Top 15 Best Shooting Mats Buy IN 2021

You may not have a shooting mat in your gear list, but it is essential when you have to lie in a prone position and shoot. A shooting mat cuts down on the discomfort of lying on an uneven surface and enhances your stability to shoot manifold. It provides extra padding and anti-slip features, which guards you against bruises and scrapes caused by hard debris on the ground, enabling you to shoot from the most challenging positions. In addition to that, a shooting mat is made up of durable and slip-resistant materials that don’t wear out after being weathered a couple of times- be it rocks, sand, snow, or even mud. Here we discuss the top 15 shooting mats that can maximize your accuracy while shooting.

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NcSTAR VISM Roll Up Shooting

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

NcSTAR Roll Up Shooting Mat comes up with a 3″ of padding to obtain a suitable shooting position on the ground. It has elbow and knee slip-resistant features for better comfort. A durable handle and adjustable shoulder strap make this mat easy to carry. The shoulder strap keeps the firearm bipod in the right place so that the rifle does not move forward. This shooting mat is 69″ long and 35″ wide, carrying 19.50″ wide x 8.50″ height. Water and chemical-resistant PVC material can be used as padding under a sleeping bag or rolled-up pillow during camping. It is black and has cross-stitching to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

Vism by NcSTAR Shooting Mat Roll/Green

Best Shooting Mats 2021

NcSTAR Shooting Mat Roll/Green has a 35″ x 68″ padding to rest on comfortably. It also has an elbow and knee slip-resistant panel. It has a dimension of 18.13″ in length x 10.5″ in width. The top shoulder strap is sturdy enough for long-range shooting. This mat can be easily rolled up to carry from one location to another. The height of the mat is 8″, which makes it easy to use. It is made up of durable material for a longer lifespan. Reinforcement corners are also stitched well.

VOODOO TACTICAL Lightweight Roll-up  

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

VOODOO TACTICAL Lightweight Roll-up Shooting Mat has a compact design that is perfect for moving fast. It has a lower weight than 5 pounds so that it can be rolled up easily. Two layers of rug pack cloth are diagonally stitched, which can prevent fabric movement. It comes up with adjustable straps supported by quick-release buckles. This Unisex-adult shooting mat is made up of Nylon. Dimension : 59″ x 48″

Daxin Outdoor Tactical Shooting Mat

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

Daxin Outdoor Tactical Shooting Mat is made of 600D Nylon that makes it sturdy and durable. It has the dimension of 200cm x 75cm when opened, which is appropriate for shooting in a prone position. The bottom area is PU-coated and waterproof to keep the mat dry. It comes up with four grommet mounts, and it can be easily rolled up and tied to a backpack or riffle box to carry in different locations. The lightweight of the mat makes it comfortable to use.


Best Shooting Mats 2021

It is a Tactical Hunting Carrying Range Bag with Shooting Mat. This bag can carry three long guns, and the exterior pockets are suitable to keep bipods, shooting sticks etc. 600D polyester is used to make this mat which has a spill-resistant surface. It is also waterproof to keep the guns protected from rain and water. Reinforced backpack shoulder straps have made it perfect for heavy use. Drags straps and Carry handles are also useful to carry the bag easily.

VISM by NcSTAR  Rifle Case  Shooting  

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

NcSTAR Case Shooting Mat has the dimension of 66″ length x  35″ width when opened. Heavy-duty PVC material is used to design this mat that makes it sturdy and durable for regular use. It also has padded panels and heavy-duty zippers. This Unisex-adult mat can be carried easily because it has less weight. Elastic bands are used for each cartridge. 

US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting  

Best Shooting Mats 2021

US PeaceKeepers Tactical Shooting Mat is 7.5″ thick and has a dimension of 81.5″ x  36″ width. It has slip-resistant features for your elbows. The heavy-duty zippers can store different shooting accessories. It also has three sturdy and wide buckles so that this mat can be folded and carried easily. Besides water-resistant features, it also has a Ballistic cheat sheet window. With detachable shoulder straps and pads that lightweight mat is very comfortable to use.

Mobile Sniper Tactical Shooting Mat

Best Shooting Mats 2021

It is one of the best Tactical Shooting Mats available in the market that can be carried easily to remote areas. This mat is mainly built up with high-quality Nylon material that is durable enough for heavy use. Being made with compressible foam padding, this mat is lightweight. It has an extra-long 7-foot length so that you can fully lay down on the mat. There are four webbing loops on all four corners so that you can use this mat comfortably.

HQ ISSUE Tactical 2 Gun Case with Shooting 

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

This mat is completely safe to use because it is made up of a foam-cushioned casing that is surrounded by a nylon exterior. It has a padded inner sleeve used during the time of the shooting. Firearms and ammo can be carried easily with the support of flexible backpack straps. It can store two rifles, two handguns and six mags. Backpack straps and durable carry handles make it easy to carry the mat when needed. 

Brichwood Casey Cleaning Mat Long Gun  

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

Brichwood Casey Cleaning Mat Long Gun Cordura is appropriate for outdoor. It has a dimension of 19.5″ length x 4.5″ width x 3″ height. This is one of the best shooting mat accessible in the market at an affordable price. Premium quality materials are used to make this mat that ensures long life. Different cleaning accessories are available with this mat. It is resistant to oils and debris and protects elbow and knee from slipping.

Galati Gear Elite 55″ Shooters Mat

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

Galati Gear Elite 55″ Shooters Mat can be used as a carry case and backpack as well. It is 55″ in length and 3.5″ in width. An adjustable strap helps to keep the firearms in the right place and prevents any fabric movements. 3″ padded ribs allow it to carry extra weight apart from the firearms. This mat is designed with YKK dual slider zippers, and the pouch can eliminate all the unnecessary noise. There are two drag loops present outside of the case. It also has a removable cummerbund that ties that mat around your waist while carrying.

One Tigris Non-Padded Shooting Mat SD03

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

This is one of the best quality shooting mats available in the market that comes within your budget. It is made from 1000D Nylon, ensuring the highest durability and longevity. The carry handles and quick release buckles help you to carry this mat effortlessly. Stake-down hole with double stitched edges makes this mat use-friendly. This mat has a waterproof PU-coated bottom that keeps it dry from damp and snowy ground. This mat can be rolled up quickly and clamped easily while camping.


 Best Shooting Mats 2021

It is one of the top-most Gun Cleaning Mat provided by EDOG. This mat comes with a slip-resistant feature so that you can place your elbows and knees comfortably for a prone shooting position. The padded surface can also protect the firearms from the shock of accidental drops. This mat is also resistant to oil and can be cleaned with hands easily. It is quite spacious and lightweight. This mat is designed in the right way so that it can be rolled up quickly when needed.

Lyman Essential Heavy Duty Gun Cleaning,  

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

This mat is made up of top quality material ensuring the highest durability and longevity. It has the non-slip facility to rest on comfortably. A synthetic and chemical resistant runner is used in this to make it user-friendly. The measurement of this mat is 10″ x 36″. Also, it can protect your firearms properly. It has separate storage compartments where you can store your shooting accessories securely.

Rogue River Tactical Second Amendment  

 Best Shooting Mats 2021

This mat is built up with a standard quality gun cleaning pad that can be an excellent gift to any military veteran. This mat has an optimized dimension of 16″ x 10″. It is designed with waterproof material to keep the guns dry from water. It can also be rolled up easily. The on slip backing helps to protect the work surface. Also, the soft top is perfect for protecting firearms from scratches. The non-slip facility of this mat makes sure that the guns are kept in place properly.


In this article, we have tried to cover the top-most shooting mats that you can get in the market easily. All of these shooting mats come with the highest quality and features but in a competitive price range.