Hey selfie lover’s here is the  best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iphone 2019 for you.
We all love taking pictures every now and then and we love to create memories too. These pictures that we capture are really precious and important. The normal camera has few effects on them but these selfie camera apps give you enough effects and filters to make the pictures look the best. Here are some of the best apps for
Android and iOS users.
best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

1.Sweet Selfie – selfie cam, beauty cam, photo edit android / iPhone
best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018
Sweet selfie is the best app you can ever download on your mobile to get the best selfie. This app is really good and has recently added a feature of animal stickers and Christmas stickers and has also added the make-up option in this app. You can also blur your image and add a retro theme to it. It has various filters and effects to make your photograph look outstanding. The smooth functioning of this app will make you use it more and more and you just won’t stop using it. Best fits Android devices.
2.BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera android / Iphone
best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018
Everybody wants to look beautiful and pretty and as the name of the app hints us, this app is made for you to have the picture-perfect photograph. You can edit and retouch your skin and adjust accordingly. Beauty plus has the features like editing the eyes and removing the dark circle, adding a tint of blush-on, creating a perfect curve for your smile etc. it also includes photo timer and captures the photo with the correct amount of light. It has the best features ever. Android Friendly.
3.YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor android / iphone
best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018
The moment you begin to use it you will fall in love with this excellent app. YouCam has the features for making your photo and even capturing your photo with perfect professionalism. It has the feature of body and face reshaping. It also includes collages, frames and 100+ filters for making your photo look the best. The amazing feature of defocusing the background will leave you astonished. YouCam is simple to use and easy to understand. Android users are lucky enough to have this app free on play store.
4.B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera android / iPhone
best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

You want to make your photo look the best and unique then download this app and click selfies from it. It has various and hundreds of features for making your picture look best and it clicks photos better than the normal camera. It is updated with the boomerang option and face re-shaping feature. It also has cute stickers for you to apply. You will love this B612 app which has been everybody’s favourite for so many years. It supports augmented reality emoji as well. It has a smooth and good functioning and is very easy to use. Videos too can be made from this app. Android users go ahead and download this amazing app now.

5.Retrica android / iphone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

This app is not only for clicking pictures but also to make friends and follow. Yes, it is a social community where you can chat and make new friends. Apart from this, it has the option of creating your own filters. 100+ unique filters and effects are waiting for you to get explored for making your photographs beautiful and cool. You can make videos too. Apart from all this, it includes a doodle option, stickers, and GIFs. Android friendly app.

6.Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor android / iphone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

Stickers make the photo look attractive and this app has many stickers for you to be applied. Beauty feature is there for you to make your face glow and look gorgeous, spot free. Apply mascara, lipstick, blush, liner, etc., on your face with the help of this app. It even has the mode of the silent camera where you can silently click pictures without disturbing anyone. Candy camera allows you to create a collage out of your favourite pictures. Filters and effects provided to you Android users download this free app now.

7.Selfie Camera HD android / iphone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

Add text to your picture, make collages, crop and rotate to any angle you want and stickers to your picture with the help of this app as it has over 5000 of them. Just won’t regret downloading and using selfie camera as it has the best features and filters available for you to make you look the best in pictures. The quality of this app is really good. Best fits Android users.

8.Selfie camera expert android / IPhone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

It has bilateral filters for you which is a new feature. Edit your photos by making the best use of this app. it will click realistic photos and with a self-timer option too. You won’t get any trouble in understanding it. You can apply various filters on live camera or can even select randomly too. Make the photo memorable by adding a frame to it and text too. The option for applying sticker is too available. This app is good for iOS users.

9.Camera360- Selfie Sticker Cam android / iphone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

It not only has 3D stickers but also stickers which an in motion. You can make short videos and edit your photos in which you can re-shape anything odd which you find. It also has the feature to beautify your picture and many filters like mirror effect, b/w, sketch, HDR. Best compatible with iOS.

10.Selfie Camera Effects-Photo Editor android / iphone

best Selfie Camera Apps  Android/iOS 2018

The selfie camera has the features for making your pictures look adorable and smart. If you are bored with using your phone camera which has fewer filters in it then this is the perfect app for you to download on your devices. Manually adjust the brightness and saturation and hue of the photo clicked. Best fits iOS.


The best selfie camera apps android /iphone 2019 help you in clicking the best pictures and not making you regret about them. They are easy to use and the working is smooth. These apps have many filters to beautify your photos and make them look stunning. If you found the information good enough then do not forget to comment and share. Thanks!

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