A splitter is a tool used to split a cable signal between two or more devices that provides a connection between two coaxial cables. The signal level is reduced by a splitter. In rare instances, this may result in occasional loss of operation. Splitter rods refer to a divider which is a rigid extension and can be added to the base of the front push-button. Often splitters are connected to support rods between the splitter and the bomber. They strengthen the divider and hold it at speed parallel to the earth. Rods aren’t required, but they’re certainly expected – especially if you race. They help to assist the splitter by moving it down and help to level it off. This will bend while moving or cracking without the rods. The splitter screws the entire area from the front of the car and stops short of the front wheels. This provides a decent low-pressure area below the car, but only at speeds above approximately 120 km / h.

How does it work?

For a diffuser, the front of the vehicle is the best place to take the air out. A splitter is normally used to increase the downforce at the front of the vehicle. The air stream is stagnated by an air barrier, creating an environment of high pressure, and the rubber, steel, aluminize, and other composites typically constitute car splitters. Lip kits are of high quality, durable rubber, on the other hand. A splitter establishes a gap of two separate speeds between the airs moving. Aeration moving underneath a vehicle can be much quicker when a wide splitter has been put on top of the car, as the divider effectively “carves” the air and forced a small amount of it under the car. Air pressure is created on the front side of the vehicle as the car hits high speeds. The air beneath the vehicle is fairly high.

You could get 300 kb of the front downforce at 80 miles / h if you followed our advice and did a good easy front splitter. Instead, you can get up to 600 pounds of the front downforce with a massive splitter and giant diffuser both work correctly. To suit that, you’ll need a rear wing.

Today, the air pressure on the front of the vehicle is raised when a car hits high speeds. There was a mistake. A divider serves as a wire, pushing the high-pressure air to the top of the bumper and migration over and around the vehicle. Rods are not important, but they certainly have a purpose-particularly if you drive. The low-pressure low air passes under the vehicle. They help to assist the splitter by moving it down and help to level it off. This will bend while moving or cracking without the rods. The splitter screws the entire area from the front of the car and stops short of the front wheels. This provides a decent low-pressure area below the car, but only at speeds above approximately 120 km / h. So now as you are of the importance of the splitter rods let us look at the buying guide to make you select the best one for you.

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1.2pc Adjustable 8″-11″ Front Bumper Lip  

Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • of a pair of lip dividers front (2 pieces) rod strut tie bar rod.
  • This splitter rod is made from chrome alloy and has a chrome finish of high quality.
  • It comes in gold color.
  • The length of this splitter rod is 8 “to 11” and is adjustable.
  • This device include fully joined up and down joints that can be installed at any angle.

2.APR Performance AB-300018 New 10mm 

 Best Splitter Rods 2020


  • This device is best used to replace missing equipment and forms a part of APR and helps them to get rod support.
  • The is that it has Super Slide Storage Systems and closet rod holders that are used with the flexible hang rod (support sold independently).
  • You can add the Super Slide storage device (sold independently) to this expandable rod. This will allow hangers to move freely between ends.
  • The approximate volume measure of this device is 27.75 to 48 inches.
  • It has a length less than 2 ft., you can measure the internal rod; at the joint and the end of the rod, each 36-inch supporting bracket is added (sold separately).
  • It is made up of epoxy-coated stainless steel, hardware, and wardrobe rod end caps sold separately.

3.APR Performance AB-300014 10mm Wind Splitter 

 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This Splitter rod comes with a replace missing hardware.
  • It comprises of an APR Part.
  • The main feature of this device is that it has a support rod.
  • This device also has a 1 USB 2.0 Male to A-Female high-speed extension cable from 6.5 feet long (2.0 meters). It is used to extend your USB to 6.5 feet; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB peripherals.
  • This device also has gold-plated connectors made with corrosion resistance material; provides optimal signal visibility and protection to reduce interference.
  • This device also has to protect features that protect against electromagnetic and radio frequency noise, keeping your signal clear with less performance.

4.The KKmoon 2X Adjustable Front Bumper 

 Best Splitter Rods 2020


  • In this device the supporting rods are made from carbon fiber and stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. It has adjustable rods of stainless steel and rods threaded.
  • This device can adjust the total 60 mm on both sides. It can be installed at any angle with articulated high and low joints.
  • articulated joints in this device stand for any angle mount.
  • This device contributes to strengthening/supporting the front panels / rear diffusers better.
  • The running style in this device is highly recommended on the front pumpkin.

5.Ball Joint Splitter Tie Rod End Puller Remover 

Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • is forged for strength and toughness, has zinc-plated finish, heat-treated and carbon steel drops.
  • It is suitable for import and front roller drive vehicles and for removing and preventing roller tie damage.
  • This device has a scale of 19 mm open.
  • This device has a total pull of a 53 mm journey.
  • The net weight of this product is 457g(1 lb).

6.Ikan17-inch High Bright Beam Splitter 


 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This Splitter rod has a of about 1000 nit.
  • It comprises of American high quality 70/30 pot divider glass.
  • It also has a glass frame customizable.
  • It is a basic device of a 15 mm rod.
  • It has a compact and lightweight build and is very useful.

7.Longacre 23708 Black Ultra Lightweight

 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This device has an aluminum black anodized CNC machined billet.
  • It is a lightweight tapered tube of high intensity.
  • It comprises bolts that are easy to use and have specially constructed aluminum holder connections to fit every angle.
  • has an adjustable size overall support between 9 “and 10-1/2”
  • The total length of this bar is 8 “.

8.Performance Tool W80557 Tie Rod End/Pitman Arm 

Best Splitter Rods 2020


  • This has tie rod ends that are removed from many vehicles and light trucks and pitman arm assemblies.
  • It comprises of 1 1/8 “(29 mm) opening size and 2 1/8 “(54 mm) travel drive.
  • It has a 3/8 “square drive port in the middle screw that enables the 3/8” ratchet drive to be operated.
  • This device comprises a center screw treated with heat.
  • The Tablet Engine of this device is Universal.
  • In this device most tablets are compatible between 7 and 10 and have Min size: 5 x 7.5” and Max size: 8 x 10.5.
  • This device includes a 15 mm base plate and 12 “high-quality rods of 70/30 TV glass.
  • This splitter is very simple to set-up and lightweight.

9.The AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod 

 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This device is made up of a bronze curtain bar extends between 72 and 144 inches Adjustable-length.
  • It comprises of 1-inch rod diameter and can hold up to 22 pounds of heavy fabrics.
  • This device comprises of a
  • at both ends provide a visually balanced look.
  • It has wall mount included, that provides adjustable width to prevent obstruction or for additional space between the window and wall coverings.
  • This splitter includes assembly equipment with screws, hooks, and installation instructions.



 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • when you order will be shipped from CA, the USA in 1-2 working days. And in a week you’ll get it.
  • In this device the three forks have been fitted with both handles. The pilot handles are used for securing the handle threads as shock absorbers.
  • It is ideal for most car and light commercial vehicle making and modeling. A professional and home day mechanics kit must-have.
  • This device is very durable and has a long-lasting and long-lived construction. It is an authentic product of XXR Tools.
  • This device is made up of a 1 x 1-1/8 “pitman arm wedge and has a 1 x 1-1/8” separator ball joint handle for standard hammer use. The air hammer it comprises of is 1 x 7 “wit 3 /8” shanks 1 x 7

11.Ikan15-inch High Bright Beam Splitter 

Best Splitter Rods 2020


  • has a large control of about 1000 nit.
  • It is made from American high quality 70/30 pot divider glass.
  • This device has a glass frame customizable.
  • It is based on a 15 mm rod system for convenient operation.
  • It is made from reusable foam ships for fast carriage.

12.The OTC 6295 Front End Service Set 

 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This special splitter rod has five popular tools that are included in OTC’s front-end service set.
  • This device is ideal for the maintenance of armrests, ball joints, and rods on most vehicles.
  • It comprises of pullers, two ball joint separators and three different tie rod pullers for large or small ball joints applications are included.
  • This device is made up of rough construction materials and durable architecture makes these important devices work in the years ahead.
  • It has a durable blow-molded storage case that ensures the organization and protection of kit components when not in use.

13.OTC (1123) Bearing Splitter – 1/2″ to 4-5/8″

 Best Splitter Rods 2020


  • has a 4-5/8 inch maximum spread.
  • It has a 1/2 inch minimum width.
  • With this device the OTC 1035, OTC 1036, OTC 1037, OTC 1038 and OTC 927 pullers are available.
  • This device has a compact flash head that fits in nearly all situations.
  • In this device additional security of the flash and USB ends is introduced to increase reliability and decrease fraying; 95-degree cables were tested 4,000 times.
  • This splitter rod comes with a backed by a 1-year exclusive guarantee from AmazonBasics.
  • · This device has a universal adjustable 15cm Racing Front Bumper Lip Splitter Rod Strut Tie Bar Support Kit RS-BTD009 (10CM, Black).

14.The Universal Flat Diffuser Style Urethane 


 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This splitter rod has strut rods that are available but not included for installation.
  • It is made up of the material: and comprises of hardware.
  • For Installation of this device a 3 M double side tape is required.

15.OTC 7315A Universal Tie Rod End Remover

 Best Splitter Rods 2020

  • This use on imports and numerous vehicles for front-wheel drives including SUVs and pinion steering.
  • It comprises of a live center tip to push the screw turns to fasten the rod tool.
  • It comprises of facilities in removal and damage prevention and comes with a restricted assurance for life.
  • This splitter rod has dimensions such as 75mm, 100mm, and 150 mm.
  • It offers different color that includes Silver, Black, Gold, Purple, and Red.
  • This device is specially built for all cars, trucks, and SUVs to improve the bumpers for lip, divisor, diverter, and more.
  • It comes with enhanced security, durability, and style with easy installation.

Get one for you

So now you have quite a good knowledge of different types of Splitter rods and their uses. Don’t delay and get the best pick for you.