Top 15 Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021

In today’s world, smartwatches are more than just a piece of luxury. As moving with a pace of revolution, every person wants to have a smartwatch due to its remarkable features and inbuilt fitness trackers. Best smartwatches, 2021 involve a lot of improvements ranging from its design, battery to its software. As the name implies, ‘smart’ makes much more sense if we compare them with 4-5 years old watches. Now you don’t need to pick the phone from your pocket in heavy traffic. Instead, you can tap on your smartwatch and receive a call. The watch provides you with many facilities and benefits such as monitoring activities like swimming, running, walking, and it also assists you in setting up SOS features. Here is a list of the best smartwatches. Don’t think twice to have one for yourself.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Among the best smartwatches in 2021, the Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the most popular smartwatches that you can buy. It has a screen display of 40nm in size along with 18 hours extended battery life. It is equipped with features that include a GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor. It is designed to support iOS compatibility. Its always-on display feature makes a meaningful difference in user experience. These smartwatches are built with smart light sensors that can adjust depending on your nearby conditions. This latest watch features a built-in compass and inbuilt GPS, which allows you to track direction throughout the time. Although Series 5 looks similar to Series 4, this newer model is made with the best finish of titanium and ceramic metals that provides more advanced features than Series 4.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Samsung Gear S3 classic is a high-tech and stylish timepiece that uses Bluetooth to deliver information and notifications from your phone straight away to your wrist. With the help of a microphone and built-in speaker, it makes it easy for you to receive and make calls hands-free. This will tend to save your time in taking out your mobile phone from your wallet. Gear 3 doesn’t allow you to miss an email, text or alert and, in turn, assists you in using Samsung Pay everywhere. On top of that, you also have access to track activity, GPS and use military-grade performance with this impressive smartwatch piece.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Tracker Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
For all the fitness lovers out there, Garmin Forerunner 235 Tracker smartwatch is the best fit for you. It is available in a variety of different colors ranging from red, orange, and grey. In addition to a smartwatch, you will get a data cable, manual and adapter. According to your preference, this smartwatch allows you to easily switch from 12-week watch mode to 12-hour training mode and vice-versa. Its innovative notification system allows you to make the message, email, calls, and reminders on your smartphone. This innovative activity tracker helps you to track your heartbeat whenever you want. It is one of the super budget-friendly watches under the best smartwatches 2021.

Apple Watch Series 3

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
What is excellent than having an Apple watch series 3 for iPhone users. It is available in 2 sizes that are 38mm and 42mm, both of them having up to 24 hours long battery life. Compared to Series 5, you can quickly get this smartwatch at half the price of Series 5. At such an affordable rate, you will get access to a GPS, heart rate monitor, 8GB storage with additional offline support of the Apple music playlist. Don’t worry about carrying your smartwatch in a swimming pool, and you can now easily track your swims. Thanks to watchOS 6, all the similar features of Series 5 can be found in series 3.

Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
A recently launched innovative Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness watch is specially designed for all fitness enthusiasts to connect with their work efficiently. It is an excellent fitness-centric watch among all the best smartwatches in 2021. It easily connects with any of your smartphones and works seamlessly with its operating system. You can text, call and even set alarms according to your workouts. In addition to this, you can allow apps from your phone along with a quick text option. The best part about this watch is its battery life, which lasts up to 6-7 days, making it more travel-friendly. The watch is a complete package of health and fitness tracking, which manages to keep track of your workout, heart rate, sleep, and many more. It is one of the best in the industry to provide you with the best health monitoring, insights and suggestions. In addition to this, watch onscreen workouts, personalized guidance, actionable insights and a lot more. The watch offers a pure pulse heart rate and sleep stages, which helps monitor your sleep cycles. It emphasizes you move when you are not active and allows you to count your steps and burn calories. Fitbit Versa also plays 300+ songs so that you can enjoy it during your workouts. This is a water-proof smartwatch and also supports Fitbit pay.

 Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch (Lilac)

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
As the name suggests, Fitbit Versa is the lite original version watch with some cuts in features. This watch is designed to monitor your heart rate all day long and to track your all-day activities. Its advanced feature also monitors all female-related health concerns on the Fitbit app compared to the health chart.
You can now effortlessly link your iPhone or Android phones with this smartwatch to call, text, set alarms and reminders. The watch is proficient enough to send quick replies when your watch is near to your smartphone. When you are on the run, GPS connectivity allows you to track time and location. Along with this, you listen to songs and enjoy music with this smartwatch.
Everyone demands a long-lasting battery life in a smartwatch. This wearable provides you with a battery life that can stay for several days. The watch further has a sleep monitoring feature that naturally tracks your sleep patterns with light, REM sleep, and heart track tracking to know what and how you can improve. Fitbit versa lite keeps you competitive with fitness tests with your friends and family through the Fitbit app. Get your hands on this smartphone and avail of all its benefits.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Garmin is one of the best smartwatches, 2021, equipped with multiple features of Vivoactive 3. Available at a low price of $349, Vocative 4 and 4S is an excellent watch for fitness enthusiasts. The two sizes, 40mm and 45mm, fit most of the people. It features Garmin play and music storage without premium support. The watch is waterproof and equips with a GPS that allows you to track your run locations. The vocative four pilates workout and provides animated on-screen yoga to assist you in improving your yoga poses. A new sensor or pulse measures your oxygen level and gives you more specific sleep insights. Moreover, Vocative 4S provides you with a battery life of up to 7 days; on the other hand, Vocative 4 has a battery life of up to 8 days. Its iOS and Android compatibility make it an excellent choice for all users.

Amazfit Bip

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Gone are the days when you spend a lot of money getting a high-quality, efficient watch with a fitness tracking feature. The super-affordable Amazfit Bip cost less than $80, still works best with IOS and Android smartphones. Android and iOS compatibility is available in one size, a 1.28-inch display, GPS tracker, and a heart rate monitor.
The watch comes with a soft band so that it doesn’t turn out to be harsh on your hand and with easy to use transflective color display which is soothing on your eyes. It has a pretty solid tracking feature. With Amazfit Bip, you don’t need to charge your watch regularly; once charged, it can stay up to 45 days, which is a great deal. Its other functionalities are limited. If you are not a water sports person, you can go for this watch. It sometimes has low-resolution graphics and provides only five different watch faces. It can show notification, but you cannot respond to the one from the watch itself. If you are looking for a low-budget fitness tracker smartwatch, then you can go for this one.

 Fossil Gen 5

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Google’s Android operating system is still not capable enough to stand out against the best smartwatches from Samsung and Apple. Being intelligent and stylish, Fossil Gen 5 is among one them designed with Wear OS devices. This watch eliminates the performance limitations that used to develop in previously designed Wear OS watches. The newly launched 44mm Fossil Gen 5 provides you with a GPS tracker along with a heart rate monitor. It also allows you to store data up to 1 GB of RAM.
It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, offering battery life up to 18 hours long, and battery life can expand by employing an extended battery node. Moreover, you can efficiently allow and transfer payments from the watch via Google pay. The only drawback with the watch is that you cannot store music online. Despite some drawbacks, it is one of the best smartwatches 2021 among various Wear OS devices.

Huawei Watch 2 Classic 

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Hawai Watch 2 Classic is a premium 2.0 version Android Wear smartwatch. It has an inbuilt Google play that enables you to play offline music while walking. Its best features allow you to receive calls through app notifications. With the help of a built-in GPS tracker, you will be able to track all your locations wherever you go. Moreover, the smartwatch has a Google assistant who assists you through voice commands and feedback.
The Huawei smartwatch provides you with a workout coach for real-time guidance on your workouts and workout-related data. The watch is implemented with 5HR technology in its heart rate monitoring system, which allows you to check the intensity of your fitness activities. On top of that, it has a sleep tracking device that monitors your sleep in REM, light and deep sleep stages.
The Huawei Watch 2 Classic is an artistic premium watch with an exclusive strap covered with leather from the outside and covered with rubber from the inside to give you a comfortable look. The strap is 22mm, which can be interchangeable according to your color preference. The watch offers you a choice of optimizing battery usage through its custom-based battery settings. With this broad range of facilities, the watch also provides the facility of hassle-free NFC payments just by your wrist.

LG Urbane Wearable

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
LG Urbane is a classic smartwatch integrated with modern elements. Its stunning image clarity provides you a full circle P-OLED display. The watch weighs 90.6 grams and is designed with a dimension of 20.3 x 4.6 x 1.3 cm. You can now easily play music both online and offline with its inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has an internal storage of 4GB with 512 MB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor.
The smartwatch enlists several applications that offer you real-time health and fitness data. The PPG heart rate monitor in LG Urbane actively monitors heart rate and is equipped with various environmental biosensors. These biosensors detect gyroscopic moments along with observing biometric pressure. It navigates through vibrations with the help of Maps and GPS in your strolls and walks.
The long-lasting battery in the watch lasts for two days, allowing you to make calls and set alerts from several apps actively. You can efficiently message and reply with the help of Google assistance which supports various commands in the watch. The watch has several options in dial with best in class looking leather strap. Among the best smartwatches 2021, it has an IP67 rating, making it great water and dust-resistant.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Fitbit iconic is a dynamic smartwatch. Its full-scale display with a slim band makes it more comfortable for the users. The light on the display can be changed according to your needs. The watch supports multiple features that include a GPS tracker to track distance, routes, places and current positions and a heart monitor to track your heart rate with real-time zones. After observing your heart rates, the watch suggests fitness activities that are highly beneficial for you. It also supports multiple apps such as weather, sports, and fitness. The great thing about this watch is that it is waterproof and can automatically control the temperature. The watch comes with multiple features and an adapter, data cable, and guide notes, thus making it a great deal.

 Polar M600 Sports Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
The Polar M600 Sports Watch is Polar’s first sport-upgraded smartwatch. The smartwatch is powered by Android Wear services. The watch is designed with advanced features that include a wrist-based heart rate monitoring system, all day long GPS fitness tracker and smart coaching guidelines. This watch helps you reach your fitness and health goals while keeping you connected.

 Ticwatch E – Best Budget Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Among the best smartwatches in 2021, Ticwatch E is one of the budget-friendly smartwatches. This wearable is stuffed with valuable features and facilities to an almost surprising level. The watch is highly compatible with both iOS and Android users. It has a 1.4 inch OLED touch screen that provides lovely colors and sharpness on the screen. Unlike many other smartwatches in the market, Ticwatch E is implemented with Google assistant to efficiently respond to the text or call people or even ask for direction with the help of google assistant. The watch allows you to download watch faces and applications through the installed Android Wear apps.
The watch is equipped with a GPS and a heart rate tracking device so that you can efficiently check and monitor your fitness at any moment. It is water-resistant and allows you to listen to offline music. You will never expect to have such a long battery life from any other smartwatches, and this watch stands out to your expectations. However, while considering the price rate and other specifications, you will look at some minor issues. On the one hand, you will love to have this smartwatch as it provides fantastic value, while on the other hand, this smartwatch has some flaws. Depending on everyone’s choice, it does not have a high-quality display, and the overall design isn’t perfect for everyone. Apart from that, if you are looking for the best features, you should get your hands on this innovative piece.

Uwinmo Smartwatch

Best Smart watches Buy IN 2021
Despite various smartwatches, Uwinmo is an intelligent option among the best smartwatches in 2021. The watch is launched in various models featuring multiple designs and shapes. From classic to sports look, the watch is designed so that it meets every user’s requirements. Nowadays, people look for a watch available at an affordable rate offering the best features. The Uwinmo smartwatch is one of them, inbuilt with an exciting set of features.
The watch is composed of a stainless steel body, making it a great choice in fitness tracking and even if someone wishes to carry it in water. The fully covered stain-less steel body comprises a high-quality strap that gives you a subtle and elegant look. Thanks to the waterproofing components, which makes the watch water-resistant. This feature will make your watch functional even during rain and at the time of swimming. Moreover, the watch can withstand the additional dropping and bumping into walls and work appropriately throughout your sports activities.
Compatible for both Android and Apple users, this watch provides you with many features that you wouldn’t expect from any other smartwatch at a low price budget. The various features in this watch include the ability to screen messages, calls, notifications, and alerts., remote camera music control, which plays music both online and offline, monitors and records your heart rate and blood pressure and GPS for tracking your locations wherever you go. On top of all this, it has a multi-sports mode from which you can select the sport you wish to play. The watch is becoming a fan favorite for everyone and looks great all the time on your wrist.


A smartwatch is leisure and luxurious piece that provides many beneficial options for health and communication. These days, these wearables are becoming a necessary tool for all health and fitness enthusiasts and experiencing hectic lifestyles at their homes and work. A smartwatch makes things easy and convenient for you to track all your related fitness information on your wrist. It is where it becomes a smart option for you to buy and add comfort to your lifestyle. Investing in a good smartwatch might sound like a fuzzy decision, but the watch segments will provide you a pretty straightforward way to select your type. From the top 15 best smartwatches in 2021, you can now possibly choose the one satisfying your needs from the list mentioned above. These hybrid and fitness-centric smartwatches provide many things other than their type; therefore, choose the one that fits best for you. Opt for an elegant wearable for your workplace which can keep you updated with your work and health, or go for a sports watch if you are someone who is actively into sports. Above all of that, a smartwatch provides you with intelligent connectivity and quick assurance for your fitness and health.