At some point in our lives, we’ve been addicted to video games and stuff. With the advancements in technology, the whole experience of gaming has changed. New technology has been adapted and the gaming world has turned a bit more realistic.

For those who aren’t aware of what Oculus is, it is a brand that focuses on providing an everlasting experience in the minds of the people. This is done with the concept of virtual reality. Oculus has come up with a number of games that worth downloading. Not every game has been verified so some apps are to be sideloaded. 

Sideloading is not a new term that has been brought into the picture. It is nothing but installing unverified apps into your PC or any other device. It is not like something illegal. Sideloading has its benefits.

One of the major advantages of sideloading is that you have access to apps even before its official release. In this article, we’ve put forth some of the best apps to sideload the oculus quest.

1.Half-Life VR 

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020


We all know how popular the Half-Life game was in the late 90s. With the implementation of VR, the game has become more interactive and the whole experience of the game has enhanced to a new level. Virtual reality brings life to the game. 

In order to sideload the app, you need to install the file in the right folder for the app to function. If you are looking for a game that will put the VR aspect into full potential, then this the one you are looking for. The application can be downloaded from SideQuest


2.To the Top

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

The game came into the big picture in 2017. It created a whole lot of buzz and it was soon to be revealed in Oculus Quest as well but for some reason, the official rights were rejected by Facebook and it couldn’t be released. But you can get the app by sideloading it on to your device. 

With the hype that it created, the app is charged around $15. You can download the app from Sidequest.


 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

The app from its announcement became a popular name among gamers as well as geeks. Very soon the Pavlov VR will be released in Oculus Quest. But if you can’t control the excitement you definitely can download the application through sideloading. 

Though the official app might take some time to release due to the pandemic, you can enjoy the test version by downloading it from Side Quest.


 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

Many confuse VRtuos as a virtual keyboard, but it is not. VRtuos is one of its kind, you’ve got to have a real piano in order to make things work. The app involves a tutor like experience. You are assisted by VR on playing the right keys. This way within no time you’ll get to learn to play the right notes within no time. 

Though the app is not fully functional, you definitely can try it via side loading. The app can be downloaded from Side Quest.


 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

A shout out to all the gym freaks out there. If you are looking to pump that muscle while staying at home then you can’t find a better app on the internet than this. Though you require a sufficient amount of space it is reliable to the core. 

From crunches to pushups the app focuses on all the muscles and prepares a perfect workout plan and a virtual surrounding that will make you go wild. The app is not fully furnished yet but you definitely can grab the test version from the side quest. 

6.Pokemon VR

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020


Pokemon has had its share of fan following. The app leaves a wonderful experience among all Pokemon lovers. When the mobile app came into light almost the whole world was crazy about it. You could see everyone trying to grab a pokemon.

Though the app has had a few bugs the improved version will be up in Oculus quest in no time. If you want to grab the test version, you can download it from SideQuest. 

7.Hyper Dash

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

If you are a fan of multiplayer games then you cant find a better game than this. The hyper dash gives liberty to around 10 players to play simultaneously. One of the best shooting games that you can find on the internet. 

The app is yet to be released but you can download the pre-release version from side Quest. The best part is despite the amazing user interface the app is absolutely free.



 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

If you are a fan of puzzles then you’ll go head over heels with this app. Cubism is full of puzzles, the VR technology just acts as an icing on the cake. Though the application is not fully ready but we can expect it to release anytime soon in Oculus Quest. 

You can get the pre-launch version from side Quest. Cubism is definitely worth downloading and it is one of the best apps that you can find on the internet. 

9.Virtual Desktop

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

The VR desktop is one of the best Oculus Apps. Though there is a verified version of the app in the Oculus Quest, the pre-launch version has a wireless version that is more viable than the verified version itself. The app can be downloaded from the side quest. The virtual desktop is definitely an app that is worth downloading.

10.Hand Physics Lab

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

For all the science geeks, Hand Physics Lab will definitely make you go head over heels. The app uses VR to its full potential. We all loved mechanics when we were young. With Hands Physics lab you’ll definitely love a similar experience. Though there are certain bugs, the verified version of the app is excited to be free from everything. The app can be downloaded from the side quest.

11.National Geographic VR

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

The app is definitely one of the best ones that you can find on the internet. National Geographic VR has been quite popular across the world. The application brings about extinct animals into life. The app uses VR to the greatest potential. 

The app serves as a great educational application. You can download the app from Oculus Quest. The pre-version of the app can be downloaded by sideloading.

12.Blast World

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

Blast World is another exciting app that will keep you on your toes. The app involves fighting with zombies and capturing territories. For all the adventure game lovers this app is definitely a boon. The verified version will be out soon but before that, you could actually enjoy yourself playing the test version.

13.Robo Recall Unplugged

 Best Sideload Oculus Quest  Apps 2020

Robo Recall is a great application for all the gamer geeks. The Robo Recall had already created in impact as a PC game, with the implementation of VR, the game has biome top-notch. The app will be released by the end of the year. The test version can be sideloaded via the side quest. The app has a great user interface and stands out in every way. Robo Recall is one of the most futuristic and revolutionary games on the internet. 

14.The Climb

 Sideload Oculus Quest Apps 2020

The Climb is one of the very first apps to support VR. Though the app has been released in the Ocular quest, the unverified version is as good as the verified one. Though the app has its own flaws, the user interface remains intact and is worth downloading. The app has proved to be a vital cog in the development of other VR based adventure games. For all the beginners out there the app will definitely make you g head over heels.

15.Crisis VRigade

Best Sideload Oculus Quest  Apps 2020

Though the app has a simple storyline it stands out in every way and has the most excellent user interface. The application uses VR to its full potential and gives the users a wonderful experience. The app is mainly for all the beginners. It was dated top release in January but was failed during the verification process conducted by Facebook. The app is not available on Ocular Quests but can be sideloaded from Side Quest.

Closing Thoughts

With the advent of technology, several games are being released on a regular basis to enhance the whole experience of gaming. There are so many apps that are ready but do not get verified in the Ocular Store. You can try such apps via side loading. I hope this article gives you clear insight into some of the best oculus apps that can be sideloaded. So what are you waiting for, download the best ones and start gaming!