10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps (Android/iphone) 2024

Hey guy’s, are you love slow motion videos?
And want to make some awesome slow-motion videos from your smartphone but still not find some best slow-motion videos apps on Android/iPhone.
Don’t worry, here I pick the top 10 best free slow motion video apps iPhone/Android 2024.
Just download it and create stunning slow-motion videos with them.
All the apps added to this list are very easy to use and a simple user interface to easily access them and make awesome slow speed videos with them.
So guy’s are You ready.
Let’s set start making slow-motion videos.
Here we go.

Slow motion video fx

Best Slow Motion Video App
Are you ready for creating awesome slow-motion videos in seconds?
Let’s do it.
One of the best slow-motion video app on Android.
Just open the app, record a new video or import from the gallery and slow it down.
Easily adjust speed setting and make your slow-motion video in seconds.
Guy’s one of the best apps to make slow-motion videos for Android.
Ten million satisfied users.
Let’s join this satisfied family and satisfy ourselves by making awesome slow-motion videos with it.
Let’s slow it.
install – Android / iphone


 Slow Motion Video Apps (Android/iphone)
This is one of the best and featured app on most popular websites like Gizmodo, Macworld,Redmond pie e.t.c
It’s available on both platforms like Android/iOS.
It’s just amazing.
Record directly from the app, or you can import from gallery and adjust speed setting and make awesome slow-motion videos with it.
One of the feature and function of this app is genderless editing. It means no conversation on speed changing, just change the speed, and it’s directly available on that speed to save and share instantly.
It’s pretty simple and easy to use the app.
Let’s download it and make your first slow-motion video now.
install – Android / iphone
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Slow motion camera

Best Slow Motion Video App
This is all in one slow-motion camera app, iPhone.
Everything you can slow with it.
Record awesome slow-motion videos with it.
Edit your pre-recorded videos with it.
Adjust frame rates, speed and make slow as much as you want.
You can also add music to it.
Make awesome beautiful slow-motion videos with it.
One tap sharing is available.
Just tap it and share it.
Awesome slow-motion videos are generating app.
Let’s set generate.
install –  iphone
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Imotion hd

iPhone user’s another great app for you.
You can easily make slow-motion videos with it.
Very simple and fastest slow-motion videos were making app for iPhone users.
Just pick The video or record a new one apply speed adjustments now it’s all set.
You can also make awesome time-lapse videos with it.
Let’s download free from the iTunes store and make slow-motion videos now.
Best a free slow motion video app iPhone.
Let’s start making it now.
install –  iphone

Videoshop video editor

Best Slow Motion Video App
This app is for both Android/iPhone users.
One of the most popular video editing software for both platforms.
More than ten millions downloads.
You can easily make stunning slow-motion videos with it.
It’s an advanced video editor. So you can not only make a slow-motion video, but you can also increase the beauty of the video and then save it in your gallery.
Add stickers, music, effects and much more.
Let’s make a simple video into slow motion.
Let’s do it.
install – Android 

Slow motion video

It’s a slow-motion video player Android.
If you don’t want to convert your original video into slow motion and want to save space from your memory, then this app especially for you.
Play any video at slow motion speed without converting it into slow motion.
Just adjust speed and frames rate as much as you want.
One of the best slow-motion video player.
You can save your time and space with it.
Let’s download free from the Google play store more than one millions downloads.
Let’s play it.
install – Android 

Viva video

 Slow Motion Video Apps (Android/iphone)
Another great slow-motion video app for both platforms android/ios.
It’s a complete video editor for android/iPhone.
Edit everything in your video.
You can easily create an awesome slow motion hd video with it in few seconds.
Just go to speed settings here, adjust the speed and you all set.
Just slow down and save it.
Your video is ready to use and share.
You can also apply awesome filters, stickers, effects and much more.
Very easy and simple to use.
Let’s download it start editing now.
install – Android 

Kine master

Best Slow Motion Video App
It’s also a fantastic app for making an awesome slow-motion video.
It’s a premium video mobile video editor with advanced slow-motion video making functionality.
Let’s load the video in it.
Apply filters and stickers to increase the beauty of the video.
So whenever someone sees love it.
Now go to speed setting and slow down as much as you want.
Save it, converts it and share it.
Awesome app for creating slow-motion videos.
Let’s set download and generate.
install – Android / iphone

Slow and fast motion video

Another awesome app for creating fast and slow motion.
Fastest, easiest slow motion video app Android.
Load the video from the gallery with just one tap.
Now you see the direct speed setting of it.
Just adjust the speed according to your needs.
Save it, share it.
It’s too easy.
Let’s go download from the play store and be a master in this skill.
Let’s set slow.
install – Android 

Slow motion video zoom player

It’s a slow-motion video player with a slow-motion video converting facility.
Just pick The videos from the gallery which you want to convert into slow-motion action.
Let’s apply the speed, convert it and save it.
You can see three different quality options.
Low, medium, high quality, let’s select and save it.
It’s a very easy and simple user interface.
Let’s start converting now.
install – Android