15 Best Snoopy Games PS4 (Latest Released) 2023

The tremendous response which the original Snoopy game received propelled other game developers to release similar video games.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Snoopy-like games on PS4. Who doesn’t know the adorable, lazy yet caring pet beagle of Charlie Brown in the comic series ‘Peanuts’? ‘The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure’ is a video game on PS4 falling under the adventure genre.

Although it was designed for kids, it found popularity among adult players too for its interactive gameplay and amusing graphics. Snoopy has an imaginary world that is depicted through mesmerizing environments.

The main plot of the game is Snoopy’s adventures as he tries to find Charlie Brown and his friends while being accompanied by Woodstock, the bird, and Beagle Scouts. As the game progresses, you (in the role of either Snoopy or Woodstock) can access new features and special moves that will enable you to run, jump or fly over the obstacles.

The game has a multiplayer mode, too, in which you can assume the role of both Snoopy and Woodstock at the same time. The game was developed by Behavior Interactive and released by Activision on November 6, 2015.

The Disney Afternoon Collection 

Best Snoopy Games PS4


This game was developed by Digital Eclipse and released by Capcom on April 18, 2017.

All the Disney Buffs, this game will douse you with nostalgia as you will reminisce all of your childhood memories with this power pack of a game. This game combines 6 Disney classic games: Duck Tales, Duck Tales 2, Darkwing Duck, Chip’ n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2, and Talespin. This star-studded game has all your beloved Disney Characters starting from Scrooge Mc Duck to Baloo, the bear. The gameplay is time-based and has many challenging modes. There is an online leaderboard as well to keep track of your position on the global scoreboard.

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Rayman Legends 

Best Snoopy Game PS4

Ubisoft Montpellier developed this game and released it on September 12, 2017.

This game is fifth in the ‘Rayman’ series and has both single and multiplayer gaming modes. A platform game, Rayman Legends has the most enthralling visuals, a captivating soundtrack, and immersive gameplay. The main characters are Rayman, Globox, and Teensie. The game currency is in the form of ‘Lums,’ which can be acquired by touching them. What sets this game apart from its previous versions is the newfound control over the character Barbara and her sisters. In addition, the character of Murphy- The greenbottle makes an appearance again. Fighting techniques include fist throwing and cutting through ropes. The entire game spans over 120 levels.

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Best Snoopy Game PS4

This game was developed by Swedish developer Joakim “Konjak” Sandberg and released by Bifrost Entertainment on January 23, 2018 

Iconoclasts is a platform-based action-adventure-puzzle game in which you play the role of Robin, a mechanic who takes it upon herself to save the world. It has interactive gameplay, which requires you to explore different levels while fighting enemies. Many puzzles are also included within the game. Your main weapon is a wrench with which you can launch melee attacks or turn bolts and refill your energy levels. Fighting techniques also include projectile firing, which can clear obstacles.

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Sonic Mania

Best Snoopy Game PS4

PagodaWest Games, in collaboration with Headcannon, developed this game and Sega release it on August 15, 2017.

It’s a platform-based, side-scrolling game that spans over 12 challenging levels. This game is based on the popular cartoon series ‘Sonic’ on Nickelodeon. You have the option of choosing either of the three protagonists, Sonic- the hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles, to fight against the evil Doctor Eggman. Along your adventure, you ward off enemies who attack in the form of menacing robots and intimidating assistants of Doctor Eggman. The gameplay includes jumping, dashing, flying, swimming, and climbing. You collect special power-ups after each level which boost your features and help you progress to the next level.

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Caveman Warriors 

Best Snoopy Game PS4

JanduSoft S.L. developed and published this game on September 22, 2017. 

This is a platform-based action game having a prehistoric theme. You play the character of a prehistoric caveman who sets out on adventures. The main theme is alien abduction of some children whom you have to rescue from the clutches of the aliens. You get crude weapons like spears to fight off your enemies who are different for different levels. The gameplay is both fun and challenging and will definitely have you hooked. You can either play this alone or invite 3 more friends to play in multiplayer mode.

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Best Snoopy Game PS4

Colwood Interactive developed this game, and Electronic Arts released it on February 9, 2016.

This is a game which scores brownie points for its creativity. You take on the role of Yarny, who, you guessed it right, is a yarn! Yarny is a ball of yarn which slowly unrolls as you progress through the game. You use the free end of the yarn to swing from trees and jump over obstacles. The gameplay is interesting along with breathtaking visuals. The concept of love being the unifier of people is explained with the help of a yarn. This is a physics-based puzzle platformer game which will definitely find its place in your top favourite games.

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ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Best Snoopy Game PS4

This game was developed by SIE Japan Studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on October 2, 2018.

As the name suggests, this game features astronaut robots, which embark on a rescue mission to bring back their scattered crew. You play alongside the character Captain Astro and travel across five worlds consisting of 20 levels. The game is also available in VR mode in which the space theme gives an immersive experience. You are equipped with various weapons like guns, slingshots using which you have to avoid obstacles and collect points.

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A Boy and his Blob

Best Snoopy Game PS4

This game was developed by Wayward Technologies and released by Majesco Entertainment on November 6, 2009. 

This is a side-scrolling puzzle game in which your character is a boy who takes the help of a blob to overcome various obstacles. You solve puzzles and defeat enemies to collect jellies which you can feed to the blob to strengthen its features. You also get cannons and ladders to destroy and pass through obstacles.

Bounce Rescue

Best Snoopy Game PS4

This game was developed by Sitecore Limited, and they released it on April 5, 2016.

This has a 2-D side-scrolling interface and is a puzzle cum action video game. You play the role of a team member of the Bounce Rescue team and have the option to play either as Bobby or Wilma. Bobby is a blue coloured male fur ball while Wilma is a pink coloured female furball. An evil devil has attacked your team members, and you have the responsibility of rescuing them. The levels are fun, challenging and will give you an adrenaline rush. You get a basketball with which to attack your enemies and defeat them.


Best Snoopy Game PS4

Broforce was developed by Free Lives and released by Revolver Digital on March 1, 2016.

It’s a side-scrolling platformer game in which you play the character of ‘Bro’, a soldier who has to defeat terrorists and rescue his teammates from captivity. Along the journey, you encounter several evil forces, and the game culminates when you defeat their boss. There are different bro force characters which change every time you die and start over. Each character has unique sets of fighting skills.

Night In the Woods

Best Snoopy Game PS4

It was developed by Infinite Fall and released by Finji on February 21, 2017.

Night In The Wood is an adventure game and has a single-player mode. You assume the role of Mae Borowski, a college dropout who returns to her hometown’ Possum Springs’ where all the adventure takes place. The main theme is an exploration, and you have to jump across houses, walk-on tight ropes and exhibit great fighting techniques to clear off the levels.

A Hat in Time

Best Snoopy Game PS4

It was developed by Gears For Breakfast and released by Humble Bundle in October 2019.

It’s an action cum adventure game in which you are a little girl who stitches hats to gain powers. The story is narrated through a third-person perspective, and the main purpose is to obtain 40′ timepieces’ which unlock the inaccessible levels. You can collect yarn balls from stitching new hats and gaining more powers. Solving puzzles to defeat enemies is also a part of the gameplay.

Sonic Mania: Encore Pack 

Best Snoopy Game PS4

It was developed by PagodaWest Games in collaboration with Headcannon and released by Sega on August 15, 2017.

This game is a spinoff of the original Sonic Manis game and features new characters, Mighty and Ray. Mighty is an Armadillo and Ray is a flying squirrel. This is a 2-D platformer game and has a 64 FPS display with amazing graphics. New features like hammer drop and flying through the air are introduced in this version.


Best Snoopy Game PS4

It was developed by Housemark and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on August 15, 2017.

This is an arcade video game and has a side-scrolling platform. The gameplay is interesting with shooting being the prominent fighting technique. You have to defeat the bad ‘Red Matter’ and increase the quantity of the good ‘Blue Matter’ to win the game.

Unravel Two

Best Snoopy Game PS4

This game was developed by Coldwood Interactive and released by Electronic Arts on June 9, 2018.
Unravel Two is a puzzle-based platformer game with the same concept as the original Unravel game, but there’s a big new feature, a multiplayer mode! This was the most feature that most players demanded, and the developers included it in this version of Unravel. Now you can make Yarny play with other yarns as you together explore the mysterious and cold world filled with obstacles. Complete the challenging levels to unravel the yarn further and explore new worlds.