While dealing with any computer system, not only its working but also its safety plays a major role in determining its performance. This is because of the fact that even if a system works very well but gets affected even by a small threat then it is not that useful, as the user cannot trust the system in that case. There are a number of products available to provide security to the system and its data, but important as well as difficult is to select the best one out of them. Let us discuss few ways to secure our system against threats!

5 Effective ways to secure Windows 10 system

  • Locking device with password: There are many software in your system that ask for login credentials in order to verify whether the user is authorized to login or not. Remember to avoid using the same passwords for different software as this makes it easier for the hackers to crack the security codes and steal your personal data.

Also, you can use a password manager to save multiple passwords if you find it difficult to remember them. You can link your password with your contact number or email so that even if someone tries to log in to your account using a different device then he would need an OTP (One Time Password), that is sent to you via email or SMS. This is known as two step verification.

In order to make the system strictly secure, fingerprints or retina scans can be used as passwords. Some physical locks are also available in the market, that fit into the device so that any unauthorized user could not access it.

  • Installing Anti Spyware software: Spywares are one of the most dangerous threats for any system as they not only adversely affect a computer but also steal their private data and share it with third party. This stolen data could be highly confidential like bank details, login credentials, etc. Spywares are of different types like Trojans, keyloggers, and other dangerous threats.

There are a number of software available for removing as well as preventing spywares. Some of those available software programs offer free services while others are paid. For example, you can get Bitdefender at best price which is economical as well as effective solution.

  • Taking software and security updates seriously: System and software should be updated regularly, as it can help in avoiding system threats. This is because of the fact that the updates not only offer additional features but also improve system security. The developers try to find out bugs and different ways of breaking the system that could be used by hackers, and finally introduce ways to avoid such attacks via updates. You will be notified whenever an update is available for your software or system. You can either update your device right away or schedule to update it later.

Whenever you receive a notification regarding update, just check the latest version available from the software officially. Then match it to the offered update version because at times these update notifications are sent by hackers to access your confidential data. If you find the search results relatable then update using the notification link.

  • Using a firewall: A firewall is used as a wall between your system and the internet. It blocks the communication ports to avoid connection with your system. This is how it helps in stopping malwares to enter your system. If your system’s communication ports are not closed then any infected data could enter your system and spread the infection in your complete system. This can lead to serious issues, especially if your system process any malicious data coming from a hacker.

Some operating systems offer built-in firewall, and for others you can install a firewall externally. Even if your system has one you can still install an additional firewall for strongly protecting your device. Different firewalls may offer different additional services. Based on the services being offered, some of the firewalls are free and rest are paid.

  • Managing browser settings: You can manage your browser settings in order to manage your system security while browsing. It can help in preventing malicious attacks and keeping the system safe. There are few browsers that inform its users about the websites that are not safe to access and ask them to block cookies for such websites. You should be aware of the additional options offered by your browser and turn them ON whenever required. It does not take much of your time to take these actions, and also it can assure better security. It is important to choose your browser wisely to avoid system security issues.

Also, it is important to update your browser regularly as it not only introduces new features to the browser but also improves its protection against threats.