Rucksack is always said to be the best friend of the backpacker. It helps the backpacker to make its journey more adventurous, enjoyable, and easy-going. It is mainly used for storing all types of things from small to big and comes with various compartments designed according to one’s needs.

If you are in a dilemma of which rucksack to buy, then here we have the list of top 15 best rucksack of 2020 one must have a look on.

1.Wildcraft Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable rucksack then Wildcraft rucksack is best for you. It comes with the 45 liters volume capacity. The haul loops are strong enough to carry the weight and heavier loads.

Now, talking about its manufacturing, it is made from nylon and is water-resistant.  So, no need to worry if you are on a trek even in the monsoon season. The dimensions of this rucksack are 56.8 cm, 33.6 cm, and 5.4 cm. The top-load has the drawstring opening making easy and quick access.

2. Aristocrat Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

If you want the rucksack of full sturdiness and durability, then what are you waiting for? Aristocrat is one of the ideal choice for you. The construction of this rucksack is of polyester which makes it lightweight and durable.

The capacity of this rucksack is of 65 liters, and the dimensions include 32 cm length, 26 cm width, and 77 cm height. The pack also includes a full-body rain cover for the safety of the things kept inside the rucksack. Includes multiple pockets and can be carried with extra ease.

3. F Gear Military Neutron Rucksack

Best Rucksack Brands 2020

One of the best rucksacks in the market, suits both in price and features is F Gear Rucksack. The zip closure has the extra coverage and drawstrings make the design most sturdy and durable. The bottle pouch is also given on both the sides of the rucksack.

It includes adjustable waistbands and the extended shoulder straps for easy convenience. The rucksack has the multiple pockets that holds your belonging properly and with security. The loading capacity of the rucksack is 50 liters.

4. Quechua Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

Are you looking for the rucksack that has the best warranty and is strong and durable? Then what are you waiting for, no other than Quechua rucksack is better among all? It comes with 3 compartments with the extra things to store.

The manufacture of this rucksack is from the polyester and comes in the blue and beige color. The capacity of this rucksack is low as compared to others as it has a capacity of almost 20 liters. The dimensions of the rucksack are 24 cm length, 14 cm width, and 28 cm height.

5. Amazon Basic Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

The Amazon Basic internal frame rucksack is another best rucksack for the hikers and trekkers. It comes with a loading capacity of 65 liters with the 5 liters of extension collar. The rucksack also includes large sleeping compartments that make the person easy to sleep.

The construction of rucksack is from the most durable polyester. The multi-directional compression straps make the load lifting capacity low and easy. It has large storage pockets and compartments.

It has water repellent coating and water-resistant cover protecting your belongings from getting wet. The shoulder and the waistbands make the carrying comfortable.

6. NOVICZ Rucksack

Best Rucksack Brands 2020

NOVICZ rucksack is better among all other rucksacks in the market. For the people who are related to the more outdoor activities then this rucksack would be perfect. It is waterproof and light in weight. The rucksack easily suits in all weather conditions and the stuff inside it will resist damage.

This rucksack is large, spacious, and has multi-utility as it has a capacity of 60 liters. The design is at its best and is enduring and long-lasting. It comes with many compartments and 1 has a one-year warranty. The weight is equally distributed so that the person could not feel much load on the shoulders.

7. Polestar Rucksack

Best Rucksack Brands 2020

Another undoubtedly best product one could ever have is Polestar rucksack as it is easily affordable. It comes with multiple compartments with a capacity of 60 liters. One can easily go on trekking, camping as it has various pockets for storing gloves, small clothes, and much more.

The making of this rucksack is from the high-quality polyester and contains rain cover and waterproof base. The fabric is long-lasting and durable and can lift heavyweight. Outside shoe compartment is also provided along with a yoga mat holder.

8. Mount Track Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

One of the excellent features one rucksack could ever have is Mount Track Rucksack. This rucksack is perfect for the long journeys, trekking, or going onto some of the most adventurous trips. This is made by keeping the safety of your back as it has a metal frame with the padded back that gives adequate support.

It is spacious and includes a shoe compartment with easy-going storage. It is quite expensive but it is worth buying as it fulfill the necessities.  It is highly durable and water-resistant. It is made from the rib nylon material.

9. Tripole Colonel Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

One of the highest capacities of 95 liters any rucksack could ever have is Tripole Colonel Rucksack. It comes in Army green color that makes the buyer feel proud and energetic. It includes the extra 12 liters of capacity that can be easily detachable when not in use.

As this is designed for long-lasting trekking, and camping purposes, it is made with the fiber frame and has the padded shoulder straps for the support of the back and shoulders. The rain cover is also provided with it and has the bottom openings for keeping of shoes with ease and safety.

10. Gleam Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

Another strong and durable rucksack on our list is Gleam Rucksack. It has the making of the metal frame so that it could last longer. It is spacious and light in weight. The bottom zip is mainly given for the shoe compartment and keeping off the rain cover.

It is expandable and has an adjustable waist belt for comfort. It is an amazing rucksack with the 75 liters of capacity that is perfect for the long journey, trekking, and more adventurous trips.

11. SEACROCZ Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

Are you looking for the comfortable and strong hiking and trekking rucksack? Then here we have the best SEACROCZ Rucksack that is convenient for all your necessities. The specialty of this rucksack is that it also has a laptop compartment.

The material used in the making of this rucksack is from the lightweight and high-quality polyester that keeps it long-lasting. It is sweat and water-resistant and the inner lining stitch keeps the rucksack strong and durable. It has extra trekking rope and shoe compartment.

12. TRAWOC Rucksack

Best Rucksack Brands 2020

This large spacious and multi-utility and comes with 60 liters of capacity. It has many compartments and comes with laptop sleeves inside along with the main compartment. It will fit all your stuff whether it be a small or big one.

The design is smart and trendy in which it’s blue and grey color looks very smart and venturesome. It is made from heavy material and can suit any weather including heavy rains and scorching heat. The waist belt is provided for the fitting according to one’s waist.

The back is padded with soft fabric that provides support to your back and shoulder. It is water-resistant and also includes rain cover at the bottom zip of the rucksack.

13. Fastrack Green Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

These 45-liter capacity rucksacks are one of the best for the hiking, trekking, and long journey. The dimensions of this rucksack include 13-inch length, 11-inch width, and 21-inch height.

The color combination of green and grey makes the rucksack looks smarter and more venturous. It only includes one compartment and does not have the laptop compatibility. The manufacture warranty is of 1 year and is strong, durable, and sturdy.

14. Wildcraft Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

One of my favorite rucksacks is Wildcraft Rucksack that comes with the 65 liters of capacity. It is light in weight, compatible, and is perfect for daily use or the adventure trip. It is durable and strong and made for long-lasting purpose.

It is made from 420D nylon dobby and is water-resistant. The green and black color adds the look to the rucksack by making it smarter and more stylish. It includes 5 years of domestic warranty.

15. Safari Rucksack

 Best Rucksack Brands 2020

If you are looking for the affordable as well as a strong and sturdy rucksack, then Safari Rucksack would be great among all. It is water-resistant and is made from heavy-duty polyester. The blue color makes the rucksack more attractive and stylish.

It has 2 compartments and laptop compatibility that can fit up to 17 inches of laptop. The capacity of this is 44 liters.

Thus, this was the all information about the top 15 best rucksack brands of 2020.