15 Best Spelling Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

In time past, many kids, pupils, and even students find it very difficult to spell. This experience has made their parents and teachers go through hard times, teaching them how to spell at least a word probably. Many of them also never believed that some applications could help them put their kids through an extensive learning process one day. With these applications, their kids will be exposed to some spelling training classrooms. Ideally, with these great apps, your kids will probably be at the peak of becoming a badass in spelling and some grammatical exercises too.
Moreover, parents and teachers can also set up classes for their kids to enhance their spelling abilities. In a nutshell, I’ve done several types of research on this very topic and have been able to develop a comprehensive list of the best spelling applications for your Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, this article is an extensive list of the top best spelling applications you should download to your devices to help your kids through their spelling exercises.

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SpellDown Spelling Bee


SpellDown Spelling Bee is one of the best Spelling Applications, which is compatible with your mobile devices (Android and IOS). So there’s no way I’ll talk about this without mentioning SpellDown Spelling Bee.
You can easily create some custom list on this same application and probably have a showdown between yourself and the BEE. With this very app, you’re on the journey to spelling for beginners.

Squeebles Spelling Test


 Best Spelling Apps Android / Iphone 2022

From our research, the Squeebles Spelling Test is one of the best apps for spelling. Every home should make sure they have this same application to help their child or children’s spelling ability.
One good thing about this very application is that it is very compatible with Android and iOS. Don’t let your child go through a hard experience where they’re trying to learn how to spell. Just get this app for your child.

Ladybird: I’m Ready To Spell


This app (Ladybird: I’m Ready To Spell) is an awesome application originally made to help kids gain mastery over spelling. With this app, they’re good to go.
With Ladybird: I’m Ready To Spell, you can easily navigate three different space games, and one good thing about this application is that parents can equally add school word lists or probably play the preloaded words.

Spelling Friendzy


Spelling Friendzy is also one of the best spelling apps for your Android and iOS devices. Just as the name implies, Spelling Friendzy; this gaming application has a lot to do with friendly competition. 

 Having discovered that kids enjoy competition a lot, so made an extensive research and boom; here’s Spelling Friendzy. This is the perfect spelling app for that kid that loves competition so much. 

Spelling Master

Best Spelling Apps Android / Iphone 2022


There’s absolutely no way we’ll talk about the best spelling apps without mentioning Spelling Master. As a matter of fact, this very app is super extensive in it definite way. 

This very app comes with several mini games which made it very interesting and lovely too. You can actually find mini games like Deciding, Find Correct, One Word Two Forms, Find Misspelt, Decide and correct, Practice Rounds, and Multiple Choices. 

So did you see the reason why I called it super extensive earlier? 

In addition to that, this very app saves the high score for each game separately and each user is allowed to go through a short tutorial before commencing with the game. So with this, you can easily play the game by yourself even if you’re a novice.  

Spelling Monster 

 Best Spelling Apps Android / Iphone 2022


Spelling Monster is another game that is very much compatible with your Android and iOS mobile devices. Now, if your child happens to be a lover of computer games and the rest, you can help them through their passion by downloading Spelling Monster for them. Mad about computer games, this will help them master their spellings without even realizing it.

You input lists of words for your child to spell, and then they can choose from seven different games, each with its friendly monster, to practice their spellings.

These include Letter Pop, where they need to pop the letter bubbles in the correct order; Letter Catch, where they have to catch letters on leaves falling from a tree; Missing Letter, where they’re given the word with a blank and have to fill in the correct letter; Lighthouse Letters, where they guide boats with letters on into the harbor in the right order; and Word Traffic, where they have to run over letters in the correct order using a car.

Spell With Pip 


Spell With Pip is another great application for spelling. On this very application, a friendly parrot guides your kid through 2nd grader on a mission to return to his native jungle. 

Spell With Pip allows parents to set up multiple profiles and easily track the progress of their child. Any word they become friendly with can be added to a personal dictionary so they can possibly become masterful in terms of language use. 

Learn To Spell


A lot of kids enjoy playing this particular gaming application. This game comes with a 3 levels difficulty and there are so many opportunities for you to step in to another level. 

On this very game, you also have the ability to switch setting to Spanish for bilingual younger kids or older children (or adults) learning a second language. This game is great and perfect for you. 

Kids Spelling Learning


Kids Spelling Learning is one of the best spelling apps for your Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. This very app also contributes towards the improvement of your kid’s grammar and spelling ability.
After opening this application, you’ll get access to bundles and numerous categories like birds, animals, vegetables, three letters, six letters, alphabets, etc., and you’ll also be liable to type hundreds of words too.
Get this very game and launch out your kid to their grammar and spelling training. Also, this game has got over 5 million downloads and has ratings of 4.2.

Spelling 1-2:=


This is another great app for your spelling and grammar training experience. From our research, this very game happens to be one of the best in the spate of spelling. 

One good reason why I love this app is because of its underwater theme game series. Kids really love playing them. 


Sir Linkalot

 Best Spelling Apps Android / Iphone 2022

In mentioning the best spelling applications for Android and iOS devices, Sir Linkalot is really one on the list. However, this very application was created to help children through their learning process. 

Also, this great application uses memory aids and mnemonics and it recalls a learning frequency of about 150 words. 

Vocabulary Spelling City


Vocabulary Spelling City is wonderful for your kid, and it was rated as one of the best spelling apps for your Android and iOS devices. On this application, you’ll find varieties of techniques and games you can use to get rid of boredom.
This platform gives kids the opportunity of choosing the test options for practice, and it is also good to hear that their parents can view scores.


Ultimate English Spelling Quiz


The Ultimate English Spelling Quiz, as the name implies, is a gaming application with super cool questions that will help each kid through their spelling experience.
This same game has ten different levels, and each level has a different score rate, and the level of score you get is dependent on how fast you answer the questions.
You’ll be exposed to words like foreign origin words, everyday language, slang, British and American, Phobias and acronyms. Accessing your score could be done by navigating the leaderboard button on the main screen.

My Spelling Text

Best spelling Apps (Android/Iphone)2022


My Spelling Text is an awesome app you shouldn’t fail out from downloading in 2022. This app is one of the best spelling apps you can find, and it’s cool for kids.
One of the great reasons why I recommended this game is because you’ll get access to Hangman, and there are pre-populated words from the spelling city.

Wordlings Adventure


This is another gaming application for spelling in 2023, and it’s very fun to spend time with. In this same game, you’ll be exposed to some puzzles and some scattered scrambled and mixed words, which you’ll be required to arrange properly.
This game is really good for your kids, and your kids will love this game, especially that puzzle part of it.



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