How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account In 2023

The growing popularity of Instagram has got more and more people joining this social media platform. It allows you to share all the significant events of your life and even gain knowledge about the likes and interests of your favorite celebrities. But the whole thing becomes a bit tasking for public figures who have to manage the comments, direct messages and mentions of all their followers. Well, you can appoint a PR team to get it all done for you. Alternatively, you can create multiple Instagram accounts for levying special attention on separate sections of your followers. Today we are going to discuss about the reasons behind creation of multiple Instagram accounts and means of doing the same.

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Why Multiple Instagram Accounts Are Created

  • Having two separate accounts can help you distinguish between your personal and professional life. This becomes all the more important for public figures who might not wish to share their most personal moments outside of their closest friend circle. The account holders of business related profiles might also have a personal account for sharing the latest cupcake they have baked or maybe even their weekend fishing pictures. This might not be something they would wish to share with the public at large and that is why holding two separate Instagram accounts can help you out to a great extent.
  • Instagram influencers gain followers based on a specific set of hobbies and likings they showcase in their feed. Suppose a beauty blogger starts entertaining followers with pictures and recipes of innovative dishes. The whole thing might get a bit confusing especially for ladies who are not interested in knowing about the kitchen stories. Having separate profiles for catering to each set of hobby can serve as a life saver in such a scenario.
  • Having a separate work account can help collate all the analytical data in one place which in turn can enhance your customer base. It also becomes possible to sponsor promoted advertisements which is otherwise not possible with a personal account.

Creating Second Instagram Account

Creating the second Instagram account is not much different from the first one. Users can operate 5 separate Instagram accounts from one device and toggle between them without having to log out and simultaneously log in. This feature has been made available to users since version 7.15 in both Android and iOS platform. For this, you will simply have to follow the steps laid down below:

  • You will primarily have to launch the application and navigate to your ‘Profile’ page.
  • Now you need to click on the three horizontal lines sign appearing at the top right corner of the screen.

How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account 2022

  • A dropdown list will now appear and you will have to click the Settings button appearing at the bottom right of the page.

How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account 2022

  • This opens up the Settings dialogue box and you need to navigate to the bottom of the page for selecting the ‘Add Account’ option.

How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account 2022

  • Now you need to fill in your desired username and password before clicking the ‘Log In’ button. You can also provide your email address or phone number in the place of username.

How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account In 2022 How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account In 2022

  • If Facebook is installed in your device, then it will provide you with the option of ‘Log in as – your name.’ Herein you can use your Facebook credentials if the same has not already been taken up while creating your Instagram profile. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Don’t’ have an account? Sign up.’

Switching Between Accounts

Users often worry about getting locked out of their old profile and loosing precious pictures and videos while trying to juggle with multiple accounts. But in reality, the whole process is very simple. While using Instagram on your desktop, you will have to sign out from one account before signing in using the other. However, this is not the case with an intuitive smartphone app which can retain the credentials and uploaded data of all your profiles seamlessly. You can switch between profiles by simply following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you will have to launch Instagram on your smartphone and navigate to its profile section.

How to setep multiple instagram accounts 2022How to setep multiple instagram accounts 2022

  • Next, you need to click on the down arrow appearing next to your username.
  • This will provide you with a list of all the synchronised accounts and you simply will have to choose the one you wish to switch to.

Final Words

Users can be logged on to just a single Instagram account at once although the login information of multiple accounts can be stored by your device. We hope you found our tutorial helpful. So, try adding multiple accounts today for enhancing your social engagement meter and catering to newer bunch of audiences.