If you are looking to have the best ski season we have got you covered. Here are the top best ski apps to optimize your stay at the mountain. The ski season is definitely a once in a year event and it is never long. With these apps listed below you can make the most of it. These amazing app offers you weather reports, record your run, and help find your family and friends on the slope. From the powder predictors to artificial intelligence-generated, Olympic-level ski instruction your experience at the mountain is definitely sure of optimized technology.

1. OpenSnow Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The OpenSnow app was created by a group of weather forecasters who were driven by the urge of creating a better weather forecast app for their friends and family. This app helps users to track and create snow forecasts across mountains for skiers and snowboarders looking for the best powder. The app features longer-range forecasts, alerts for particularly powdery days and 24-hour access to snow camera feeds from resort. It also features new graphs and table reviews that allows users to compare 10-day and night forecasts across multiple locations. The app is available on iOS and android devices. The OpenSnow app is free to use, though the premium subscription is $19 per year to access all features. 

2. Ski Tracks Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

Ski tracks lets you track your performance of skied runs and speed reached. The app includes a one-time fee of $0.99 (versus a subscription-based model), and also focus on preserving battery life. This very amazing app also features a badge system to encourage users to explore the mountains via new runs and gamified challenges. The app also has a wonderful simple and straight interface which users have not failed to appreciate through reviews. This app is really a must have. The app is also available on Android and iOS devices.

3. OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report app offers you access to weather reports, snow conditions for over 2,000 ski resorts around the world, and also helps to plan your ski trips. The OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report app also happens to be one the best free ski apps to download on your device.You can also get powder alerts whenever the resort you are thinking of traveling to visit gets a certain amount of new snow. It also allows you to view statistics and a snow graph for popular resort. Besides these other features, you also get a weekly dose of regional weather resorts from resident meteorologist Chris Tomer in the app’s inbox. The app also allows you to get live webcam updates from other users. The app is available on android and iOS devices.

4. Trace Snow Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Trace Snow app is recognized as the number one winter sports app by Men’s Health Magazine. The Trace Snow app gives you real-time updates on your speed, airtime, calorie, distance, and other useful statistics. Interestingly, the Trace Snow app has users log over 2 billion vertical feet every month. If you wish to make improvements on your skills on the slope, you join the leaderboards and see how you rank compared to locals and other skiers around the world. Trace Snow is also the official app for lots of winter park resorts; this gives you the chance to earn special medals or get notifications for upcoming events. The Trace Snow app has a Trace Tracker device, which you can optionally, chose to pair. The Trace Tracker device is a small shared GPS sensor that you can attach on your snowboard or skis, which allows you log your stats and playback your runs. The app is free and available on android and iOS device, though you will have to pay a fee of $4.99 for a month or $38.99 for premium features.

5. Liftopia Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Liftopia ski app is a multi-resort e-commerce skiing app. The app offers you budget-friendly ski trip. The Liftopia app allows you buy ski lift tickets, book resort lodging, and buy gift cards for ski rentals and lessons. You can also get amazing deals of up to 80% off on-mountain rates at more than 200 ski areas. The app makes it easier for you to buy ski resorts needs despite your location. Once the purchase is complete, you will get and email with your itinerary and a mobile voucher. All you have to do is to show the voucher to resort for your lessons or lift; no printing required. The app offers detailed ski resort information, like snow conditions, resort amenities, ski resort photos, and more. The app is also available on Google Play Store for android devices and Apple Play Store for iOS devices.

6. Avalanche Forecasts Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Avalanche Forecasts ski app is created mainly for your safety. The Avalanche Forecasts app lets you see predicted avalanche for the next two days. Danger levels are color-coded from low to extreme for easy understanding. The app shows you avalanche conditions on a map, and clicking on a selected region shows you detailed results. There are possibilities of loosing data connection in the mountains, but it is needless to worry, because the app stores a cached version of your data, so that you can access it offline. The app is free and only available on Apple app Store for iOS devices.

7. SNOCRU iPhone

 Best Ski Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

The SNOCRU ski app combines performance tracking and social media connectivity in one platform. The app is the leading snowsports app having earned reviews from Snowboard Magazine, Wired Magazine, and SKI Magazine, making it one of the best snowsports apps to be created. The app consists of the general features like speed, distance, altitude, and more. However, what makes different from other ski apps is its heat-mapping feature, which allows you to see your fastest and slowest runs on the ski resort map. Another amazing feature is its Near-me function, it lets you find where your family and friends are in real-time. This certainly means you do not have to search lost members. The app is available on android and iOS devices. The app is free. However, there are in-app purchases that range from $0.99 to $27.99.

8. SkiLynx Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

With the SkyLynx app you can turn your skiing experience into a fun social activity for family and friends. The gives you location-based tracking and messaging features, which can keep you connected with ski family and friends on the slope.  The app gives you a real-time view of where they are when they make use of the Skilynx app.The app also features an invite-only chat group to communicate with your family and friends. The messaging feature allows you to create location-aware hashtags. The app automatically detects your whereabouts and replace the hashtag with your location when you use the hashtag #here to find your location if you are missing.You can also get a MySki day email summary, showing your group’s ski history and runs. The app is available on Google play Store for android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices for $2.99. 

9. GoPro Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The app makes it easy to control your GoPro action camera, view photos and videos, and share your favorite shots on the go. The app turns your Apple watch, iPad or iPhone into a convenient control for your GoPro app. This amazing app lets you create short videos and share on social media. The app is available on android and iOS devices.

10. SkiBro Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

This amazing ski app shows you available instructors for all types of lesson including family, beginner, advanced, and snowboard. The instructors include a video of them introducing their selves, details of what kind of lesson they specialize in, and customer reviews.  There is also a GPS in-app tracking to facilitate a meeting point, this way users can see each other in the map. The app is available on android and iOS devices.

11. SkiTracks Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

This ski app helps you analyze the time, distance, and altitude of your run and it also compare your top speed with your ski buddies. The app also works in smart watches and allows you share your result on social media.  The app is available on android and iOS devices.

12. Fatmap Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Fatmap allows skiers and snowboarders to negotiate their way around popular ski areas in ahigh level detail, moving around a 3D world using GPS-enabled navigation, viewing the slope from any angle and perspective. The premium version also features real-time resort lift and piste updates, ultra high resolution satellite imagery, offline mapping, avalanche risk zones, gradient heat mapping and crevasse zones for €4.99. The app is available on android and iOS devices.

13. SkiFit Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The app helps you with getting in shape before a winter holiday through the bitesize workout. The workout programme lasts for eight weeks, with four phrases, each building on the last. The sixty minutes workout can be done anywhere and is recommended for everyone. The app is available for android and iOS devices. 

14. Eurosport Player Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Eurosport Player gives you access to watch all your favorite sports coverage on your mobile device, live on the go. You are also allowed access to additional bonus channels, news, highlights, and streaming of demand sports videos. The app is available on android and iOS devices. 

15. Red Bull TV Android / iPhone

Best Ski Apps Android / iPhone 2020

The Red Bull TV offers you access to watch the latest ski and snowboard videos and films created by the best ski riders. You also get a live streaming of sport events, like RedBull streets the slopestyle contest that takes place on the streets of Austrian resort of Bad Gastien.


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