27 Best Scary Roblox Games Latest 2022

Hello Friends!

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You know what, What I miss most when I am away from you?

It is “you”.

Yes! I like your company. When You all are in my touch, I feel not alone. Because loneliness is the thing that scared me in my childhood most. When I was a child, I used to watch some horror movies or horror serials. And after that, I always felt that someone was hidden in my home. Or he is under my bed. When all go to sleep, He will come out and scare me. I used to be a timid child and started believing in ghosts.

I believe it was a part of everyone’s childhood.

I told my friend about this story, but Bholu laughed and said, “You were a coward. I was the most fearless boy in My town. You know what, I am a badass!”

In short, he wanted to show himself off in front of Pinky.

But he made me angry. Then I decided to check his fearlessness in front of Pinky and gave him the challenge of playing a game named “hidden secrets” in the dark.

He first thought It would be a “search and solve” game, But when He started the game, His face turned yellow. And within some minutes, we all heard his screams. We checked if he is still a badass or not. We found that he went to the toilet with a torch and a Holy book in his hand.

We could listen when he was chanting the holy mantras loudly.

We all started laughing, and then we decided to play that horror game together to spend time with each other.

It was really a thrilling experience for all of us that reminded us of our childhood.

So, friends, you must have got an idea of the topic I am going to discuss today. And yes, You are right!

We will discuss the 27 most scary Roblox games to play. Most readers already know what scary or horror games are. But if you do not know what Roblox games are. Read this.

Roblox games- Roblox is a multiplayer online platform where you and your friends can go into a 3 dimension world of your fantasy and play games. Players can customize their avatars and make their fantasies true through it.

Scary Roblox is a small part of all Roblox games, including scary games.

So without wasting more time, Let us start our list of the 27 most scary Roblox games (2022).

Finders Keepers

Best Scary Roblox Game

Finders Keepers is a thrilling game that can give you goosebumps when playing. In this game, You will play the role of an investigator, But not a typical investigator asking Q and A to the suspect. You will be an investigator in the paranormal world. Your task is to inspect a house where strange events happen, and the family living in that house suddenly disappears. You will have to find where the family went by solving the clues available in the house. You will have to search the house’s dark rooms and collect some disks that will give hints.

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Stop it, Slender!

Best Scary Roblox Game

This scary Roblox game is based on a famous urban legend. The game focused on a dangerous Slender man. The game will challenge its citizens (players) to find eight scattered pages. And these pages are scattered around the area. Beware! You never feel alone there. There is always a slender man after you. And you can be preyed on at any time. The atmosphere outside there is horrendous. In addition, the flashlight that flickers from time to time makes the environment more complex. The game will give you terrifying feelings. You will have to find all 8 scattered pages so that you can find a way to escape from the scary area.

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Murder Mystery 2

Best Scary Roblox Game

The Murder mystery is, although thrilling murder mystery, yet scary. The game is multiplayer, and the people who love being troubled in a terrorist town will love the game. The game will divide all its players into three teams. One will be Innocents, the Second will be Sheriff, and the third will be “”the Murderers””. The game will create a tangled story with a scary map for all three teams. The first group of “”innocents”” need to run and hide from the third group “” the murderers””. The twist is that no one knows who the murderer is. To find out about the murderers, Innocents need to take help from “”the Sheriff””. Sheriffs are the only group with weapons. The game is one of its kind. But we can say that the game is really great.

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Happy Oofday!

Best Scary Roblox Game

Happy Oofday! Is a recreation of its first version, which was released in 2018. The first version scared the Roblox community and made itself memorable for everyone. The new version is a single-player game that is divided into different chapters. The first released chapter is based on a mysterious birthday party. The story will start with getting an invitation from your friends to an abandoned yellow house to celebrate your birthday. But No one knows that the house is haunted. The house is haunted by an Oof, a yellow-looking malicious spirit. The unique thing in the game is “”its multiple endings””. Each end can lead you anywhere. Sometimes, players will find it funny, but the next Second, it is scary for them. Try it for different feelings!

The Asylum

Best Scary Roblox Game

Eagle Studios developed this scary Roblox game. The Eagle Studios is an independent company that specializes in horror games. The whole game is also divided into two chapters. The first chapter will make you an explorer, and your target will be seeking asylum. But in The Second chapter, You will see mysterious buildings. The players will roam around the area and solve the mystery. After searching the asylum in chapter one, You will fear more in chapter two as the mystery will start entangling. The environment, music and lightning will make you more fearful.


Best Scary Roblox Game

Ghost Hunting! If you like the term, this game is for you. Blair is a Phasmophobia, and it inspired you and your friends to hunt ghosts. The game is a kind of thrilling game that can be played with up to four members. You and your friends will explore the different maps. You will have to identify 12 different kinds of ghosts and 6 different kinds of evidence. On the one side, You will find some good ghosts like Casper, but on the other, there will be more fierce and flawed. The game is Mobile and Console friendly, and Every device friendly. This game features very Highly detailed maps, and it may make the players very scared. The updates are persistent, and It upgrades the game every time.


Best Scary Roblox Game

Judy is a very intense game that is based on the mysterious disappearance of a Hollywood star “”Judy””. The game is developed by Phantom Archive. The game is divided into three chapters, and each chapter has a different task with a different story. In chapter one, you and your friends will investigate an old theme park built in the 70s. The Park was abandoned after the’ 70s’70s. You will need to discover the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of Judy. In the next chapter, You and your friends will investigate the old theme park. And you will lead to the Jady Manor. The manors are the door to open the world of dark history and involvement in cases of paranormal activities. At last, you find your goal to save Judy from evil.

Midnight Horrors

Best Scary Roblox Game

Captain Spinxs developed the game. This is a one-stop solution to your query if you want to get a single answer instead of reading our whole list. Here you will face monsters this time. Not only one or two, Here, but more than 450 monsters will welcome you. These monsters will not let you go anywhere else. You can say this game is a blend of many other horror games. As you will find the scary aliens and the slender man in the woods. All kind of terror is there in the game. Yet, if you are not satisfied with the number of monsters, you will have options to explore different and unique maps to encounter the various monsters. The demons, the creepy creatures, and the aliens are scary, but the environment that gives you a feeling of heart attack is more frightening. To win the game, you will have to defeat both. If you are searching for true horrors, the game is your destination.

The darkness beyond

Best Scary Roblox Game

Dread Development developed the game. Until now, you read about those games where the enemies are terrifying, looking to scare the players. But this game is a little different in that way. The main scary thing in the game is “”The darkness””. You do not know what was after you in the darkness. The game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode. The main task of you and your friends is to prevent the scary creature of night from entering your house. There are things to help you in the place including cameras etc. You need to check the door, window, and camera to stop them from entering. If you fail to do so, You will end up becoming the prey of this darkness.

Piggy [Breakout Chapter]

Best Scary Roblox Game

MiniToon developed the game. If you want to be confused with getting horror. The game is for you. Here you need to solve a number of puzzles in order to escape from the piggy. All the puzzles will help you to solve a mystery surrounding the piggy. Piggy has a user base of more than 9.1 billion users. It is one of the most played and most searched games ever. Because of its higher demand, its developers regularly update and upgrade it. But this is not the start or end of the story. The whole game series is divided into different books and chapters. This one is a part of book 2, chapter 11. You can always check out the latest and updated part of this game.

Three nightmares

Best Scary Roblox Game

Official bulderme developed the game. As the name hints, the game has three different horror stories; every story is in other locations, and all the stories make you find some objects. Your main challenge has only one light source in every place: your torch. Each location is the home of monsters lurking in the dark, only for you to step into their reach. The game is a good combination of creepy noise, a place familiar to you, and unexpected events. In short, It is sufficient to give you nightmares.

Breaking Point

Best Scary Roblox Game

Paradox developed the game. This is the game which was banned due to being too scary. But now it is unbanned, and this time it is more frightening and thrilling. The game is a multiplayer game. The game’s theme is a murder mystery. All the players have one task: “”to eliminate everyone else””. And to do so, All the players sit around a single table to commence the game. To eliminate everyone else, they need to take turns using their weapons. The second mode of this game allows its players to find the murderer. While one of the players is a murderer. It is for you if you are looking for the best scary multiplayer game to play with your friends.

Insane Elevator!

Best Scary Roblox Game

Digital Destruction developed the game. The game is suitable for all ages. In this game, players get in an elevator to win various rewards. But what do you find?

You are not alone; there are many movie killers in the game, including sired head, even the Rake, Pennywise the clown, etc. As the elevator goes up, the level increases, and so does the level of your horror. You need to finish the challenge and cross multiple levels. The game is multiplayer, so you can also play it with your friends.

SCP: Roleplay

Best Scary Roblox Game

The game is unique in itself as it is not that makes its players investigate and escape. Instead, the game has an exciting plot and to make it more interesting, it has roleplay elements. As part of the SCP world, the government funds the SCP foundation. It is A foundation that protects the world from various creatures anomalous to the world. The players get so many options for roleplaying in the game. You can play the role of Class-D, which are the prisoners of the world. You can become a Scientist, security guard and many other characters in the game. It depends upon your wish; what you want to become. You need to know the rules of the game before you start playing.

The asylum

Best Scary Roblox Game

Eagle Studios developed the game. The game is divided into multiple chapters. The game is like some other games, where you are trapped in an abandoned horrific area to solve a mystery. The game is full of horror and developed by a company prominent in creating horror games.

Also, each chapter has different goals and different strategies. In chapter one, you would explore the area and find some secrets or objects. In chapter two, You find another scary compound beside the asylum and then it starts the game of fear!

Bear (Alpha)

Best Scary Roblox Game

The game is another one of the scariest games. You need to maintain good teamwork in order to win. The game lets up to 10 players play and survive. The Roblox game puts all 10 players on a map, common to all. Among all ten players, a bear is hidden, tasked with hunting and eliminating everyone. But the other players can save themselves with access to multiple weapons. These weapons will help them to fight against the bear. As a player (who is not a bear), you need not only to save yourself, but you need to protect your teammates from the bear.

The theme of the game is good, and it is suitable for all ages and best for friends. Group.

The Rake Remastered

Best Scary Roblox Game

This horror game is inspired by a creepypasta character of the same name. The game is liked and played massively by people. It puts you on a shared map with the Rake, a creepypasta grey in colour and not friendly to you. You need to survive against the Rake while maintaining your sanity. You will have to explore different locations on the map that are spread across different modes. REMEMBER! The Rake is so clever, and it lurks through the forests in the dark. It will hunt and slay you whenever you go there without being aware. Your main challenge is to survive at night.

The Haunted imperial hotel

Best Scary Roblox Game

WANNA STAY IN A HOTEL! You will not wish to play this game.

The game goes on the path of a story of an abandoned hotel. People have forgotten about this hotel for years. Some people say that the hotel was once the site of many evil rituals. On the other hand, some people think that there is a gateway to hell below the hotel. This hotel was closed on Halloween 2009’s2009’s Halloween. The mysterious shift of the earth caused many buildings to collapse. Many people died, and some people, like reporters, saved themselves with a narrow escape. This Roblox game will give you a chance to explore this demonic hotel, and you need to solve some unexplained mysteries. Don’tDon’t feel shy to call your friends, If you feel alone. The game is single-player as well as Multiplayer.

Survive the killer

Best Scary Roblox Game

Slyce Entertainment developed the game. Those players who have already played some games like Friday the 13th already know about this game. The game will give you choices to become either survivor or a killer. If you choose to become a survivor, you need to run and hide from the killer and finally escape. The killer will be among your friends. You can either hide alone or do teamwork to escape the killer’s reach.

If you are a killer, you need to eliminate everyone before they can escape or the time runs out. The game takes you to the next level of horror and adventure.

Geisha [chapter II]

Best Scary Roblox Game

BD studios developed the game. The game is based on the urban legends TEKE- TAKE. Geisha will get this urban legend right in childhood when you hear about this legend. But I believe the tale was not as scary as the game is. When you return, you find that your family is not anywhere. You try, you see, but it makes you more perplexed. While searching for them, you feel there is someone in the dark having his eyes on you. When you try to check, you find nothing. The players must investigate the silent house and find clues to help them. The game is mysterious and horror and gives you goosebumps for some time.

Dead Silence

Best Scary Roblox Game

And here it is, the scariest game! Yes, I would suggest children not to play it. The game has been considered among the most frightening for a long time. It is not just a game; instead, it is a breathtaking experience you will never forget. Dead silence is based on a horror movie of the same name. Here you play as an Investigator. Your task is to investigate the sudden disappearance of Mary Shaw. Mary show was considered a murdered ventriloquist who hunts down the locals. Every element of the game is packed with goosebumps that can make you wary every time. The lighting effect, sounds and animations make the game scarier.

The Mirror

Best Scary Roblox Game

Mirrors! Are they any gateway to enter into a paranormal world? Isn’tIsn’t it scary? And so, the mirrors attract the evils most. The game is based on the exact phenomenon of mirrors. The underground area is full of mirrors. The players must navigate through the place and find the mirrors. But it is not so simple. These mirrors are devilish and are able to hide. The game will give you the option to play with your friends or to play alone. I would suggest you play it alone to enjoy the game the most.

Zombie Attack

Best Scary Roblox Game

Zombie attack officials developed the game. Our list can not be completed without a horror game of Zombies. And so, we included this game in our list. Zombie attack is a wave-based Zombie shooting Roblox game. Here you will get a chance to play with your friends. The players are the survivors in the world. You need to fight with the zombies while accessing new weapons and lethal combat. But as long as you progress in the game, you will face new zombies unlocked on each level. You need to take down zombies to unlock more rewards and weapons for you.

The Maze

Best Scary Roblox Game

Before starting to play the game, the players are warned about the loud noise and flashing lights that can amplify their fear. You can feel claustrophobic. It is advised not to play this game for the first time, especially if you are a child. In the game, the player will have a flashlight with a limited battery and a camera to help him/her. But you can play the game with up to 12 players if you feel alone or tremble with fear. The unlimited puzzle in the game results in you facing an unknown scary creature.

The Mimic

Best Scary Roblox Game

Among one of the scariest games, the Mimic allows you to either play alone or play with your friends. We can describe the game as a horror adventure divided into different chapters. Each chapter has a unique story based on Japanese history and urban legends. There are four different books with various different chapters. Each chapter will take players to a different world full of scary things and environments. Try it if you want to try something scarier.

Alone in a dark house

Best Scary Roblox Game

The game is the winner of the Bloxy award 2020. It advises its users not to play if they have photosensitive epilepsy. As the Visuals and sounds are fierce. The game combines story elements. In the game, you will become the private investigator who travels to a small town in order to investigate a brutal vehicle murder. The investigation leads you to a big house with a mystery. The house looks empty, but dark secrets are hidden behind the walls. To find the clues to solve secrets, you need to solve a variety of puzzles.

Void [Horror]

Best Scary Roblox Game

404 production developed the game. The game is among the best for playing with your friends. The theme of the game is based on a story. In the game, You fall asleep, and after waking up, you find yourself in a warped world. A world that has crossed the line of life and death. Even if you do not know whether you have died or are alive. The different reality introduced you to different types of creatures. You venture out into the world to separate reality from the illusion to find answers.

So, friends, these were the best Scary Roblox games. You must play either alone or with your friends. My friends did great teamwork and saved each other from the devil. Although Bholu was still in the toilet, we had a good time. Then we decided to play again when we meet next time.

Scary games have a unique flavour only real gamers can feel. It is not easy to play for everyone like “behold”. Sometimes, you need to show excellent teamwork. And this thing is a pro of these kinds of games which gets you closer to each other. After our game, Pinky felt closer to me as I saved her from a monster in the game.

But It was teamwork only; I hope you understood, Hahaha!

So friends, start playing the games and feel closer to another person.

Remember, The ghost can see you this time; while you are reading the article.

For now,

Bye- Bye

See you in the next horror world!

(I am not Shyami,: your techbrother, I am a ghostbrother, watching you.)