For some people, music is a big part of life; you should listen to it all the time. You just can’t get enough of the music you want. One way to always enjoy your music is to become one of the top shower speakers in 2020.
Shower speakers are capable of withstanding water splashes and high bathroom humidity, all while pounding out a superb sound. Sing to the substance of your heart with our list of the best 15 speakers made for the shower just this year.
Enhance Your Bathroom Experience with Shower Speakers
A speaker with a shower is a portable speaker which can be used in the bathroom. The days are gone when nobody would even imagine having a speaker in the shower as it would get damaged. These days, if you wish and enjoy music wherever you go, you can bring the speakers to the swimming pool. Most of the features of these devices are Bluetooth enabled, and to play audio files, you can connect to your smartphone.
Such portable speakers will add your music to your shower time so you can boost your time to relax. Getting hot water running over your body while listening to your music will easily help you get rid of the tension.
One way of enjoying life is to make sure you listen to your music when you need to listen. Such shower speakers give you a different way of achieving this goal. Go for the best results with the latest, and enjoy your music.
The speakers in the shower also serve multiple functions. Some can be placed with a suction cup on a wall or in a stall. Thus the speaker is part of the decor for the bathroom. Others are thin, portable speakers. As required, you can move the speaker from room to room. Shower speakers can also be used in baths, as well as in the kitchen.
In this post, we’ll bring you within 2020 the Top 15 Best Shower Speakers to find the best for you.

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Best Shower Speakers 2020
People are known to call in when you’re in the shower. You ought not to miss a call after installing this waterproof, wireless duch-top speaker. The built-in microphone lets you speak freely to your callers. Furthermore, the approx. 30 feet of Bluetooth range helps you to protect your phone from the heat and steam that comes with a good hot soothing shower. You can arrange audio options with easy-to-use controls.
In comparison, a low flow of 2.5 GPM can save you energy. Live eco-friendly and do your part to save water. Another good feature is that it can be disabled for quick charging or operation in other rooms with the shower speaker. It can also be conveniently attached to a normal shower pipe. It is not necessary to do heavy renovation work. Simply create it and you’re good to go.

2.HOTT Portable Waterproof Shower 

Best Shower Speakers 2020
The HOTT is one of the best available in the market for Bluetooth speakers. It has a waterproof level up to IPX4 and a user-friendly interface for children and adults, making it great for outdoor or for the showers. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity to make it easy to connect to Android, iPhone and tablet devices. It makes 8 hours of calling and 6 hours of playtime with its integrated 3,7 V lithium battery.
This strong shower speaker has an FM radio to hear your favourite station and a time display clock. It also contains a LED monitor that allows you to show the status of your speaker when enjoying music. It has a powerful removable suction cup which enables the speaker to be attached to any flat surface.

3.ASIYUN Shower Speaker, Portable 4H Playtime Waterproof Speaker

Shower Speakers 2020
Waterproofing and portability are the ASIYUN Shower Speaker’s biggest claim to fame. Made with waterproof and dustproof interface design at a standard of up to IPX7. Furthermore, Bluetooth Version 4.2 has a speaker which is compatible with all devices such as PCs, laptops, iOS and Android smartphones that are allowed by Bluetooth. This speaker is fitted with a high-performance 3W driver that offers powerful, low room loudness.
Whether you’re walking, hiking, drinking, bathing or swimming, this waterproof speaker will be able to withstand all weather conditions and comes with a compact design for bringing it anywhere. Apart from that, it has a Detachable suction cup and metal hook which allows you to hang this speaker anywhere.

4.KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
You will remain in the shower for up to seven hours with the rechargeable battery. Or just take short showers and use the fitted Bluetooth speaker to maximize your relaxation time. The installation is quick so that your new shower machine doesn’t have to waste time mounting it.
You can link to a variety of music or audio sources with its 32-foot-range. Plus, it doesn’t have to be connected to the showerhead to function. The speaker for the shower operates in a secure bathroom and on its own. The showerhead speaker also comes with its USB loading cable to ensure that you can have power if you need it. You do not have wires so you can always have a fun shower.

5.SoundBot Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
You only get Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities, as you can see from the title. But you can still relax with music while you are showering. Then the water-resistant, blue-coloured speaker uses grey to highlight its control buttons.
Given its lower compatibility with Bluetooth, you can still get about 33 feet of range and link to a variety of different sources of audio. You can put the shower speaker anywhere you want with the suction cup technology from the speakers. Besides, you may unhook the speaker and take him with you.
Even on camping trips, your music moves with you. You will listen to music or audiobooks for another 6 hours following a 3-hour fee. A USB charging cable guarantees that your rechargeable battery remains on. This nice sound package includes a built-in speaker.

6.iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
White symbols mean you can press without making a mistake on the button you want. Change the volume, answer a call or monitor your music with a fingertip touch. You should not have any doubt about the functionality that you are accessing with the symbols marked.
The fully waterproof shower speaker also gives you Bluetooth 4.1 capability and a range of 33 feet. No problem if you drop it off in the water It can reach depths of as little as 3 feet. The time you connect is about 6 seconds. When you want to listen to music, you get a little pause.
The rechargeable battery additionally provides you with up to 10 hours of use. Just make sure to give it power up for about 3 hours. The suction cup attachment device also gives you several choices for location.

7.AquaAudio Cubo Waterproof Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
The AquaAudio Cubo’s sleek design and various colour choices can only catch your eye if you want a stylish speaker that fit your hot tub or shower. The speaker produces warm, transparent audio with deep bass over more than just an aesthetically pleasing tool. The configuration is quick and easy with an auto-pairing feature that attaches to your Bluetooth listening device automatically and has a range of up to 50 feet.
It is also available with hands-free use for iOS users with Siri. The battery takes just 2.5 hours to charge 10 hours of playtime. The only flaw is the poor suction cup on the back of the speaker, so it’s better to put your appliance on a rack instead of sticking it to the shower wall.

8.Milemont Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
No wires, no trouble. You can also stream your music to your shower using the Bluetooth 4.1 shower mic. You can hear the audio sound you want and receive several communication options. You can also connect your TV to the speaker via an AUX connection.
Then you can make use of the waterproof swimming pool speaker. The speaker can withstand water up to 3 feet deep, even if you drop it in the shower. Also, you can connect your music listening options by using a TF card or a USB drive. The speaker is helping both of them.
You should have about 6 hours of listening time after charging the battery. Each time you trigger the speaker in the square form, it should be transparent and of quality. Measure the range, but the standard 33 feet should be obtained.

9.Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
You asked for coverage and Ultimate Ears offers a radius of 100 feet of wireless connectivity. Roll 2 can also fit up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices and can connect two sources at the same time. This speaker is installed in the shower for more than karaoke. It is highly durable, dust-resistant, shock-proof and has an IPX7 rating. The Roll 2, which features a bungee strap, can also be put on a backpack or even your belt loop if you are interested in taking it to the beach or by cycling.
The speakers also feature outstanding audio quality, providing a range from 108Hz to 20kHz and a maximum volume of 85 dB with the ability to connect for a better sound to an external Roll mic. The battery can last for a playtime of up to 9 hours, although this varies depending on volume and environmental conditions. Just be sure that the speaker has enough power before you leave the house, as it takes about five and a half hours to charge.

10.JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Teal

Best Shower Speakers 2020
A compact speaker in the shape of a cylinder packs a powerful punch and can hold its own against water. This speaker is waterproof and won’t die on you from accidental water exposure, in reality, the JBL Flip 4 can be fully submerged in water without any damage. A built-in rechargeable battery means you don’t need to mess around to get your music going with battery replacements, and it also lasts up to 12 hours at a time.
You’re very outstanding with Bluetooth connectivity, which includes some main features that make it much more fun to use than many of the others. You can connect two devices at once, and play music with friends in turns. Plus, this speaker can be connected to other JBL Flip 4’s to easily enhance the volume and coverage.

11.Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
This portable pyramid-shaped speaker immediately takes control of its appearance. This gadget is not only because it is a smart and black outdoor location. It is a multifunctional speaker, operating like a shower speaker as well as a portable speaker. You can easily take it from room to room or on excursions. This is the gadget you need if you want to listen to your favourite tracks while in the tub. This speaker is complete evidence of splattering. It is bigger than usual, so it also gives loud, booming sounds and good heights. You should sing to the soundtrack as the water runs.
If you have a lot to do with audio quality, then you should probably get the shower mic. Audio quality, which is designed for audiophiles, is rather superior. Controls are easy to use. It is built with a bass emphasis. Such speakers can also be used comfortably to entertain guests at pool parties. In addition to water-resistant, the speaker is dust and sand proof. You should take it on outdoor trips certainly. It connects in just a few seconds to any Bluetooth device. Surely this speaker is worth every penny you pay.

12.Meidong Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
You will not be able to look away when you look into this waterproof wireless speaker. It is built smartly for fitting elegant homes. The speaker has a rectangular shape and is well placed on desks, counters and even tubes. The sleek looks aren’t all this machine has. It costs less than a bottle of wine on the store, but it packs up 10 watts of power to produce clear, clean, and high-quality audio. With this speaker, you can fill a room using great sound. In the tub, without losing any note to the sound of the sea, you can even listen to soft jazz and gentle piano songs.
The speaker is fitted with dual high-performance drivers. Therefore, no audio signal will be lost anywhere. The bass booms dramatically despite the speaker’s compact size. Also, the speaker is very compact and you can take your jams out of the shower into another room without straining your back. It is waterproof but not submersible. The speaker functions like the Echo Dot with just about every smartphone, tablet or voice-controlled smart home computer. It also features a universal Bluetooth connection that works with any device. The Bluetooth A2DP is also more robust and links more easily. You’re not going to go wrong with this one.

13.HyperGear Water-Resistant Wireless HD Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
This water-resistant HyperGear HD speaker seems to push the boundaries of what budget shower speakers can do. At a fast-food joint, it would cost you as much as a family meal, but the features on offer are pretty stunning. For example, the circular style is pretty cool. It is available in several colours to suit user preferences and decoration in a bathroom. A soft-touch rubberized cover is connected to the speaker. The speaker will not stain by soap pads quickly. It is easy to use without worries in the bathroom, the pool or even in the kitchen.
The speaker has a good suction cup which can be easily connected to tile and similar bathroom material. You’re not going to have to find a table to bring it on. There are no wires and music can be played for 6 hours or more at full charge. Charging time is short so that when the battery draws it can be triggered very easily. It also has universal Bluetooth support, and this can be compatible with just about any Bluetooth device. If you want to move it from room to room, it’s also super portable. We do not assume that any other speaker offers better value.

14.Shower-Mate Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
This water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is made for showers only. The quality in your bathroom will be dramatically increased. You can listen to music in the shower; listen to the radio while brushing your teeth, or make calls in the bathroom while you are in. As advertised, it’s magnificently water-resistant. The speaker has a protective plastic casing which keeps out all the suds of moisture and soap. What is even better is the inside of the audio decoder chip. The decoder chip guarantees an audio quality. You should listen to repeated sounds as accurately as possible without any glitches or unwanted noise.
This Bluetooth speaker helps you to achieve the near-perfect sound. When you take calls in the shower it’s cool. You can hear voices correctly, thanks to the chip. For that reason, it has a built-in mic. The mic is almost as strong as the speaker and will be able to hear you well from the other side. The housing can also be rented in many different colours. Despite the super low price tag, we liked how well this speaker did work. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty so you’re not going wrong with this speaker on the tub.

15.AYL SoundFit Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Shower Speakers 2020
Jam out in the shower with this Bluetooth speaker in a revolutionary style. The wireless range of this lightweight, well constructed, is up to 33 feet wide. It links to any Bluetooth device where music can be heard. For 12 hours it can straight blast the song. And the time for the charge is also not bad. In less than three hours we managed to charge this speaker for full. It has 10 watts of audio, so the sounds you get are better than with most waterproof speakers, normally. For a price close to that of a cheap meal, you will have many features at once.
The quality of the building was also remarkable to us. It is waterproof and shockproof as well. Even if you accidentally drop it, the pieces won’t break easily. It is paired with Bluetooth 4.1 so that links are also faster and faster. You can hear it in your shower and hear the sound in a loud and clear way. The speaker can be used instead for outdoor activities such as cycling, boating, biking and camping. You can use it close to bodies of water like a swimming pool without thinking about sprinkling the gadget. It’s particularly rough and a joy to have.


Shower speakers transform your experience in the shower from ordinary to awesome. And they’ll certainly increase the frequency you sing within the shower too! Shower speakers can create a relaxing atmosphere too. Just imagine the hot shower you take with your favourite calming music before bed now!
All the above speakers will allow you to play your tunes in the shower but your decision to buy will probably be influenced by the different designs of each speaker.
These are the best Bluetooth shower speakers on the market. These are waterproof and have a strong built-in charging battery to listen to your favourite music for a long time. Also, you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled computer with the latest Bluetooth update. That’s why in 2020 pick our top 15 best Bluetooth shower speakers to support you.
A shower speaker is useful in a large number of settings, so it is better to be compact and robust. This makes it easy to use. Regardless, there are plenty of options available and the ones we mentioned above are among the most common in this category. Therefore, choosing one will not be difficult.