Have you been sourcing for the top best satellite navigation apps for your android and iphone devices? If yes, you have surely stumbled on the right content. Navigation apps help you find your route to unknown destinations or your way around in a new city. These days you really don’t need your built-in satellite-navigation system on your car to locate where you are going to anymore, with your smartphone and good satellite navigation app you would surely not miss your way. The most recommended phone navigation apps are really doing a great job in improving their features and helping you locate your destination much faster than it used to be. The list of added features would go on to include suggested parking spots, speed camera detectors, and can even warn you of potholes or road closures. However, lots of companies have quit trying at all cost to beat navigation smartphone apps and are making integration a key part of their new vehicles’ infotainment systems. While vehicle companies are really working hard to beat navigation smartphone apps, they have relentlessly not stopped to improve their services for their users.Truth remains Google Maps has always topped the chart of the best navigation smartphone apps, but other smartphone apps have effortlessly worked had in improving their features and probably beat the leading app. With features like the traffic updates, offline maps, detailed travel guide and more they would surely achieve their aim.

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1.Google Maps android / iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The Google Maps app comfortably tops the list our top best Sat Nav smartphone apps. Truthfully, this couldn’t be a top list if Google Maps did not come first. The Google Maps makes use of Google’s search engine to locate addresses and that is just wonderful. 

Google Maps also allows you to select a route according to your method of transport and the app is very easy to use. Google map is by far the most used and trusted satellite navigation app around the globe. This wonderful app features accurate traffic data, automatic re-routing in navigation due to missed turns, traffic conditions or exits. 

It also features an indoor imagery, and street view which offers the users the chance to virtually visit a place before visiting it physical. Amongst all is the feature which allows users to save map offline, you can always come back to use your saved map without internet connectivity. As you would expect, the app works perfectly fine and the road data is up to date, including original-time information on closed route.

2.Tom Tom GO Android / Iphone

 Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

TomTom’s Go app boast of the best interface, with the view of some buildings in 3D making it even clearer. It has a sidebar which shows important information like a nearby fuel stations, and possible delays. The traffic alerts are not ignored too, it is very impressive. 

The map also warns you of speed detectors, and can also measure your speed limit in SPECS camera zone. TomTom app displays points of interest on the route, and would direct you to the parking spot closest to your destination.

3.Waze Android / Iphone

 Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The Waze is simply wonderful and had also gone to claim the professional drivers best. The Waze app was acquired by Google from the Waze Inc in 2013. This amazing app allows users to report closures, accidents, hazards, and more in other to help other drivers using the Waze app. So, automatically if the traffic is jammed-up, the app will change the route to ensure to do not get caught up. 

You can also keep track of alerts for police, traffic, and accidents so that your journey would be made without stress. And if you have craving for music, the app allows you play your favorite music apps and podcasts to keep you entertained in your long drive. The waze app is definitely one you would not want to miss.

4.Maps.ME Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

Map.ME app is a free app that consists of over 600 cities across 100 countries with the targeted aim at tourists and people traveling all over the world. Automatically, it means no matter where you are headed for there is this tendency that Maps.ME will have the maps to that place. 

The app also includes restaurant, detailed map, gas stations, tourist destination and more. The map allows users to download maps for offline use and use them without internet connectivity. It serves you direction to point of interest, hiking trails or spots missing from other maps. 

While some of the features might be free the navigation app would demand a few bucks from you to access other goodies.

5.Apple Maps iphone

 Best SatNav Apps (Android/Iphone) 2020

The Apple Maps Might actually sound as a potential rival to the Google Maps app, but truthfully it is no way near to the features the Google Maps app possesses. Though, it has really try to catch up with the added features which includes ETA sharing, the choice to avoid tolls and motorways etc. 

The Apple Maps also features an easy interface, letting the users choose their destinations, providing them with directions, and then navigation.  And if you are using a car equipped with Apple CarPlay system, the Apple Maps app gets even better. 

Immediately you park your car, and get out of it, your device automatically marks the location on the map; with this you would definitely not forget where you parked your car.

6.CityMaps2Go Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

This very app consists of detailed maps that can be saved offline by users, in order to access it without internet connectivity. The app boasts as one of the most detailed massive maps ecosystem with over 150 countries and 60000 destinations. 

Users can save places and add them to their list, organize and save places into the categories they want and many more. The app offers lots of features in their free package, but you would need to pay some few bucks to avoid limitation.

7.CoPilot Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The CoPilot used to be the best in the previous years, but the TomTom Go app ahs really put in more to kick it out of that position. The CoPilot app is quick to calculate route, offering three different options and the one it chooses automatically turn out to be the best because it avoided a street that is always bad with traffic. A sidebar feature indicates possible delays on route as well as remaining distance to destination.

8.HERE WeGo Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The WeGo navigation app stands out to be the easiest and fastest to load. It features good selection of routes whether you are driving, cycling, walking or using a public transport. The app indicates traffic and speed alert before we get to it. It also has voice guidance.

9.Sygic Car Navigation Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The Sygic Car Navigation app is compatible with the infotainment systems on some kind of cars, this means you can sat nav instruction even if the car was built with it. The app really gives instructions that are easy to follow.

10.Offline Maps & Navigation Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The map boasts of good map accuracy though the app uses TomTom’s Go database. The app comes with a simple interface and makes following the route easy. The app also has the voice instruction feature but you would surely need to upgrade to the premium version to be able to use it.

11.ViaMichelin GPS Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The satellite navigation app is really a good and impressive one from Michelin. Ones you have chosen your destination, the app works out the possible cost of your journey using the fuel consumption data of your car. The routes are cool and the instructions easy to follow.

12.Scout GPS Navigation Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The GPS app consists of real-time traffic, and speed updates to make sure users know when they would arrive at their destination. It also allows users to click on all available routes to get in-turn directions for the selected route before starting navigation. 

It offers user the access to download maps offline to be able to use it when they are not connected to internet access. Amazingly, the app has a voice chat feature to keep you connected with family, friends, and loved ones. To own the premium features you would definitely pay for it.

13.MapQuest Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The app features a real-time traffic updates, voice- guided turn-by-turn navigation, and automatic re-routing based on traffic or road block conditions ahead. With this users can avoid gridlocks and have exciting journey. It also help users with the option to compare prices of nearby fuel station and also nearby points of interest like the bars, hotels etc. 

14.Komoot Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The Komoot app isn’t really a navigation app for drivers. The app is made for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure. If you are mountain biking, cycling, hiking, or backpacking the app helps you navigate your outdoors. 

The app helps you create your outdoor experience when you are ready to go. You can also save your journey and share with your friends.

15.Triposo Android / Iphone

Best SatNav Apps Android/Iphone 2020

The app can’t really be called a full navigation app because it is aimed at tourists and does not feature a complete map. However, it features map for lots of major tourist destinations worldwide. 

The maps for users destinations can be download offline for use when you are not connected to the internet. The app also allows users book hotels, tours, and activities.


Above are the top 15 best Sat Nav apps for your Android and Iphone device, we hope you find this content satisfying. However, if you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to message us through the comment box.