Let it snow, let it snow! When snow starts falling you know winter has arrived. The white powdery stuff always beckons to children & adults to have a little fun. Of course, one needs to bundle up in coats, hats, mittens & boots to stay warm. Inevitable a snow ball will hit you in the face or a younger sibling will dump snow down the back of your coat, but it’s all in good fun.

One favorite activity is finding a snow-covered hill to sled down. Sleds weren’t always for fun. In some area’s sleds were essential for getting goods around when wheels don’t work. Winter can be bleak & cold period when the earth sleeps & nothing grows. However, winter fun can only happen when the snow flies, & as it does the bleak view is broken by cries lf laughter. People of all ages get out & enjoy the weather. 

Sleds & toboggans will vary in design, shape, & material & can range from plastic discs to rectangular wood structures with metal runners. We have based the following guide on the material used in construction. Make sure you consider the terrain, path obstacles, and also snow depth to know the construction that best fits. There are following types of sleds available in the market: toboggans, saucers, snow tubes, hybrids.  

 So here we present you the best out there in the market of sleds designed for the safety of your toddlers. The below brands are famous for their sturdiness and safety features.


1. Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Made in the U.S.A of heavy gauge Bethlehem steel. This metal Sled will last for years! Metal flying saucer won’t pop like snow tubes or crack like plastic sleds. Severe bumps may dent, but it won’t break. It has an extremely slick bottom that will get you cruising down in a hurry! 2 nylon rope handles to hold on tightly for safety. Powder coated paint in a Red color with the Flexible Flyer logo is in the center of the sled. A disc sled sturdy enough for most adults. A snow sled for kids ages 5 & up. Stack multiple round saucer sleds together to fit in small car trunk. 26” in diameter & 4” in height & weighs 6 pounds. This snow saucer comes with a hearty price for winter fun.

2. Flexible Flyer 611 Flying Carpet Lightweight Roll Up snow

Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Ever thought someday you could roll up your sled & easily carry your transport just like papers.

Well here we present you the Flexible Flyer 611 made out of super durable lightweight linear polyethylene which weighs just 0.8 lbs. This portable rolling sled has safety features like soft rounded edges & two punched out handles for carrying sled & holding on & just measures 36x18x 0.1 Inches in dimension. The manufacturer Paricon are the forefathers of toddler sleds, they are making sleds since 1889!

3. Lucky Bums Toddler mini pulled Sled.

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Lucky Bums is among the pioneers of the most comfortable snow sleds for toddlers in the market. Their extended sides & high back provides optimum support. They have anti-slip panels reinforced in the footrest to keep your young one avoid unnecessary slips that might lead to injuries. This gadgets construction makes it withstand coldest temperatures & doesn’t crack like the rest.  It’s ideal for children under 3 years of age weighing 40 pounds. The pull cords ensures easy maneuvering & the vast structure of 26.5×21.5×11.5” improves stability.

4. Flexible Flyer lightning Snow Sled for kids & adults.

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

They are new & improved made up of No- Break resin (HDPE) plastic with a super sleek hard plastic sled bottom. The package includes 3 packs of Flexible Flyer of 48” long, & comfortably holds 2 riders. A twin sled that’s perfect for an adult with a child in their lap.

5. Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This Flexible Flyer Baby pull sled is the perfect way to tow babies on packed snow, groomed paths, or snow up to 4” deep. You get an extra back pack on the sled which provides support for young children & these straps are adjustable too. The base of the sled measure 26.5x 20.5x 10.5” it makes the sled stable & wide for a safe ride. They are made up of crack resistant high-density polyethylene to face off cold weather cracking. You get long two ropes for parents’ comfort. This sled is recommended for babies & toddlers up to 3 years of age. Again, they are from Paricon, the most trusted brand in USA for sleds.

6. EMSCO Group infant Boggan

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This is a practical toy for your baby or a toddler at home. It has ergonomic design suiting for infants up to 3 years of age to enjoy sliding down the hill. They can maneuver the sharpest slopes & still have an excellent balance. With a modern design with a flared bade & high wall, it’s more steady than other tiny moguls. Pick a color from a wide variety including a DayGlow tone that offers good & magical effects. The roomy interior adds up more comfort for the little riders.

7. Flexible Flyer Premium Baby Sleigh.

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Flexible Flyer is a leading brand that makes quality sleds for kids. This one improves the snow sliding activity for your children to enjoy the winter season better than using the toys. Handcrafted from maple wood gives it sturdy built & has stem bent runners & backrest. It gives you an elevated riding position that keeps your kid dry & secure. With a dimension of 32.5×14.5×13.5” makes it ideal for 18 to 48 months old infants who weigh less than 50 pounds.

8. TSL Sleds kid’s pull sled

Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Using the TSL sled makes it more energizing & fun than staying indoors all winter. Your kid will improve his motor skills on a snowy path. The item boasts of elevated sides & back that keeps your young one dry when playing on wet snow. Constructed from premium material, it guarantees a long life to give you value for money.

9. Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter snow sled

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

The Slippery Racer comes in a variety of colors, including blue, red, green & pink. Let your baby pick one that meets his/her taste. You get this gadget with an integrated pull rope, which gives your child a more straightforward process to pull back this unit up a snowy hill. This spacious equipment measures 35×17.5×5” in dimension. You get this sled cold & rack proof with ice vex treatment.

10. Best choice products kids Snow Scooter Sledge

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This item is a combination of a scooter & a sled to give off a multipurpose operation. Investing in a snow toy like this allows your kids to achieve the adrenaline rush with swag. This design makes it sleek to glide down wet snowy slopes in a standing or sitting safe angle.  Comfy Handlebars allows maneuvering in almost all direction with safety & ease. You get slip resistant footboards with anti-skid coating to improve balance. This bulky design has a dimension of 36x9x28” high. This scoot will attract your toddler at first sight.

11. Pipeline SNO Snow-Pal inflatable 1 person tube.

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

With a 32” diameter this tube is properly balanced despite of speed it insures safety. The two firm handles maximize control. You will surely love the crack & cold resistant construction of this item boasting of attractive blue/snow seal design. This can support weight up to 120 pounds, so don’t worry about your child if they are little chubby, they can have fun too! Change the way your child slides down a snowy path by using this best snow sled for your toddler.

12. Flexible Flyer Portable Snow Stroller Baby Sled

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This Boggan is spacious & reliable, measuring 33x14x17” in dimension. The metal looks stylish in most sites & does not rust like the rest to give you an extended service. You get an adjustable safety strap reinforced into the seat to keep your baby secure. This item is for kids under 4 years old with 50 pounds weight. The grip in it has thick padding & folds down to take minimum storage room.

13. Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds 

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This Boggan sled is recommended for toddlers & infants between 9 months to 2 years of age. This sled is for the littlest sled riders & includes seat belt to buckle your little darling gently. Note that do not take your child with this slide in deeper snow, it may be hard to pull.

14. Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

Incredibly easy to ride for riders of 6 years+ & kids. This entry level snow Skooter will make your young ones the experience of snowboarding. Polyurethane not only makes it super flexible but also super tough, fold up handles helps maintain balance & assist with steering, inclusively they all make it a superior design with impressive LED’s as the cherry on the top. The non-skid foot treads keep it safe for the riders.

15. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer 2-person Snow Sled

 Best Snow Sled Toddlers 2020

This item glides over snow with absolute ease due to its 1” polyethylene foam lamination. Kids up to 5 years of age can sled snow & can be safe with its built-in padded protection which absorbs bumps. The color of this sled makes it look super attractive which your child will surely compliment & thank you for buying this item.

Christmas is coming! Lessen the time your kids spend watching movies & playing video games. The best snow sleds for toddlers can improve their motor skills & coordination. We have focused on the main features that include comfort, maneuverability, durability, reliability, ease of use & above all safety. These listed items are child friendly shapes & design to gift your child the ultimate fun in the snow