Now-a-days, many people prefer stereo racks for the set-up of their music system, home theatre, etc. as they are compact and  Given below is the list of some best stereo racks that would make your room look organised, elegant and way too classy.

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1.Mount-It! Media Stand Entertainment 

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This stereo rack is a versatile solution for stereo set-up requirement. It is made for storing stereo equipment, center speakers, gaming consoles, DVD player and streaming devices. It can hold weight up to capacity of 88 pounds. It is designed in a way that your devices do not get overheated as it has gaps for air flow. MI-868 comes with cable management system in the back panel. This will help to keep your cables organised and tidy. The wood shelves are made up from black lacquered MDF shelving. It is easy to assemble.

  • Product dimensions: 23.6” x 27.6” x 15.27”.
  • Product weight: 24.4 pounds.

2.AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Adjustable

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This 3 tier rack is a multi-purpose rack and fits best for your stereo system. It is very strong and each of its shelves can hold up to 250 pounds if the weight is evenly distributed. Therefore, maximum load that this rack can bear is 750 pounds which is quite heavy. Also, wire shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments is given. It is very easy to assemble, no tools are required for its assembly. Made up of durable steel with black coated chrome finish with adjustable levelling feet.

  • Product dimensions: 23.2”L x 13.4”W x 30.0”H.
  • Product weight: 9.91 pounds.

3. 32 in. BL Series MDF Audio Rack

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This 4 shelf stereo rack is uniquely designed for and elegant look and higher durability. It has a stackable structure and does not acquire a lot of space in your room. Sand or metal bits are filled in the poles which makes it strong and reliable. It also has adjustable spikes and foot plates. Accommodations in this rack are up to 27 in. TV set and three audio/video has two-tone heavy gauge steel frames and has extra deep sturdy MDF shelves. No assembly is required for this.

  • Product dimensions: 20” x 23.75” x 32”.
  • Product weight: 44 pound.

4.VTI AR406 6 Shelf Black Audio Rack

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This stereo rack has 6 shelves with caster AV stand. It also has 4 black poles for support of the shelves. It can accommodate up to 6 audio / video components safely. Also, additional shelf can be added up to six shelves. Castors are included on this rack. The product is available with casters, spikes and footplates installed or with casters installed and 4 loose spikes/footplates to allow both configurations.

  • Product dimensions: 22” x 24” x 47”.
  • Product weight: 72 pounds.

5.VTI AR406 5 Shelf Black Audio Rack 

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This elegant stereo rack has 5 shelves with caster AV stand. It can be easily moved from one place to another as it has small wheels at the bottom of all four poles that support the rack. Also, an additional rack can be added to it. Casters are included on this can accommodate up to 27” TV set and four audio / video components. Poles are available in black and silver colour. The shelves are available in black and cherry colour.

  • Product dimensions: 22” x 24” x 49”.
  • Product weight: 62 pounds.

6.VTI AR406 4 Shelf Black Audio Rack 

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This stereo rack has 4 shelves and can accommodate up to 27” TV set and three audio / video is quite durable and strong. Available colours for cap / spike are gold, black and silver. Available colours for shelf are Black, cherry and oak. The total weight capacity is 350 pounds and each shelf can support 200 pounds. It is made up of MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) which is very strong. The black shelf is power coated and the colour shelf is laminated with a clear coating for protection.

  • Product dimensions: 20” x 23.75” x 32”.
  • Product weight: 70 pounds.

7.Sanus CFR1615-B1 Component Series  

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This rack is very easy to assemble with standard tools requiring only four bolt each and has two shelves. It is stackable with other skeleton racks for easy expansion. These self-aligning racks can be stacked on top of other rack if additional rack space is needed. The rack comes with all parts you need, including the blanking panel, two removable shelves and hardware. It can bear 600 pound of weight when placed on floor and 200 pounds of weight when mounted in wall studs.

  • Product dimensions: 20.4” x 19.7” x 26.2”.
  • Product weight: 40 pounds.

8.Mount-It! AV Components Media Stand,  

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

It is a multi-purpose rack that can be used as audio video tower, media stand, stereo cabinet and gaming console stand. It is ideal to store cable boxes, DVD players, streaming devices, home theatre receivers, gaming consoles, hifi stereo equipment, speakers and other AV components. Glass shelves are black silk and columns are scratch-resistant black powder coat finish. It is made in a way so that the airflow keeps the component cool. It is very easy to assemble and comes with step-by-step instructions for easy and quick assembly. Its cable management system is too good and prevents the cords from being entangled.

  • Product dimensions: 22” x27.5” x 16.5”.
  • Product weight: 31.7 pounds.

9.Mount-It! Floating Wall Mounted 

Best Stereo Rack 2020

This specific stereo rack has an elegant and modern storage design. It will complement your wall mounted TV and help you achieve an uncluttered look. It has height adjustable shelves, heavy duty and durable. The cable management allows you to keep your cable organised and has easy installation.

  • Product Dimensions: 23.2” x 10.6” x 2.4”.
  • Product weight: 10.87 pounds.

10.Home Styles Modern Craftsman 

 Best Stereo Rack 2020

This rack is made through quite modern craftsman. It is made up of solid and oak veneers. It includes four shelves and a drawer. It is easy to assemble. It will not consume much space in your room.

  • Product dimensions: 18” x 20” x 72”.
  • Product weight: 38 pounds