How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2023

You are online on Instagram. You want to see the status of someone special to you, but it has not been seen in a while, which is abnormal to you. You are not notified about whether your messages have been seen or not. You are sending messages, but that person doesn’t see your messages.

Now you are confused about what happened with your account or that person…

Then, friend, You are probably kept in a restricted mode by that person.

Restricted mode…What is it?

Namaskar Mitron!

So today, I, Shyami-your tech friend, came to solve one of your most asked Queries about Instagram, “How to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram in 2022”.

Before understanding the solution, we need to understand the problem. And for this, you should know what Restricted mode is on Instagram.

Instagram launched a feature of Restricted mode in 2019. The feature was launched to protect its users from cyberbullying, harassing, abusive or malicious comments without letting them know that they are restricted. This feature also aims to reduce the interaction with someone, and you do not want to have a confrontation. Restricted mode is not similar to blocking mode, and it does not send a notification to that person you restrict.

What happens when someone restricts you on Instagram?

If someone restricted you on their Instagram Account,

  • They will be able to hide the comments and direct messages from you and themselves.
  • They will not get notifications about your messages or comments.
  • They will not be able to see some of your online activities like when You are online or not.

To see your Comments, they need to click on the “Restricted Messages” option in their chatbox.

How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022

What happens when someone on Instagram restricts you?

If someone restricted you on Instagram, there is no clear way to find this because you would not be notified as in blocking mode in restricted mode. But here, some ways are given to verify this.

  • You will get restrictions on your comments.
  • You will not be able to see the activity status of that person.
  • You will get restrictions on your messages.

Now, check all the options one by one in detail here…

  1. Comments Restrictions

The first symptom of being restricted in getting restrictions on your comments.

You will still be allowed to comment on their posts, and this comment will be visible to you and that person but not to any third person or public. You may feel it is normal, but your comment will be behind a “restricted comment” button for the person you commented on. It is up to them if they want to see your comment or not. Also, Your comment made before being restricted will remain unaffected.

How to know if your comments are restricted?

To know the answer, you need to take the help of one of your and that person’s common friend on Instagram or create your second account on Instagram.

  • Then you need to comment on any of the posts of that person and immediately check with your common friend’s account or your secondary account if the comment is still visible. Suppose it is not visible with your second account or your friend’s account. You are Restricted, My friend!

(Sometimes, if you take too long to check, the user may allow your comment to appear for the public. So, make sure you check it immediately after commenting.)

2. Activity Status Restrictions

.If you were restricted, you will not

  • Able to see their current status of activities.
  • Able to see when he/she was last online
  • Able to see when he/she was looking at their messages.

You will need your secondary account or a common friend’s account to check it.

  • First, enable your show activity status in your settings.

For this, first, go to your profile and then to settings.

How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022

Now go to privacy

How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022

You will find Activity Status there

How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022

Enable your activity status

How To Know If Someone Restricted You Instagram 2022

  • Now go back to that person’s profile.
  • If they posted something recently, but you can’t see their last seen status, You are restricted!
  • To confirm this, you can verify it by using your secondary or common friend’s account. If you can see his/her last seen by these accounts and not by your first account, you are restricted, no doubt.

3. Restrictions on messages

  • If the person you sent a message has seen the message, but you didn’t get notified about that, you are restricted.
  • If the person who restricted you is in a group chat with you, he/she will be warned about a restricted user present in the group. So that they may leave that group if they want.
  • To verify, you message that person directly.
  • Wait patiently; it may take some time.
  • If, after a long time, the person didn’t respond and you can see his/her some of the activities online, You are probably restricted.

So, friends, I have told you how to know if you are restricted or not. Now, I will tell you what to do if you are restricted.

  • Do not message them repeatedly and ask about that.
  • Do not send abusive comments or messages to them.
  • Do not behave like a stalker.
  • Give them time to change their decision.

Just ponder over why they restricted you and do not repeat those mistakes

At last, if you get to know that you are restricted despite doing anything wrong. You need not regret it. Go to the reel section and watch some funny reels. And do not message that person until they contact you by their side.

Today’s gyan has finished.

Shyami is going now. See you in the following article….