In a world full of technology and development, everyone is trying to get rid of paper and heading towards electronic devices. As the games are getting integrated with the latest technology, it has become easier than ever to play your favorite mind games whenever you want to. Now, you need not search for your newspaper to find the tiny sudoku section hiding somewhere in the middle pages. One of the oldest number puzzle games, called sudoku, is now available in just a single touch of your phone. There are a huge number of sudoku game app developers who are trying their best to bring variety to this age-old game. Have you ever wanted to undo that mess you created in those small sudoku blocks in the newspaper? Though the game looks simple, it could be very messy at times. Sudoku seems to be very challenging and tiring when you are trying to solve a hard puzzle. Get ready to enhance your mind power b playing the very interesting and fun game of sudoku on your mobile phone. It is the right time to go paperless and enjoy the luxury of having the ultimate sudoku games under the tip of your finger. Without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s read the article to know the top 15 best sudoku games 2021.

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 Best Sudoku Games Android/ iPhone 2021


1. – Free Game Android

 Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

It is not an easy task to search for a game that goes along with your mental ability. There are numerous types of puzzle games that are readily available in the play store. But not all are that good. On the off chance that you are looking for a number puzzle that can enhance your mind power, you need to get the – Free Game. This game has more than 10 thousand sudoku puzzles that are divided into groups from simple, moderate, difficult as well as professional. You can choose the level that you are comfortable with.

2. Sudoku iPhone

 Best Sudoku Games iPhone 2021

This sudoku game has been developed by PeopleFun CG, LLC. The developer is known for creating the best puzzles. If it is a case that you have an apple phone or any other apple gadget (with iOS 9.1 or more) such as iPad and iPod touch, then this is a brilliant option for you to get this game for free from the game store. The player will also be able to customize the language of the game from the available seven languages. Try to make the least number of errors to solve the sudoku. If you complete the puzzle with less than or equal to 3 errors, then you will be rewarded as a winner of the game.

3. Sudoku – Number puzzle iPhone

 Best Sudoku Games iPhone 2021

The Sudoku: Number puzzle is an impressive creation by the Wuhan Dobest Information Technology Co, Ltd for all iPhone users. To drill your intellectual skill, you can play in different game modes. The cell ranges are from 4×4 to, 6×6 as well as the biggest puzzle of 9×9. It is of utmost importance to expand the capacity of your brain. To do so, you need to constantly keep exercising your brain by indulging it in various puzzles solving activities. Sudoku is a very delightful game that is full of entertainment. Keep challenging your mind to figure out the exceptionally hard sudoku puzzles of the Sudoku – Number puzzle iPhone game.

4. Sudoku Game: Genius scan iPhone

Best Sudoku Games iPhone 2021

What could be more interesting than playing the world’s favorite puzzle game and that too free of cost? Yes! You got it right. The Sudoku Game: Genius scan is available to all iPhone users with 8000 unique levels. To provide you with the best sudoku experience, the Sudoku Game: Genius scan iPhone game developers have created several interesting levels and modes of sudoku puzzle for the players. Some of the modes are diagonal, micro, even–odd, standard, irregular, and mega mode puzzles. To make yourself comfortable with the challenges, start by trying out the simple puzzles and gradually moving towards the tougher challenges.

5. Sudoku Board iPhone

 Best Sudoku Games iPhone 2021

The Sudoku Board iPhone can make you crazy for sudoku. Have you never played the game earlier? Is it the first time that you are going to play the ultimate sudoku puzzles? On the off chance that you are not much acquainted with this type of number game, then you need to try this sudoku game. You can begin by selecting the easy mode of the 4×4 puzzle. To make it a little bit more convenient for you, the Sudoku Board iPhone gives the feature to use the tips feature. You can write notes as well so that you do not forget your last few steps.

6. Sudoku ● iPhone

Best Sudoku Games iPhone 2021

Sudoku has been the favorite game for all groups of people. It is loved by young as well as adults. If is it true that you are also one of the greatest fans of this number puzzle then try the updated version of this game. This game will assist you in every path as the game progresses. You would now be able to check duplicates as they all will get highlighted while you are filling the cells. Not only just that but you would also be able to track your game and get the spontaneous power over the game. If you are already an expert puzzles solver then you may choose to turn off these features.

7. Sudoku Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

The game is specifically designed for those who tend to love challenges. The game of numbers seems to be very simple but the fact is the little opposite. There are some simple levels out there in the game but those are for the beginners. If you are far ahead of them then you can move to play the expert mode of the game which is a hard nut to crack. There are some very amazing additional features in this sudoku game. Attempt to successfully finish as many lives as you can. This will help you to achieve a deep knowledge of the sudoku number games.

8. Sudoku Android

 Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

Stop turning the pages of your newspaper! It’s high time now as you need to shift from the paper sudoku generation to the high-tech mobile world. There is an assortment if the option for you to pick from when it comes to getting the best sudoku game on your cell phone. Give a shot to this new version of the age-old game. This is an upgraded initiative by the Brainium Studios for all the die-hard fans of the sudoku puzzles. On the off chance that you have never played any number game so far than with the help of hints and tips, you can get a hang of this game very quickly.

9. Sudoku Free Android

 Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

Have you ever given it thought of creating your Sudoku game puzzle? This is indeed a great idea. It would be so interesting to check the mental ability of other players and analyze how they solve your given puzzle. With this sudoku game app, you will get the ultimate power to be the creator of your unique sudoku puzzle. You can now dominate the virtual world of numbers and watch your puzzle being solved by pro players. Get the ultimate joy by utilizing this feature of the game. Not only just that you can also play on the pre-designed 6000 plus puzzles in this android game.

10. Best Sudoku (FREE) Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

This is a kind of game which you can play anytime and anywhere. If it is the time for you’re to start your long weekend and you are thinking about what you can do in that free time then playing the Best Sudoku (FREE) Android game is a perfect choice. When you are not working, it becomes of utmost importance to keep your brain working constantly. This is because being idle can indeed harm your creative skills. Get yourself indulge in doing some very good puzzle-solving activities. It is very straightforward to test your abilities in deciphering the unique sudoku puzzles on Best Sudoku (FREE) Android.

11. Sudoku- Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

With more than 5 thousand sudoku number puzzles, you will never get bored of the game. The Sudoku- Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles Android renders the players with a huge amount of opportunity to play and sharpen their mental ability. There are 4 distinct modes available to all the android mobile users. The excitement does not stop here, to tell you the truth, the Sudoku- Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles Android also launches daily new and unique sudoku puzzles to keep you entertained. On the off chance that you are still missing the paper sudoku version of the game, you will soon get addicted to this mobile version of the game as you will get the pencil (note) mode in the game.

12. Sudoku Quest Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

The Sudoku Quest Android game is full of twists and turns. This will make you glued to the game from day till night. You may not believe it, but the truth is that the game is filled with all the types of number puzzles from level 1 to 600 and more. The entire package of the game has a total of 10 thousand extraordinary sudoku number riddles. The magic eye feature of this game is a very unusual feature that tends to assist you in analyzing the position of a single number that needs to be filled in the cell. The biggest problem-solving cell size is 12 x 12, whereas the novice players can begin by playing the smallest puzzle size of 4 x 4.

13. Sudoku- Offline and Free Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

The Sudoku: Offline and Free Android are already being played by 1 000 000 players with android cell phones. Some people might still prefer to solve sudoku in newspapers than on their phones because of the easy accessibility of the puzzles. If the truth is told, you need not wait for your mobile to connect to the internet to play sudoku. The Sudoku- Offline and Free Android are handy to all the players 24 x 7. You have to make the maximum out of this wonderful opportunity. Play free of cost and solve as many challenging sudoku puzzles as possible. Enjoy your cup of coffee with the ultimate sudoku game.

14. Sudoku Offline by MobileAppForYou Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

It is known to most people that any type of addiction is not good for health but having said that, this is not true when you play sudoku games. This is the only activity that proves that if you tend to give more time to play the game of this genre, you will gradually enhance your reasoning ability and improve upon the concentrating power of your mind. The Sudoku Offline by MobileAppForYou Android makes sure that the players get a very rich gaming experience. This game has been designed so that every time you play, you get to encounter a different puzzle. It maintains the variation along with the challenges.

15. Sudoku- Free Addictive Classic Puzzle Game Android

Best Sudoku Games Android 2021

Step into the competition of the unusual number puzzle, which is widely known as sudoku. Are you stressed about the hectic schedule that you already had in your office? Or are you worried about your next project? Well, it would be better to keep all the worries and stress aside for a while. Refresh your mind and thought by playing the best sudoku game that is available under your fingertip. This is an amazing stress-buster.


As technology is getting integrated with the virtual world of games, you would notice that this game genre is heading towards the top as the most played games among phone users. The more you play, the more you get to understand these tricks of this number game. It will prepare your mind for the upcoming challenges and help you to deal with them strategically.