Many Twitter users also like the new trend. This trend is not used for only sunset images. But the trend is being used for sharing pictures on any topic like “Drop your pet’s photo.”

There are so many trends or series running on Instagram using this sticker. It would be best to explore yourself to know the most favorite according to your interest.

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