USB-C comes with a new and smaller connector shape. These cables are reversible and it’s easier to plugin. USB-C cables are better than their competitors because they can carry significantly more power. You can use them for charging larger devices like laptops. With them, you get double the transfer speed than that offered by the USB 3.

USB-C cables are quite popular these days and have reached a safe, as well as a stable standard. Whether you are looking for the USB-A port or you’re going full USB-C to USB-C, you must try some of the handpicked cables.



 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

This Right angle USB C cable is specially designed for charging your USBC laptops or smartphones. The voltage and current considerations are Max 20V 3A. The cable is supportive of the USB Power Delivery PD charge. When compared to other devices, this cable is much more innovative, convenient, and more comfortable for watching videos, playing games, and reading e-books even when you lie down while charging.

  • Manufacturer: UGREEN
  • Length: 6FT
  • Platforms: Google Pixel 4 3 XL, MacBook Pro/Air 13″ iPad Pro 2020, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 9 S20 S10, and Nintendo Switch


 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The Right-angle USB C cable power delivery system is remarkable in terms of its fast-charging capability. It will support the power delivery of 100W thus reliably powering and charging the USB C supported devices. Besides, it is also an ideal solution for delivering good data, audio, video, and charging, simultaneously. You will get delivery of the 4K video and audio from the laptop directly to the UHD TV or monitor when you use this USB C cable. The tough nylon braided exterior is resistant to damage from the outside and has the Precision designed interior.

  • Manufacturer: RAMPOW
  • Length: 6ft
  • Platforms: MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, LG G6/G5/V20, Sony, Samsung S9/S10Samsung, iPad Pro 2019/2018


 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The new USB C charging cable is one of the Top 15 Right angle USB C cables 2020 that supports charging Samsung Galaxy S9 and other USB-c devices. For that, you will get the support of the compatible quick charge 2/3 charger. It easily transfers data between the USB C phone and the laptop. The availability of a 90-degree connector helps to play games on the phone even while it is charging. There is a durable design due to the availability of the 90° zinc alloy housed connectors as well as string relief colors.  Overall, you can get withstanding capability for stress and strain in daily use.

  • Manufacturer: AUKEY
  • Length: 6.6ft
  • Platforms: iPad Pro 2018, LG V30 G6, Samsung S9 S8 Note 9, Pixel 3 XL, and GoPro

4.Agoz USB C Cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

One of the Top 15 Right angle USB C cables 2020 is a remarkable one for supporting fast charging and data transfer. The long life span of this USB C cable makes it stand out. You can use it on any USB C compatible device like a game console, tablet, or cell phone. The heavy-duty cable comes with a braided nylon jacket. So, it has an anti-tangle cable that is created with durable materials. The enhanced strain relief of this cable lets it stand out.

  • Manufacturer: Agoz
  • Length: 4/6/10ft
  • Platforms: LG Stylo 5 4 G8, Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 Plus S10e Note 10 9 8, S9 S8, A10e A20 A50 A70, Google Pixel, Moto G7 Z4 Z2 Z3 USB C Cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

This USB C cable comes with the right-angled connector that lets you connect to the ports that are difficult to reach otherwise. You can use this cable for charging the car-mounted mobile devices. Positioning the cable to the left or right is very easy when you use it in either the Portrait or landscape mode. You can keep your device charging with this cable while you are working or gaming. The stress-free connection delivered by this cable prevents bending awkwardly. There are no chances of unnecessary stress and damage to the cable as well as the device port.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Length: 1m / 3 ft
  • Platforms: compatible with all platforms

6.UGI Magnetic cable C

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The Tangle proof of Nylon braided cable is a durable one. So, you will get a unique design for the maintenance of high voltage and good signal stability. The availability of high-quality copper wire also maximizes the durability and signal quality. The magnetic cable’s special design is smart enough for extending the life of the devices. There is an availability of the USB magnet interface and the cables that are separated. You will also get easy to connect parts with the strong magnetic force. The detachable magnetic connector makes it easy to snap on thus reducing abrasion.

  • Manufacturer: UGI
  • Length: 10ft
  • Platforms: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus S9, Nintendo Switch,Nokia 8,LG G5


 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The right-angled USB C plug will help with the easier connection in the confined and hard-to-reach spaces. The cable supports USB 3.1 gen speed for ensuring fast data transfer. You will also get the power delivery cable that provides 60-watt power output for charging the devices. The availability of the reversible USB-c plug helps in the connection in either direction for immediate output.

  • Manufacturer: TRIPP
  • Length: 3ft
  • Platforms: computer and other mobile devices

8.AINOPE Updated USB C

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The USB C cable is a high end designed cable that performs well for delivering high-speed data transfer as well as power fast charging. You can experience the 1.4 times faster charging speed with 10 times faster data transfer when compared to the USB 2.0. So, with these cables, you can rest assured of its lightning charging.

  • Manufacturer: AINOPE
  • Length: 3ft
  • Platforms: Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S8 Note 10 9 8, and LG G8

9.Permanent USB C FPV Cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The flat soft Ribbon USB C cable is the angle at 90° for serving in the better outputs the super soft and light USB C cable is quite standard for delivering incredible speed charging it comes with the presentation of the anti-interference capacity and great quality so you can use it even in confined spaces.

  • Manufacturer: Permanent
  • Length: 5cm ,10cm,15cm,20cm,30cm,40cm,50cm,60cm,80cm,100cm
  • Platforms: compatible with almost all devices.

10.CableCreation USB C Cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The USB C hard drive cable makes a good connection with the computer, laptop, PC, and other portable devices. It comes with reliable connectivity for the external hard drive or a smartphone. The USB 3.1 generation 2 cables support an ultra-fast transfer rate of the data up to 10 Gbit/s. The gold plated connectors are remarkable in their approach of providing durability and improved signal.

  • Manufacturer: CableCreation
  • Length: 4ft
  • Platforms: MacBook (Pro), and Galaxy S10/S10+

11.Poyiccot USB C cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

This USB C cable is not only known for its supportive charging but also the 480 MBPS high-speed data transfer. It supports around 100-watt charging. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the USB C laptops. The length is also a compatible one for you to charge your device while using it. Easy to organize cable will be there for the most comfortable User experience. The cables provide the slim fit in narrow spaces helping to save space and making the table much neater. There are no problems with overheating short circuits or other issues while using this cable.

  • Manufacturer: Poyiccot
  • Length: 1ft
  • Platforms: Macbook, Nintendo Switch

12.Vialex right-angled Type C cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

This upgraded material cable offers consistent current for Smartphones and Tablets. So, you will get a stable and durable connection with it. The L shaped charging cable is designed for the games. You will also get the connection to multiple devices and available at 90°. The cable is protected by the phone port. So, you can enjoy playing games and videos without any obstacle while charging. It is available in black, red, and blue color. It offers fast charging with data synchronization. The aluminum alloy nylon cable will be an excellent solution for your charging needs.

  • Manufacturer: Vialex
  • Length: 3.3 ft
  • Platforms: Huawei Samsung HTC

13.Pursun USB-C cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The USB C model is angled at 90 degrees and has a good charging capability that can automatically identify plugged in devices and deliver power at optimal level. The cable charges devices within an hour. There are no problems of waiting too long It is suitable in terms of fitting easily into a pocket or bag. The sleek and low profile design will make it easy to quickly wind up in just fractions  seconds.

  • Manufacturer: Pursun
  • Length: 6ft
  • Platforms: iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, Nexus and More

14.Cincred USB Type-C

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

Now be ready to connect a computer with the type C USB port that is reliable in terms of its connectivity to the hard drive, tablet, or smartphone. The portable hard drive is better when connected with a smartphone.

  • Manufacturer: Cincred
  • Length: 6.6ft
  • Platforms: supports charging Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Plus Note 10 9 8, Moto Z Z3 and More.

15.Fotbor USB C cable

 Right Angle USB C Cables 2020

The super-speed connection with the speed up to 480mbps makes this cable stand out. It is reversible and you can plug it in both the ways. It allows transferring the data to the USB type-c with the help of a standard USB port.

  • Manufacturer: Fotbor
  • Length: 6.8ft
  • Platforms: Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S8 Plus Note 10 9 8 LG V30 V20 G6


If you have been looking for the USB C cable that is right-angled, then the above options will fit your needs. Just remember that if you go minutely through the features, you will get good luck while shopping.