15 Best S Pen Apps For Android (Latest Released) 2024

Several phones nowadays come with S pens, especially the ones from Samsung. Though not many use it, some are quite fond of it. With many people preferring S pens, several apps are made notably to support such pens.
Most tablets from Nvidia and I-Pads from Apple use such pens. Artistic people and those who are quite creative tend to prefer such pens. Many applications are available where you could use these S pens at full potential. In this article, we have put forth 15 of the best available apps that support S pens to the max.


Best S Pen App

If you are someone who loves writing, then his one is for you. INKredible allows you to write smoothly with different fonts and different styles. The app has an excellent user interface that gives the user the freedom to experiment with his creativity. INKredible makes it as realistic as possible for the user. You can take notes, copy the text to your clipboard, and later draft it in the form of a Word Document. The app also allows you to import it in the form of a Pdf. The application has more than 5 Lakh Installations.
There are two versions of the app, and both are amazing. The premium version costs you around 3USD, while the other version is free on Google Play Store.

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Google Handwriting Input

Best S Pen App

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could send written messages over the phone instead of tying it? Google handwriting input does that for you. Instead of typing messages, you could write using your S-pen and send it across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even post a tweet on Twitter. It is quite secure and pretty reliable. The Google handwriting input can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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Best S Pen App

Signing an e-document is always a big headache. You got to take sprint out of the document, sign the document and then again scan it in order to be able to send it across platforms online. With DocuSign, you least have to worry about all these things. You just need to install the app and the app, and it allows you to make signatures to your document easily using the S-pen. It is as easy as it sounds, and you can even send it to any concerned person to get it signed as well. The document can be in the form of pdf or a modified image. The app has a free trial version, and after that, it charges you from $2 to about 40$ per month.

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Character Maker

Best S Pen App

As kids, we all loved to draw. With the advent of technology, wouldn’t it be amazing if our phones or tablets were like notebooks, and we could express our creativity using S-pen? The Character maker brings out the child in you. It allows you to make beautiful and smooth strokes using your S pen. For artists, this app is a dream come true. It costs you around $3. With a fantastic interface, the app is definitely worth every penny. 

Autodesk Apps

Best S Pen App

Autodesk apps are a professional set of applications that are unique and incredible in every way. We know how splendid these applications work on a desktop, to work in a similar manner on the phone is worth appreciating. The Autodesk applications allow you to explore your creativity using your S pen. You could import images and from your phone and make changes to the images. Rendering can also be done using Autodesk apps. The application is free and can be downloaded using Google Play store. But to unlock special tools, there are charges.


Best S Pen App

LectureNotes is the most popular S pen application amongst the masses. Apart from taking notes, it allows you to add recordings to it when needed. You can share your lectures and make a formidable number of changes if required. Videos can also be attached to the lecture notes. It is a significant tool for bloggers, lecturers, and even students who do research work. LectureNotes is quite advanced yet easy to handle. The application is free of cost and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store. Paid plugins are also available if required.

MyScript Calculator 2

Best S Pen App

For those who love math, this app will make you go head over heels. You just have to write down the mathematical equation; it will convert it and then even solve it for you. Lecturers, school students, and even Doctorates would love the app once they get the hang of it. The application is quite reliable and is less complex. The MyScript Calculator 2 allows you to copy and even paste it on other applications as well. The app costs you around $2.99, and that is quite reasonable. You can download it from the Google Playstore.


Best S Pen App

The PENUP is an application from Samsung for all its S pen users. It allows you to express yourself, and you can even import images, draw on them, and share them across formats. The app has a separate community, and you could actually get exposure to some of the creative work online. The best part is the app is free with all the splendid features, and if you are a Samsung user, then it is already available on your phone; if not, you could download it from Google Play store.


Best S Pen App

You’ll love the app once you get a hold of it. With this app, you could create your animation movie. What you gotta do is simply just draw an object. Once done, you got to make a few changes to the object. Watch the object change its shape slowly under different sequences, amazing, right? The app is one of its kind, and there are not many apps that are as wonderful as this. You can even make your very own GiF with RoughAnimator. It cost you around $4.99 and is worth every penny.

Adobe Apps

Best S Pen App

Adobe apps are a must for all S pen users. We know how popular Adobe is when it comes to scanning or viewing PDFs. It is also known to have apps like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, where you could import images and edit them out to the max. Not only on a desktop, but these are also easy to use using an S pen. With the adobe cloud subscription, you could connect your mobile adobe services with your desktop. Though most of the apps from Adobe are free, there are some apps that are charged. The apps are available on Google play store.


Best S Pen App

Pixelmator’s IOS version is creating a whole lot of buzz lately. The app costs you around $4.99, and that is a reasonable price for the amazing features it offers for the users. You can import images, make edits, and export in form PDF or any other image format. The app allows you to use 100 different brushes and gives the user the freedom to work with full potential. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone users.

Ibis Paint X

Best S Pen App

If you are an artist by profession, then this app is definitely for you. It comes with 300 different brushes giving the user the utmost liberty to work on his abilities. The app is available for free on Play Store as well as the App Store, but to unlock further filters and brushes, you have to pay a certain amount.


Best S Pen App

Concepts is another app designed specially to meet the standards of professionals. It combines vector graphics to the drawings and gives out crisp images. The app can be used by Design Engineers as well to draw CAD models by unlocking the additional features. The S Pen can be used effectively with such apps.

Affinity Designer

Best S Pen App

Vector designing hasn’t got more comfortable than this. Affinity designer allows the artist to create intricate shapes and use different shades and brushes. The app is available only for ios. The app is a bit on the expensive side, charging you around $14.99. But it sure is reasonable for the amazing features it comes with.

Tayasui Sketches

Best S Pen App

If you are a big fan of paint and paper sketches, then this app will make you go head over heels. The app allows you to sketch using different shades and gives particular importance to detail. The app comes with gesture controls giving the user the liberty to work with the complete tools. The app is available only on the Apps store. The app is available for free, but it will charge you for additional plugins.