As you undoubtedly know there are lots of software tools available nowadays for PC users to choose from. Not only can these tools help you to perform specific tasks, but some can help you to expand the ways in which you use your PC.

If youre looking for useful software tools that you can take advantage of, it is best to start with the top 5 listed below:

best tools for pc users


best usefull software tools for pc users 2019

The internet is a dangerous place, and youre likely to encounter more than your fair share of malware. Having MalwareBytes can help provide an additional layer of security on top of your normal antivirus (or Windows Defender), and will catch some threats that others do not.

Of course to make the most out of it you need to schedule scans on a regular basis and make it a point to update the virus definitions regularly too. If you do you should be able to ensure your PC is protected and safe from harm.

2.VLC Media Player

best usefull software tools for pc users

Tired of running into videos that you cant play? That will be a thing of the past if you install VLC Media Player, as its wide selection of built-in codecs are known to be able to open videos in all formats along with other media files as well.

Aside from helping you to play any video that you want, you can customize VLC further both with skins as well as other extensions. It even has other features that you can use to rip DVDs, convert video formats, and more.

3.Free Online Screen Recorder

best usefull software tools for pc users

Recording videos directly from your screen using Free Online Screen Recorder can be a big help, as it will let you save practically anything that is displayed there. The simple interface will make it easy for you to start recording videos, and you can adjust the capture settings quickly too.

By having this software tool available, you will be able to save video calls, online streaming videos, or footage from apps and games. On top of that you could even record videos and create content of your own.

4.Google Drive

best usefull software tools for pc users

Although technically you can use Google Drive within your browser itself, downloading the Backup and Sync app may be a good idea. It will let you easily set folders that you want to backup or synchronize, and make it simple to upload or download files from the cloud as and when you require.

While it is true that there are many other cloud storage tools available, Google Drive is one of the most universal. On top of that the 15GB of free storage that you get with your Google account is really quite impressive by any measure.


best usefull software tools for pc users
Instead of having multiple instant messaging apps or constantly having to refer to your phone you could just use Franz. It is a messaging app that will unify your accounts on various platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, and more.

Not only does Franz support practically all popular instant messaging platforms, but it also allows you to run multiple accounts. In short you could use it to keep tabs on both your business and personal messages if need be.


As you can see each of the tools listed above are software that practically any PC user can make use of to good effect. That is what makes them so special, and why you should definitely put them at the top of your list of tools to download.

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