The amination world has been taking over the children from the very beginning and has also evolved ever since. Consisting of both 2D and 3D figure animation is being liked by children as well as adults. Animations are used both in films and games and are also quite attractive. Many characters and figure are represented in the form of manipulated moving image techniques like faster real-time rendering are used in order to provide the audience with the best possible results. Developed by WayForward Shantae and the seven is a platform game and is the fifth edition of the Shantae game series. The games were released on different platforms on different months, i.e. on September 2019 it was released for IOS similarly in October 2019 it was released for macOS and for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 will be released on May 28 2021. 

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All Shantae Games in Order 2020

Returning to the style of the first three ingresses in the series, the game is followed by the half-genie Shantae while an analogous world is scrutinized by her. Shantae comes across towns with non-player characters to connect with during her journey. She also confronts dungeon style convolutions encompassing new skills to unlock and to defeat bosses. The ability preserved by Shantae known as ‘fusion magic’ allows her to mutate imperatively and use a creature’s abilities without selecting it like that in the past games. Dancing lets her execute additional special skills. Players can obtain monster cards and utilize them to squabble Shantae’s abilities through a new collectable cards system. 

The player is awarded bonus artwork after the story based on their eventual time and completion percentage, like other games in the series. This unlocks a new game plus mode giving Shantae all her transfiguration from the very beginning of the games, which in order facilitates speed runs. As Shantae and her friends go to attend the Half-Genie festival on a tropical island, they see the other half-genies disappearing mysteriously as they were witnessing a performance. As a sunken city lies beneath the island, Shantae must find the half-genies and the reason for their disappearance. Along she comes across the ‘Seven Sirens’, who were the mysterious rulers of the island along with the evil lady pirate Risky Boots. 


All Shantae Games in Order 2020

As Apple announces its new apple arcade service in the year 2019, WayForward on march 05,2019 also revealed a game under the title SHANTAE 5 which was then confirmed in august will also be released on many platforms including the new apple arcade service. Along with animated even scenes and 2D artwork, designed for 4K resolution devices, the sequence in the opening was animated by Trigger, and the voice-over was given by Cristina Vee. The game was released in 2 parts, i.e. part 1 was for IOS on September 19, 2019, for apple arcade it was released on October 7, and for PC versions it was scheduled to be released on May 28, 2020. The 2nd part of the game and the updates for the game was scheduled to be released on March 28, 2021.  

3.SHANTAE [2002]

All Shantae Games in Order 2020

Released for the Game Boy Color in 2002 SHANTAE was the first game of the series created by WayForward technologies. Although the game had a really positive response but was poorly sold due to the release of in part with the Game Boy Advance, it was considered one of the best games at was released for the Games Boy Color. The series is set across a sequin land which is being travelled by Shantae in order to prevent sovereignty of the evil pirate lady. As she travels around the sequin land, she starts learning many new things and activities that eventually make her stronger that would help her in facing the evil lady pirate Risky Boots on her adventure. 


All Shantae Games in Order 2020

Released for the Nintendo DSi through DSiWare service in 2010 this was the second game in the series. After released it through DSiWare service, it was the later turned into IOS in 2011 with a new feature of “Magic Mode”. Seeing great response for the game they again decided to release a version for the Microsoft Windows and play station four on June 15, 2015, and March 24, 2016, respectively. As the Relics Hunter Expo was held Shantae and her friends with her uncle went and watched him revel his newest finding. 

It was a stone which was encased by an ordinary-looking lamp. As Shantae and her friends watched and wondered what the purpose of the lamp, it was the evil pirate that stole the lamp and went away. Shantae fights with the evil pirate lady but gets defeated that makes it easier for the lady to escape. Shantae was haired as the guardian genie for the town, after this incident, she was blamed for the disturbances that were created in the town and were also fired from the post of the guardian angel by mayor scuttlebutt. Taking all the responsibilities on her self, Shantae decided to fight the evil pirate lady all by herself and by using her magical powers Shantae was successful in defeating the evil pirate lady and was again hired as the guardian genie for the town. 


All Shantae Games in Order 2020

 Released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U this was the third game for the series. On October 23, 2014, it was released in North America on the 3DS eShop, on December 25, 2014, on the Wii U and on February 5, 2014, in PAL region. Shantae and the pirate’s curse, just like its antecedent, casts players in the guise of Shantae the half-genie, who can use her hair to attack enemies. Shantae make use of various pirate items after loosing her genie powers in the previous game which is obtained by the player during the course of the game. 

There are many pirate items such as pistol which can be used to shoot enemies and which switches from a very far distance, a scimitar which has the ability to fracture blocks by a downward lunge, a hat to ride on outburst of wind and which can also be used glissade through air. It also has a cannon which performs additional jumps in mid-air and boots which let Shantae perform a smashing dash that can break through certain walls. Use of numerous items can be done by the players, such as running pike balls or options relating health restore. These items also help in the upgradation of Shantae’s hair intrusion and pirate components. 

These items can be purchased by breaking the breakable objects like gems obtained from the enemies. Shantae can use a genie lamp to devour nearby gems in replacement of transformation dances. She can also carry dark magic and many other gaseous objects such as smells. The world of pirate’s cruse is spread across multiple islands, unlike those in the world of its predecessors which were fully interconnected. 

Shantae can travel to multiple islands via Risky Boot’s pirate ship. Shantae needs to gain access to a den of evil to find one of the pirate items to move to each island, and she also has to vanquish a boss to gain access to the map on to next island. In order to progress in the game, such as finding an item on one island and fetching it to someone on another island, players have to fulfil certain quests. The player must defeat twenty curses cacklebats hidden across various islands in order to extract the dark magic from them and to give the game the best ending. Players can collect and exchange up to thirty-two heart squids in order to maximize the health of Shantae. 


All Shantae Games in Order 2020

Developed for the Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station Vita, Wii U, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this was the fourth game in the series. Funded by Kickstarter the games were loved by many people and just like the previous series of the games the player takes control over Shantae,who wipes her hair and attacks the enemies. Unlike the previous games of the series where the map can fully be explored this one was mot the same rather it was divided into several action stages which can be played many times in order to obtain certain powers and features. When u complete the game “Hero Mode” gets activated in which Shantae gets transformed for facilitating speedruns. The “Hardcore mode” brings up more difficult enemies; this mode can be accessed through a free update. Bonus artworks are provided to a player on the basis of his/her final time and the completion percentage. 

Shantae and another playable character of the series have also made appearances on the apple watch game, i.e. watch quest. Also featured as a playable character Shantae was characterized in the crowdfunded game INVISIBLE by Lab Zero Games. A guest appearance was also made by Shantae in Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and was downloaded as a special character. The evil pirate lady the risky boots have also appeared as an ultimate spirit in Super Smash Bros.