15 Best RV Apps (Android/iPhone) 2022

If you’ve been searching for the top best RV apps for your android and iOS devices, we have got you covered. These amazing RVing apps would undoubtedly help to make your next trip fun. It’s generally accepted that hitting the open road can give you the insight or drive needed to find a new business idea, make an important life decision, or provide some distance and clarity on any number of things bothering your mind at home. Whether you own an RV or are planning to rent one, don’t hesitate to download these 15 top best apps to make your next RV trip more enjoyable. Phone apps play a big part in making our lives easy, but with millions of fantastic RV apps out there, how do you know which ones to pick to use in your RV trip? We have taken our time to research and read many RV apps reviews to create this list of the best ones for 2022. Lots of these apps are free, while some are to be purchased. We indicated whether they are available for iPhones or Androids. Please keep reading, and we hope you find this article satisfying.

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 RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022

We would all agree that finding reasonably priced gas is one of the most expensive parts of the RV lifestyle, adding up to hundreds or more in cost savings per year. It’s a great feeling knowing fully well that you are getting a good deal at the pump. The GasBuddy app is your best shot at achieving that. The app helps you find gas nearby for the best price you would wish for. Enter the type of gas you need and see a list of stations nearby with prices updated constantly by other users.


 RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022

HappyCow helps you find deserving snacks for your RV trip. It’s quite hard finding decent eating options on the road, unless you are a fan of fried foods and heart disease. The app helps you find vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly options around. However, you really don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy the app recommendations. It typically finds healthy options that meat eaters can enjoy.


 RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022


It’s a fact you’d need to come out of the car and stretch your legs after few hours of driving. Hiking is, in fact, an excellent option for that. Research even claims it helps boost your creativity, reduce stress, and make you happier to boot. The app locates hiking trails near you and provides 5-star feedback from other hikers and a complete description of the course, length, vertical gain. The app also features an offline mode to enable you to download a map before heading into the woods if you lose service.


 RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022

While on your RV trip and feel the urge for some veggie burger and or realize you pushed the gas needle a little too far.  The iExit’s app job is to find you on the highway and tell you what food, lodging, gas, and shopping options you have at upcoming exits, so you can wait to find just the right spot. It also shows you up to date gas prices at upcoming stations so you can get the best deal.


 RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022

This amazing app helps you to explore interesting nearby attractions through photos. Trover shows you how far away each attraction is as you scroll through the photo stream. The description of the location and a map pops up when you click on a photo to help you easily locate and enjoy. The app is quite a great way to find offbeat attractions, photo opportunities and good eating. Also make sure to post your own photos and recommendations along the way. 



RV Apps (Android / iPhone) 2022

Roadtrippers is an RV app that helps you to find a great destination, or things to see and do along the route you’ve already decided on. All you have to do is enter a start and end point, and then overlay your route with attractions (offbeat, museums, excursions), points of interest (abandoned, historic, monuments, photo opps), outdoors & recreation (national parks, nature reserves, scenic points) and much more. You would also find hidden gems when using this app. It’s really an awesome app you should give a try.

My Pilot 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

If you need a truck stop My Pilot is definitely the best app to help you find one. My Pilot app helps you find nearby places to gas up or take care of all your other RV travel stop needs. It also helps you check fuel prices and contact any of the locations from inside the app. The most amazing feature is the ability to enter your trip’s start and end point and show you all the nearby stops or locations on your route. This will really help to save you time and money.

Camp & RV 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The Camp & RV app has the most comprehensive information database around. Very much like carrying a camping guidebook everywhere you go.

The Camp & RV app let you find places and services with or without the use of any internet data connection. The app filters helps you find what you’re searching exactly, from parking lots, to RV parking at casinos, to rest stops with propane filling stations, and so much more. The onetime fee offers lifetime free updates. 

 Dish Align & Dish Aligner 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The Dish Align & Dish Aligner app helps with the alignment of your satellite dish antennas. It’s also helpful if you don’t have an auto aligning dish to assist you. 

The app determines your current position via your phone’s GPS. The app is mainly designed for use in RVs, or for people who need help aligning a second dish.

 GPS CoPilot 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The CoPilot app is one of the best offline map apps around, and it’s even free. The app also offers lots of unique features, unlike other map apps.
This app is also created with thousands of points of interest to help you find nearby places such as ATMs, restaurants, hospitals, vets, hotels, or gas stations with or without a data connection. The app also allows you to search for nearby places like Google, Yelp, and Wikipedia. If you upgrade to the paid version, you’d get additional features such as map updates and live traffic. GPS CoPilot Live stores all the map information directly on the device.

 Weather Radio 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The Weather Radio app helps you make a split second decision when the weather is changing. Weather Radio is the definitely the rightful app to keep you up to date on the latest storm alerts. Weather Radio offers a fantastic radar map that will keep you feeling safe. It’s not just a stormy weather app; it features all types of weather and helps you make informed decisions in advance.

 Key Ring Reward Cards 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The TKey Ring Reward Cards app helps you to simplify your card load. The app makes a digital copy of all your cards so you can leave the oversized wallet at home.
All you have to do is download the free app and scan in the bar codes on your reward or club cards. It’s like the simplest thing to do. Then, when you visit any of the establishments you hold a card for, have their staff would scan the bar code from your phone, and it will retrieve all your account information.
The app’s best feature is that it comes with a nifty online account manager, plus a backup service.

 Trip Journal 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

Trip Journal is a fantastic app; as the name implies, it serves as a journal. The app collects data from all your travels, adds map pinpoints, personal thoughts, or photos. And puts them all together and helps you create a wonderful virtual scrapbook of your trips. Trip Journal also allows you to add your favorite attractions instantly to the app. if you’re a video freak type, you’re lucky because the app supports video; you can make incredible footage you can add to your travelogue.

 RV Parky 

 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The app has awesome features like a map, a directory, RV park info, and reviews. It can also be used in both the US and Canada. The GPS and map settings are really helpful when looking for a campground in your location; the reviews are top notch too.


 RV Apps ( Android / iPhone ) 2022

The app helps you find nearby supermarkets, gas stations, coffee shops and much more. Just select a category and the app displays a list of locations, sorted by distance.


These amazing apps would help make your next RV trip much better. There’re other amazing apps, but this how far our list can go. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to send us a message through the comment box.