Before the invention of the most credible study lamps, people used to read under the candle, dire lamp, or even street lights. It wasn’t easy for sure, but everything seems smooth and easy after the invention of portable study lamps. Most importantly, it offers you to study and do your research hassle-free. With study lamps, you can study late at night without disturbing anyone and will not develop any eyesight problem. This article will help you out with numerous choices of heavy-duty study lamps available in the market.

Here are some of the best study lamps available worth your money:

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1. Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp

 Best Study Lamps 2020


WIPRO has been serving the everyday Indian for over 75 years now with a lot of amazing products. If you are looking for an energy-efficient lamp, then you don’t have to look any further. This lamp is one of the best study lamps for eyes as it provides three light options in cool daylight, neutral white light, and warmer light. With these options, you can set the lamp light based on the surrounding lighting. This lamp can display colors and with no visual distortions. It runs with 6 watts of power, and this lamp is energy efficient. It has LED bulbs embedded into its beak and an incredibly flexible stem. The light from the bulb is glare-free and soft light. It can provide upto 200 lumens of light. It is enough to light up most of a wide desk. You can provide power to this table lamp using your mobile charger or the USB port of your laptop. It is indeed a great deal because it comes with a 2years manufacturer guarantee for damage care.

2. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This study lamp is another bestseller in the lamp market. It saves about 80% more than an average light bulb. This lamp is instrumental in reducing glare, eye fatigue, and any eye strain due to constant exposure to the light. It consumes as low as 5 watts of power and produces as high as 250 lumens of light, and it is 50 lumens higher than the Wipro Garnet LED lamp. It is designed with elegance and precise color, and the Air Desk Lamp has stick-based flexibility. This lamp is best suitable for study, reading, and office work. It comes with a matte diffuser; even then, if you are worried about damages, then there is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty available for any product-related damages to the item.

3. DP Portable Rechargeable LED Table lamp/ Emergency Light

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This lamp is perfect for reading and can serve as an emergency light when needed. It has a rectangular light that is very luminous which provides you with 250 lumens of light and safe for your eyes. It is an ideal desk partner for workstations and study tables and gives cool daylight. It has a matte diffuser to reduce glare, eye fatigue, and eye strain. It may not be as flexible as most lamps on the list, but its tip can be bent to give ample light. Unfortunately, the standing stick is nonflexible. But the entire setup can close to a single small stick, but it is easy to store. ItsIts dimensions are 10 x 10 x 22 cm and weigh light, about 349g, and it comes with a two-yeara two-year manufacturer warranty to cover damages if any occurs.

4. lovelyhome LED Book Lights

Best Study Lamps 2020

It is a highly portable lamp that comes with a clip to hold your books to be easier for you to read in the dark while roaming around with your book. It comes with a Li-polymer battery, which has a capacity of 600mAh. You can charge it for 2 hours, and it would last with 40 hours of working capacity. There is overcharge protection present in the device, which prevents any overcharging and discharge of the battery. Thus, it is energy efficient too. There is a small USB port available at one end of the bottom of the device that is used for charging up the device. Now coming back to the clip, well, it is based on the design of the lamp, which is brilliant when it comes to holding to a book, laptop, a pad, a desk, and pretty much any of the thin to medium thick surfaces. This easy usability factor makes this a gizmo worth having by students, instructors, book worms, and travelers. This lamp comes with three light brightness options. You can use a minimum of 5 LEDs for cold white light, for mild brightness, you can use 4 LEDs for a warm yellow light, and a high of 9 LEDs for the mixing brightness. It also comes with two years manufacturer warranty to support you with damage coverage.

5. Havells DESKLITE 

Best Study Lamps 2020

This is a 6 Watts LED table lamp with a soft glare-free light output by Havells’ and it comes in three color variations (body colors- pink, white and blue) with a beautiful design suitable for modern home and office. This lamp is very suitable for the study room, home, and office. It is smart because it comes with touch sensor to change the brightness and it is an adjustable lamp shade. It is soft on your eyes you can rely on it in dark. It is light weight and it has dimension of 33.5cm H ×24cm L×23.5cm W, overall, it is very durable and long lasting if maintained well.

6. Wooum® Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp 

 Best Study Lamps 2020

It is a smart lamp that comes with touch sensors. It is made up of ABS, lightweight, durable, and smooth texture feeling. It offers efficient heat dissipation; it comes with adjustable angles. It’s powered by a USB charger, USB power bank, or laptop, so it is convenient when you want to use it. Its charging duration is 8 hours, and its battery backup time is 30 minutes. It is soft on the eyes and very lightweight and portable. There is a battery indicator that will indicate when the battery charge is low. It is a very great deal, do check it out.

7. Smart One Rocklight 

Best Study Lamps 2020

The smart one rock light is a rechargeable lamp and is an ideal pick for students, bachelors, and book lovers who wish to read in the dead of night. It comes with another USB-based LED light for free. This LED USB Lamp can go into a power bank, a laptop, or a secondary UBS outlet serving as a perfect secondary clip-on table lamp. The brightness of this Lamp can be adjusted as per your requirements. This ensures that you always have just the amount of light that you require. This variable brightness setting makes this desk light the perfect reading light since you can dim or brighten the light as and when needed; it comes with a modern design 360-Degree adjustable neck with easy rotation. Its dimensions are 12cm H×9cm L×19cm W, and it is made up of very lightweight plastic, which makes it very portable.

8. Bulfyss Rrimin USB Flexible Reading LED Light 

 Best Study Lamps 2020

It is another clip-type lamp that can be ideal for students. It comes with a long USB cable so that you wouldn’t need an extension board to use in case the power source is at a farther distance. It’s flexible and produces light best suited for people who read or work late at night. It can be easily attached to books or desk or laptop screens, thus fulfilling most of your needs. It is suitable for book worms, workaholics staying all night on their or for PG students. It is highly portable and lightweight. It is cost-effective, consumes very much energy, and turns out to be very handy.

9. HELICON Table Lamp

Best Study Lamps 2020

This is retro style lamp which has chrome finished design and very flexible and is ideal for study or office work. It comes with aluminum reflector with Helicon light-style technology, for optimal light distribution 360-degree flexible gooseneck arm to enable easy focusing. It has easy control interface with a flexible which can be easily adjusted and it can be rotated 360 degrees. It is very simple and will satisfy all your study needs.

10. Sunsenses Black Doctor Table Lamp

Best Study Lamps 2020

It is ideal for all professional because it is a professional lamp. You can use filament bulb or a CFL or LEDs. So, it has retro design and will take to the past days, it has a spring designs like the versions of lamp had and has cod which can be connected with the bulb and can be used for prolonged period of time. It is electrically driven there is no need of charging just install a bulb and get started.

11. SHOPOPOYE Book Reading 

Best Study Lamps 2020

This is another clip study lamp which is very light and portable. It is soft on eyes. It has long battery life of 12 hours with single charging and offers brightness of 220 lumens. It is long lasting durable and value for money. It can be used for studying, reading novels, in car, night lamp, and photography and also serves as an emergency light. 

12. ESN 999 Stylish Black Adjustable Table Lamp

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This is another retro design light without any problem of charging , this light is suitable for students, readers, doctors, teachers and all sorts of professionals who have something to do with reading and writing, It is isn’t portable but runs electrically, it comes with a plug and you just have to install a bulb to start working with it, just plug it in and starting working.

13. Azacus Plastic Long Arm Study Desk Light

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This lamp is ultra-slim, lightweight, has a contemporary design as a study lamp, and comes with an inbuilt rechargeable option. It can be connected to a power source as well as any USB port for recharging. It has a single button operation with five function feather touch options. On the first touch, it switches on; second, third and fourth touches are used for increasing the intensity of light, while the fifth touch will switch off the lamp. It comes with integrated sixteen white light LEDs. It is perfect for those who want to study at night. It comes with a pen holder and also has the glowing light below. It can be a great gift for students who are night owls.

14. Artis L130 LED Desktop / Table / Study Lamp 

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This Lamp comes with a white light dimmer function. It has a feather touch on/off operation switch. It is extremely portable and light. It has a power-efficient rechargeable LED light; it provides battery back up to 5 hours depending on light intensity. It has a fixed design, and a charging cable is provided in the box. It has a maximum power consumption of 1W with a lax luminous flux of 350 LUX; it comes with a non-heating lighting element and has a power supply of 3.7V rechargeable battery; its maximum luminance is 80LM. It has a flexible spine for adjustment according to your needs. It has 14 super bright and efficient LED’s, and it emits low electro-magnetic waves, IR and UV.LED Lamp and provides battery backup up to 5 hours depending on light intensity. It can be your ideal study lamp.

15. USB Flexible Reading LED Light 

 Best Study Lamps 2020

This LED Lamp has a compact and mini-size design that makes it easily portable as its lightweight. It makes a perfect travel companion as you can easily carry them with you serving multiple purposes of reading, laptops, e-reading. It has natural and flicker-free light to protect your eye, making it easy to read a book at night without hurting your eyes. The Lamp’s neck is very flexible and can be adjusted to 360 degrees according to your preference. It has a USB LED 360-degree table LED Lamp that provides warm light that is best suitable to be used as a table lamp for reading, writing without turning on the lights. It works on USB, and you don’t require a battery to operate it. It has a clip design that can fix it on your screen on the keyboard and is the suitable LED Lamp for using on your laptop or PC in dark areas with an ON or OFF switch design. The silicone surface protects the clamped page and provides a firm grip compared to the bare neck. It can be your ideal Lamp with all these features.


Study lamp is a necessity for late night studies which means for everyone from student to a high class researcher, everyone needs an coat effective study lamp, well this whole article is committed to help you with buying the best suited ideal lamp for you and this article will guide you to buy the choicest lamp as per your requirement.