10 Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC 2023

Registry Cleaners are the software that removes out of the Windows Registry outdated registry entries. Some uninstalled programs or other Windows services leave these registry entries. Here’s a list of the top 10 free cleaners to keep your registry clean and clean.

You will find the list here. Many cleaners in the Windows Registry linger on the Internet and boast of themselves as the best. Some are paid, and others are gratuitous. Free registry cleaners, however, do a perfect job, and only in critical situations, you need paid versions.

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC

CCleaner, Registry Cleaner Tool

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
Probably the best computer optimization program I’ve used in years is this Piriform Product. The integrated cleaning registry utility of CCleaner does most of the work a mature cleaner could do. The clean and clean interface provides the registry cleaning tool with easy access. You are asked if the registry can be backed up before making any changes. In a paid version, CCleaner comes too, but you’d be satisfied with a freeware version. The paid version of CCleaner Professional provides automated browser cleaning, monitoring real-time, and priority support. You can use the paid version of these options that are beneficial to you.

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Wise Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
I will give Wise Cleaner an added point compared to CCleaner if I consider the visual appearance. But it doesn’t matter how well a registry cleaner needs to prove how well your registry entries are managed. The Fast Scan and Deep Scan are two modes. What I like about Wise Cleaner, unlikes CCleaner, which shows the errors excellently, is a categorized display of detected errors. It supports your registry automatically. Also, from the command line, you can run the cleaner-wise registry. There is also a defrag option for the registry.

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Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
A categorized view in a list format also offers this free Auslogics registry cleaner. The ones you want to fix can be ticked. The interface of the Auslogics cleaner, though not as visually attractive as Wise Cleaner, is clean and straightforward. A noteworthy feature is that the severity of the registry error is also displayed. It also supports registry changes it makes during the repair process automatically. Click Settings and click Backup Changes if you want to prevent registry backup. To revert changes made by the Auslogics Cleaner registry, go to the Rescue Center.

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Glarysoft Registry Repair

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
Registry Repair of Glarysoft is also a great free cleaner registry. The registry scan process is automatically started once the tool is opened. It also provides automatic registry backup, preventing your system from a tragic event prior to any changes to the Windows registry. To restore previous repairs done with Glarysoft registry repair, you can click on Action.

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SlimCleaner Free

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC

SlimCleaner’s free version of the registry cleaner tool provides excellent features. Their cleaning tool provides a one-stop solution for cleaning rituals of all kinds. However, it adds a few problems. You may need to uncheck all checkboxes in all other tabs if you only need to clean the registry. But only once do you have to do this. Afterwards, it recalls the settings.
Easy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner Tool:
A Finnish guy named Toni Helenius created this small software. The Easy Cleaner has a minimum graphics option other than the cleaner in the registry. Since it was launched in 2005, its visual appearance has not been greatly updated. It also allows you to find clean shortcuts and duplicate files that point towards #8 null.

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Argente Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
This Argente Utilities free Registry Cleaner took as long as any other cleaner in my tests. It contains a wizard-based interface to manually or automatically select the scan categories. The interface is not as attractive as Easy Cleaner, but not as minimalist. You can reverse the registry changes and also provide the automatic cleaning option that takes care of your registry without interference. The mobile version is also available. You can go for either the Argente Services or the Registry Cleaner only on the download page.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
The name of the registry cleaner is the first thing you will notice. It’s very different. Only a clean and repair option is offered by the somewhat hideous tool. There is also an option to restore registry changes in the event anything goes wrong.

WinUtilties Registry Cleaner

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
It is part of YL Software’s WinUtilities suite. It also provides a recovery spot before making changes to the registry, as are other free registry cleaners in the list. A separate ScanMyReg registry cleaner is available from the company as paid software.

JetClean Best Registry 

Best Registry Cleaner Software Windows PC
You can scan and repair it in 1 click and even automatically shut down after the errors of the registry. JetClean works on 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. You can also scan for and repair it with one click after it has prepared a registry error.
This considered being the best Registry Cleaner Software due to its unique features that are different from all other Cleaners. If you are willing to experience a good registry cleaner, you must try it once!


These were the top ten free cleaners for the registry. These are freeware, and please note. Hence, an invitation to other adware programs may include your installation process. You are available as paid versions as well, which are better than the free ones by your manufacturers. If you feel the need for it, you can buy it. You can reduce the system startup time because the system registry removes all unwanted files and errors. Cleaning the registry software also clears vacancies and regenerates indexes of different folders and files. Fewer programs at once, uninstalling software that you do not use, updating Windows, and upgrading essential hardware items, such as your RAM and CPU, are safe for speeding up a slow computer. However, a registry cleaner won’t accelerate your computer.