You might have heard about story-driven games in which two and more persons connect for narrating a story. Each player plays one character as the story demands. There is a presence of solid initiative factor that makes people play the games till the end. At the end of every story, you can promote it as you can recommend this game to your friends.
For sure, the gaming industry has been developing in numerous ways. The developers of story-driven games generally focus on the illusion of choice and player involvement. Such games allow the players to visualize themselves to be their part. With these games, players can process the dialogues by identifying them and further recognize the consequences. By this, you can narrate your own story with the dialogues and further experiment with interactive inputs. Well, in simple words, these are great ways to train your brain and make it active. The story-driven games are the methods of learning teamwork.
Most of the story-driven games generally revolve around the problems that you have to expose layer-wise. Thus, you can learn about offering solutions to the issues.
So, you can learn the ways of developing the improvisation skill.
Let’s start discussing the top-rated story-driven games that you can like playing.

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Best Story Driven Games Android/ iPhone


1. Episode- Choose your story Android/ iPhone

 Best Story Driven Games Android/ iPhone

It is one of the best story-driven games designed for both Android and iPhone mobile phones. You will find an interactive visual story that allows you to choose the path of your special characters. With this game, you will live in the story having lots of adventure, love, drama and romance. Believe it, and you are going to experience an exciting journey. The best thing about it is that you can personalize your avatar and design the outfit as per your choice. In this game, you can also make a beautiful relationship with your favorite character and change your fate depending on your choices. Here, you can discover thousands of different worlds and get inspired to write your own story.

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2. My Story: Choose your own path by Nanobit Android

Best Story Driven Games Android

The game is specially designed for game lovers who like different stories. Get numerous outcomes based on the choices you make in this game. You are even allowed to create your own exciting stories with the assistance of a story maker. Play with other players as well as you can share your story world. Moreover, it is also featured with realistic chat clients, which is inspired by other popular apps. Find this game to be quite interactive but also play an excellent platform for various interactive story games. The only limit in this game is the imagination that can either take you further or stop the game.

3. Lonewolf- A sniper story Android

Best Story Driven Games Android

Lonewolf-A sniper story is introduced by FDG Entertainment, where you can find yourself deep in this story-driven game. Talking about the game, it is adventurous and includes moral conflicts. In the very first minute, you will find yourself alone with the weapon and get calm. In the second minute, you feel the experience of the wind and sense the target movements. In the third minute, all you hear is the echo of gunfire.
Isn’t it sound interesting?
You have to play the role of a mysterious assassin, and your motive is always kept secret. To win this game, you have to complete all the tasks to get entry in assemble, which is a criminal organization. It will take around 5 hours to complete the story of this game and have to complete 30 missions. You will also find more than 30 weapons that you can use to complete the missions, and don’t forget to enjoy the realistic weapon sound.

4. Romance Club- Stories Android/ iPhone

 Best Story Driven Games Android/ iPhone

Yet another exciting game on the list is Romance Club that has an interactive story, and you can also enjoy some romantic visual stories that you can control. The exciting thing about it is that you can personalize your character and fall in love with someone. Get the chance to date some cute girls and guys. Make the choices that can affect your fate.

5. Seen Android

 Best Story Driven Games Android

A fantastic game introduced by Polychrome Games makes you fall in love again. It is reasonably required for offering different outcomes depending on the choices. Thus, in this game, you can easily create your own story with the assistance of a story maker. Please take the opportunity to work with other players as well and share your story with them. Get the advantage of the advanced feature of a realistic chat client that is inspired by different popular apps. Hence, it is proven that this game is a platform for numerous interactive story games.

6. Choices: Stories you play Android

Best Story Driven Games Android

One of the best android driven games in this 2021, Choices: Stories you play is a well-interactive visual story game that make you choose your own path. The game is offered by Plxelberry and anyone can enjoy the story, which is filled with adventure, love, drama and romance. Honestly, the players are going to enjoy their characters and also have the access to personalize their avatar while designing their outfit by own. Discover different endings of the story and get involved in thousands of worlds.

7. Old Man’s Journey iPhone

Best Story Driven Games iPhone

Old Man’s Journey as name suggests is a version of video game that has the essence of old blessing. The game will surely remind you of picture postcard. Old Man’s Journey is very sweet, meandering and undemanding story with beautiful ending. While playing this game, you will never require words to narrate the story.

8. Ticket to earth iPhone

Best Story Driven Games iPhone

A Dying colony, A planet and A deadly conspiracy; what else you can expect in a game. In Ticket to Earth, you get the chance to fight with a corrupt system and solve a revolutionary puzzle. No doubt, it’s an unbelievable game that one should download in his or her iPhone. Enjoy surprising twists and turn in the story with well-written story and excellent characters keeping you stick to your seat while maintaining the interest level. The game is all about playing puzzle grid, colleting the matching tiles and also power up the special abilities. Get turn-based tactics, mind-gobbling puzzles and engaging story in one complete package.

9. Storyline: Interactive games iPhone

Best Story Driven Games iPhone

Storyline: Interactive Games is counted amongst the best games of iPhone this year. In this interactive story, you can play any character like becoming Hollywood star, president and even plan for escaping the prison. The game does include visual story and allow you to select the path of your own character. Live in the world of your own story filled with adventure, romance, drama and love. Whatever character you play, make sure that will dramatically affect your whole storyline and also the end.

10. Love Story Game iPhone

 Best Story Driven Games iPhone You must have heard of this game before. With this game, you can get the chance of creating love story and also get immersed in different romantic visual stories. Find the attractive characters, personalize then and prepare yourself to fall in love with someone. Enjoy a journey of crazy love adventure whose story is completely original and anyone can change his choices in the story itself.
Why should you play this game?
Remarkable visuals, beautiful characters and simple gameplay.
Giving name to your own character.
Able to customize the character depending on the taste and your style.
Select your future partner.
Solve shocking mysteries and thrilling plots.
Make your own personal choices at any critical moment of story.

11. To the moon iPhone

Best Story Driven Games iPhone

Looking for some amazing experience while playing a game?
To the Moon is surely a great story offered by RPG game that includes interesting characters with powerful soundtrack. The story is instilled with amazing mystery, fun factor and comedy as well. The game will take you to an amazing journey by entering into the memories of a man who has stepped in the end of his life. It is not only about just clicking and walking around, there is much more than this. Well, in simple words, the story is overall good and main characters have some distinctive personality.

12. Detective Story: Hidden object- Jack’s care Android

 Best Story Driven Games Android

Another game introduces by Azur Interactive Game, Detective Story: Hidden Object is all about mysterious cases wholly based on actual events. You will play this game to solve the quest and find out all the hidden objects. So, be careful while playing this game and do not rush. You will find that all objects look realistic and boast detailed pictures. Find the small-small details such as hidden fingers. Visit different locations in the game while exploring the colossal city and also discover backyard-to-ship decks. Get interact with more than 30 characters altogether and improve your communication skill at the same time while cracking the cases.

13. Morphite by Bending Spoons Android

 Best Story Driven Games Android

Think about exploring the all-new world where you can enjoy a fantastic story of a stylish universe. Here, you can play two missions and discover random planets. This requires you to unlock the full story mode by using weapons and powerups. The complete story happens in far off the future. Play the character of Murah Kale, a woman living on a space station and workshop. Encounter different creature landscapes, rivers, caves and many more.

14. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Android

Best Story Driven Games Android

Sigono Inc. introduced an OPUS game that will reach inside your mind. Being an indie game, the game comprises of story and superb audio-visual wonder. The offered game gives you the chance to travel the world of ice and snow. Moreover, it also includes exciting treasure parks. Enjoy the heartwarming journey by playing a survivor of an apocalyptic plague. Let’s have a look at some exciting features of this game.
An emotionally driven game with excellent adventure.
We were traveling through winter-filled remnants and ruins.
You have beautifully drawn story.
Wonderful atmospheric soundscapes.

15. Gladiator True Story Android

Best Story Driven Games Android

Another excellent game for the Android offered by Xform Games is Gladiator. Here, there is a requirement to indulge in the hack and slash via waves of ultimate fighters and champions. Play the game with magical swords along with explosive shield attacks. Also, it provides you the power-ups for making gibs fly. Note down some of the excellent features of this game.
Get the magical swords.
Slash your way using waves of ferocious gladiators.
Accessible fire power-ups for causing gibs to fly around.
Look out for the arena that is filled with enemies’ blood.
Collect all the hidden skulls and also unlock the trophies.
They are instilled with sword fighting mercenary technology.


The story-driven games require the players to see the screen and move the mouse simultaneously. It helps in developing hand-eye coordination. The players must have to look on the monitor continuously for the action-packed story and also use the control keys for playing the game. By playing story-driven games, you can improve motor as well as sensory skills. Moreover, they also provide the benefits of understanding and examining different learning patterns. You have to agree that you have to think quickly and develop the habit of logical understanding while playing such games. A meanwhile, the players also start visualizing the game and get prepared for making future choices. Believe it; you can become a great logical thinker who develops the ability to think accurately and make the right decision.
There are lots of gamers who are looking for solid story elements in the games, and this comes with story games that cannot be overstated. The story-driven games narrate a story that never makes you leave your seat.