This one is for the people who often have to carry items that are big and need protection. It obstructs rear-view visibility and takes up half the space if loaded inside the cabin and the contact surface gets damaged or worst bumps, jumps, and vibration tend to loosen the tie and you may lose your item you love the most.

Roof Rack Pads are a proven solution to all such problems! For all the camping and surfing-lovers, don’t you hate it when the surfboards, kayaks, or the tents take up the space of half your family or friends? Or when the surfboard leaves sand all over the place, which you’ll have to spend an eternity to clean? These little goodies are manufactured to save us from all these inconveniences. Well here is a list of the best

Rooftop Rack Pads you will love:

1.Yakima crossbar roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product especially protects your boats and boards from damage. Its 30 inches width fits most of the SUPs and kayaks and a variety of crossbars such as JetStream and factory. Velcro attachments in sections help in easy fitting around racks or your equipment. The anti-slip material ensures extra security to your belongings by holding on to your goods/rack.

Having soft foam padding, it’s a lightweight product weighing 12 ounces. They are also available in size 20 inches. These are one of the best high-quality pads at a reasonable price.

2.Dakine aero roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product can fit wider rack cross bars being 34in (84cm) long. The hook and loop feature makes the installation and removal easier. One need not worry about its durability with a 600d polyester material. Polyester does not wear down quickly and is resistant to shrinking. This product is not a great fit for narrower racks.

This item weighs 1 pound. The product is available in black color. These are trusted to give satisfactory results!

3.DORSAL sun guard aero roof rack pads

Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 20” long. The highlight is long-lasting UV resistance. Its material has anti-slip properties which help in holding the rack with a good grip. High-density foam core makes it light-weight, easy to carry, and store. Hook and loop closure arrangements help in easy attachment and removal.

This item weighs 10.9 ounces. PVC cloth used in its construction makes it pretty durable. This stunning rack pad has all the qualities at an affordable price!

4.Rhino-Rack vortex aero crossbar roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 15” long. They can be used for a wide range of cars. These ensure the safety of your kayak/canoe/surf board with easy installation and removal procedures.

Special EVA foam is used in their manufacturing which contains water-resistance and UV- resistance attributes and stress withstanding abilities without obtaining cracks. These properties ensure long-lasting durability.

They are sold in a pair. The brand is strongly committed to being environmental-friendly in manufacturing its products.

5.Sharkbaitsurfwax roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product namely Sharkbaitsurfwax is 30 inches long and 2 to 3 inch wide. It is great for surfboards and kayaks. The product accommodates aero style for holding up accessories perfectly. Made of polyester fabric which is better than nylon and also damage proof till a long time.

The product is available in eye-catching blue color which is dyed on the fabric, making it fade-proof for 3 years. Great value for a product that is fantastic both on the inside and the outside!

6.Vamo roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 30 inches long. Has Velcro attachment with easy on and off properties. Made with nylon material that has a thermal resistance and chemical resistance attributes.

The Vamo is useful for kayaks and SUPs. The product features an aero style for the protection of delicate goods from breaking or damage. With these pads, you will never have to worry about the safety of your bulky belongings again.

7.BOTE roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 36 inches long. The product easily glides over the bars which serve an effortless installation and removal. Talking about the construction, it is made with polyester material which has non-fading, high-resistance to harsh temperatures and water-resistant attributes.

Make your trips to the beach or camping stress-free with these pads! This product ensures durability at a great price.

8.Allen sports roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 24 inches long along with a set of 8ft long straps for extra protection for your surfboards and kayaks. This item weighs 1 pound. The highlight is that buckle is made of soft silicone to protect your equipment and car from getting scratches, prevents dings, and UV resistant TPR pad for its protection. They are made water-resistant and damage from weather and abrasion is prevented.

Hook and lock closure arrangement for effortless attachment. The product features two 24 inch pads and two 96 inches cargo straps for easy storage.

9.FCS Surf Cam Lock Hard Rack System Roof Rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 21 inches long and it weighs 1.4 pounds. They are hard to rack pads with CAM locks instilled. CAM locks have rotating disc cylinder arrangement, due to which CAM locks remain unharmed. FCS tie-downs are also supplied along with the rack pads

This product is a universal fit for all cars. The FCS tie-downs are especially helpful in securing surfboards. They have 3mm padding for buckle protection using neoprene. This product offers the safety of 1-3 shortboards or 1-2 longboards. Neoprene is water and weather resistant, ensuring the long-lasting durability of the product.

This item is without a doubt a great buy at a fantastic price!

10.Neolife crossbar soft roof rack pads

Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product offers a size range from 19 to 28 inches. It is useful for most cars, SUVs, vans. The anti-slip material helps it in getting a good grip on your accessories and rack bars. The product features nylon sleeves that have water-resistance, weather, and chemical resistance attributes and the polyester material is soft, durable, and water-proof.

These attributes provide high durability. They will be tightly fixed and get a firm grip on the crossbars. Not to mention the excellent customer services this brand promises!

11.COR crossbar roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 19 inches long. Sold as a pair. High-density foam wrapped in 600D Oxford fabric with PVC coating which makes it abrasion resistant, lightweight, and has great mechanical strength. A hard-wearing polyester fabric that is exceptionally durable and waterproof. So, it provides both equipment protection and long-lasting durability.

It contains Velcro fastenings which form a firm and tight grip over the bars. Contain 50+ anti-UV features and therefore stay non-faded even after a lot of exposure to the sun. All in all, it is a great deal!

12.Surf to summit roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 30 inches long.  These simple yet strong pads do not compromise when it comes to the protection of your kayak, canoes, or surfboards. They provide extra cushioning and are fit for both round and square crossbars. Low-density foam is used for padding which provides good cushioning on your gear.

These pads can be used for bars with a diameter of 1.5 inches or less.

If you are looking for versatile, convenient, and cost-effective rack pads then these are the way to go!

13.Pro-Lite round bar roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 31 inches long. The PRO-Lite is made for the accommodation of SUP boards. Velcro closure arrangement provides a cut and fits around the bars. The product is available in a grey color. Fits bars with diameter 1 inch. So, these might not be convenient for the bars with greater or fewer diameters.

Pro-Lite is made of cube-tech ripstop poly material, which includes polyester, silk, nylon, and cotton. These materials have great Water and abrasion-resistant abilities which result in long-lasting durability of pads. It’s an amazing deal!

14.Curve aero roof rack pads

Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 28 inches long. It comes with a re-sealable bag.  Available in silver-color and 100% NO-FADE guarantee! Also, this item is UV resistant and the brand offers a 12-month guarantee against any sun fade. Along with this, it is water and reflective resistance.

It contains padding only on the top and not under, for air-resistance. The product contains the special EVA foam which ensures resilience even after a long time use, durability, sturdiness, and high stress-withstanding abilities.

The product accommodates Velcro closure. Logo print is only 5”. So, a great price AND a promising product!

15.Northcore roof rack pads

 Best Roof Rack Pads 2020

This product is 19 inches long. It is specially designed for use in aerodynamically shaped vehicles’ racks and roof bars. It is designed especially for carrying kayaks and surfboards. The product features a Velcro arrangement for fastening. This item is made of Polyester material which is resistant to shrinking and wrinkles and is flexible. It contains waterproof lining, tough fabric, soft padding.

The product is available in camo print and two other colors, Black and hibiscus. So don’t miss the opportunity to have a good-looking, good-functioning rack pad!

Hence, the above were some of the best roof rack pads of 2020. Don’t forget to add your favorite to the cart!