How To Send a Gift Message On Instagram 2023

Hello brothers and their sisters! Welcome to Techigem.

Shyami baba is here to gift you something special today. It is a special day for him because he took a bath today after a short time of 10 days. How Good He is! Isn’t he?

So, readers gifting is another way of expressing your love and emotion for that person you are gifting. Your love life is incomplete without gifting things to your better half. And sometimes, because of not gifting; she may be the better half of another calf.

Conclusively, We can say that the feeling of emotion wrapped in beautiful paper or cover and excitement to know; what is inside gives our loved ones and our beautiful memories.

Keeping this in mind, Instagram launched something unique and different feature of Gift Messaging. With the help of this feature, You will be able to gift wrap or decorate your message, and neither you nor that second person will be able to see that message without tapping on it.

In today’s article, I am going to teach you step by step, How to send a gift message on Instagram in 2023.

Let’s Start…

Step 1- Log in to Instagram and Go to the chat box where you want to send a gift message.

Step 2- Type the message. You will see a search icon purple in color on the left side of your message while typing.


Step 3- tap on the search icon. You will get to see some decorative gift options above the search bar.

Step 4- Now select the gift wrap according to you. Your message will be automatically sent.

Step 5- Now, tap on the gift box; you and the receiver will see the message hidden in the box now.

So, friends, I have told you how to send a gift message on Instagram. You should try this feature if you are in a relationship. It can work for you to make your angry girlfriend or boyfriend happy. But This feature can not work in the long term. Also, if you are “The Great Single,” it will work well for you.

You wish them a happy day with the gift message.

Until then, I am also going on Instagram to send some gifts from Celebrating Awesome to send one gift each to Eena, Meena, and Deeka. May, this time I can remain double from single.

Tata, Bye-Bye, Khatamm, Gaya…See you in the next article.