10 Best Skin Tone Detection Apps (Android/iOS) 2024

With the increasing popularity of facial care products, it’s only natural that developers would come up with innovative applications that are specifically designed to help us properly take care of our skin.

In this article we will be looking at 10 of the best Skin Tone Detection apps currently available for both Android and iOS devices in 2024

By utilizing these apps, you can make sure you get the most out of your facial care routine without any setbacks!

Microskin™ ColourMatch – Skin

Best Skin Tone Detection App

The Camouflage By MicroskinTM Simulated Second Skin camouflage can visually correct conditions such as birthmarks, vitiligo, burns, and any discolorations on the skin, including tattoos.

Camouflage by Microskin™ have proven to be the leading, reliable solution when it comes to waterproof, colour-matched cover. This revolutionary product utilises a patented simulated skin tech in its formulation, which is proudly employed by dermatologists and other skin experts all over the world. It is especially effective for treating vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and burns, as well as hyper-pigmentation and different kinds of scarring. Furthermore, the long term camouflage of tattoos can be achieved with Camouflage by Microskin™ too.


Camouflage By MicroskinTM has developed technology that can match any skin tone. This version of the app matches our 35 most popular pre-mixed colour tones. We can create a custom colour for your skin in one of our MicroskinTM clinics if you cannot find a close match to one of our standard shades.

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Color Grab (color detection)

Best Skin Tone Detection App

By simply pointing the camera, Color Grab lets you pick, capture, and recognize colors on-the-go.

Used by designers, artists, professionals, developers, scientists, and colorblinds worldwide.


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Best Skin Tone Detection App

The Plan YOUR TAN guide will help you get the most out of UV sunbeds, and will guide you to a perfect tan.

Calculate your sunbed time based on your skin type.

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Seasonal color analysis

Best Skin Tone Detection App

Dressika is a personal AI shopping assistant and color style consultant. This app is unique because it offers automatic color analysis. Simply take a selfie to find out your season color, seasonal color palettes, and make-up colors. You can create the perfect outfit by using a virtual dressing room.

👗 The wardrobe:

☆ Store looks in your virtual wardrobe, combine clothes to find the perfect outfit;

☆ Using seasonal colors, create a capsule wardrobe like a stylist;

☆ Share your style with friends, follow fashion trends, and use seasonal color analysis to create great individual looks.

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AI Dermatologist: Skin Scanner

Best Skin Tone Detection App

Using AI-Dermatologist, you can monitor your skin health and detect any unusual conditions.

We all aspire to maintain a healthy and clear complexion, and to make that happen we have to be proactive and explore different skin care methods. To properly identify issues like rashes, moles, acne or any other problem, our AI-Dermatologist app is perfect for that purpose. It integrates all the necessary tools for a comprehensive analysis. By using it regularly, you can detect anomalies in time and contact your healthcare providers before the situation gets worse.

AI-Dermatologist was designed using the most recent Artificial Intelligence technologies, as well as years of expert knowledge in dermatology. In approximately one minute, our application can provide you with an assessment of potential risks associated with spots, birthmarks, acne, moles or papillomas. It additionally allows you to store pictures for tracking any changes that take place over time and keeping an eye on your skin long term. We created AI-Dermatologist for the purpose of making skin screenings and surveillance available to everyone.

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My Best Colors

Best Skin Tone Detection App

Using your smartphone camera, My Best Colors instantly recognizes colors that flatter you. It’s easy, accurate, and fun to use!

A set of six color palettes based on the popular 12 Season Color system is included in the app. A free Best Colors palette is available. All 51 colors come with realistic fabric previews, so you can love and explore them all. Custom palettes that you create on colorwise.me can be imported into the app and are fully compatible.

You can use the app to select the perfect look at home or use it while shopping for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry.

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clothes color by skin tones

Best Skin Tone Detection App

You can choose colors of clothes according to your skin tone. This app can guide you to dressing and improve your dressing. This app is a dressing guide for men.

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Color Detector – Color Picker

Best Skin Tone Detection App

The Color Detector – Camera Color Picker & Recognizer is a useful application for people who work on photo editing, web design, or app development tasks. With this lightweight program, you can pick any color you need in real-time without having to take pictures and identify the precise hue. Simply point the camera and watch as the app extracts every detail for you. Moreover, it supports various color formats, such as RGB (Red Green Blue) and HSV (Hue Saturation Value), so that you can save them to your computer or copy them to your clipboard. Also, with this app you can generate a fetching compilation of related colors together with the dominant and average tones.

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TroveSkin: Your Skincare Coach

Best Skin Tone Detection App

TroveSkin, your all-in-one social skincare app, helps you achieve clearer, healthier skin!

Is your skin triggered by other factors, such as stress, sleep, or your diet?

With TroveSkin, you can easily track your skincare products, lifestyle choices, and habits. Then, you can get personalised recommendations on how to improve your skin.

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Skin Tools

Best Skin Tone Detection App

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Our application provides a lot of SKIN information. We will add more directly to your account without any hassle.

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