15 Best Smart TV Web Browser Android (Super Fast) 2023

Web browser commenced as a military necessity on the computers’ desktop. However, as time goes by, it has advanced, and you can now use it on your smart TV.

Note that no one ever knew that this device could have the ability to have a network connection, but for now, it connects pretty well to your network, and you can easily watch whatever you want to watch.

Therefore, this article will guide you appropriately through the

Best Smart TV Web Browser 2023

Best Smart TV web browser 2023

Brave browser

brave browser smart tv

The brave browser is the best smart TV web browser. Moreover, it is free, secure as well as fast; it has an in-built Ads Block, security, and tracking protection plus a battery and date optimized experience. This browser’s in-built adblocker is responsible for generating you seamless and ad-free browsing. Therefore, thanks to these superb features for making this browser recognized in the industry. Whenever you opt for the best smart TV browser, opt for the Brave browser.

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Best Smart TV web browser 2023
This is one of the few smart TV browsers that guarantee your browsing offline, especially when your pages are loaded and opened fully. This means you can have access to it at any given time later with absolutely no internet connection.

Furthermore, it comes with a night mode feature, which triggers the interface for a late-browsing at night. However, it does not come as a TV app that is android.

Instead, it is similar to firefox, as well as chrome sideloaded.

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smart tv web browsers
Most people who do not use Google chrome prefer using Mozilla as a perfect web browser. Mozilla generates you with a similar interface it offers on a smartphone.

This device works appropriately with no crucial challenges, even when you choose firefox on your smart TV. Note that firefox synchronizes your bookmarks and enables you to transmit pages to other devices.

Therefore thanks to these excellent features for making this product amazing.

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Kiwi browser

samsung smart tv web browsers

The Kiwi browser is a smart TV browser improved on Chromium and entails Webkit that enables it to function faster compared to other browsers.

Moreover, it secures you by preventing hackers from accessing your device without your concert. On the other hand, it also boosts instant Facebook chatting.

These features have made this browser to be outstanding in the market. Therefore, if you are worried about finding the best smart TV browser, worry no more and opt for the Kiwi browser.

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Google Chrome

puffin tv browser

This is one of the most vital browsers in the industry for smart TV. Furthermore, it is among the most common browsers in the entire globe. The same experience you have while using chrome on your mobile computer is the same you will apply on your smart TV. Note that 90% of available web pages on the internet undergo an appropriate examination as well as an optimization on Google chrome.

Therefore, to install your Google chrome for your smart TV, you should open your Google play store and have it sideloaded on your device.

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Samsung internet browser

popular web browser Smart TV

The Samsung internet browser is one of the most significant browsers for your smart TV. Previously it was only developed for Samsung android TVs.

However, currently, it has been modified to function on all smart TVs. This is in the entire industry, irrespective of the model and brand. For you to properly experience complete functionality and features, you require a galaxy store.

Note that this kind of application is compatible with only TVs as well as Samsung phones. Thus opt for this browser and enjoy the best experience that comes with it.

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Microsoft Edge browser

Smart TV web browser

Microsoft has not been able to work effectively with web browsers in the past, and you might probably be wondering how it has managed to be on this list.

Well, you need to know that it has improved the entirely new browser edge grounded on Chromium. However, some statistics on the new browser edge state that it is perfect compared to Google chrome browser of the current generation.

Thanks to these superb features for making this product extraordinary.


Best Smart TV web browser

This product is one of the perfect browsers for smart TV; its term is the Puffin TV browser. Most importantly, puffin has been able to generate an intelligent TV browser before Google chrome with a total potential of offering you the entire features of the noteworthy browser.

Moreover, its content is appropriately optimized as well as loaded for a smart TV with a flawlessly functioning remote control. Therefore, this means that the play-store should have an installation on your smart TV; hence no sideloading needed.


Best Smart TV web browser
The reason behind the DuckDuckgoBrowser foundation in the year 2008 is to maintain your private searches. Furthermore, this comes with two benefits, your data cannot reach the unwanted hands, and secondly,

your browsing history cannot be interfering with your results. It also prevents 3rd-party trackers. Who is later held responsible for a library collection of your information from the machine to their device.

TV Bro

Smart TV web browser

This is a current TV browser for your smart TV; it has been designed and designated to outdo any fundamental limitation of the whole TV browsers’ speed. Note that this browser is high-speed, among many other browsers.

It has a rating of 4.2 with beyond 10 000 installs, and it is user-friendly. Therefore, thanks to this excellent features for making this browser suitable for use.

Vewd browser

Smart TV web browser

The viewd browser works efficiently with Sony TVs. However, to work much better, it needs remotes that are special with a D-pad for improved performance.

You can download this app directly from your TV smart play store since it does not require the sideload. This browser does not necessarily need any mouse or keyboard to work as long as your remote is compatible.

On the other hand, this browser is uncluttered, fast, and lightweight hence enabling you to customize your web pages surfing that is appropriate.


Smart TV web browser

This browser has got beyond 50 million installs. This tells more about its popularity and the reason behind its acceptance with the smart TVs.

Additionally, it comes loaded with several features such as gesture controls, flash adobe player among many more. It also boosts the in-built manager download and enables you to research engines, such as Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and Google.

Web browser for Android TV

best android tv browser

This is an android-free TV browser that has generally developed to a smart TV. It triggers smooth as well as the easy function of internet browsing; however, it has specific limitations to put into consideration.

Therefore, this browser is remarkably for backup purposes in case the major browser fails to function adequately. In case you need a backup browser for your smart TV, opt for a Web browser for Android TV.

Amazon’s Silk browser

best android tv browser

Amazon’s silk browser-primarily works efficiently on Smart TVs. However, it takes note of other browsers’ limitations on your android TV.

Note that Amazon is a website for shopping; therefore, the Silk browser is not only responsible for movie viewing as well as internet browsing but also Amazon shopping and managing home smart devices using Alexa.


best android tv browser

This browser for smart TV opens the link bubbles that you click to offer you ideal ideas as to what might be on the next page. In case you lick or dial on the bubble, the next page will instantly load on a window that has a full screen.

On the other hand, it saves your history of loaded pages; hence you can go through them when you are offline. Thus, thanks to these superb features, for making this product amazingly extraordinary.

TVWeb browser

best android tv browser

Millions of people have this installation; it is best for your smart TV. However, it has a sideload on android TV; it has an excellent experience the same as your smartphone’s.