Recruiterflow is a recruiting CRM software for staffing/recruiting agency recruiters to track applicants and hire exceptionally talented candidates. Capterra and Getapp list Recruiterflow as highest rated recruitment agency software. This distinction comes for a reason. It is the most user friendly software in the market. This software is very easy to use and gives excellent results. It is completely cloud-based software that you can access from any device anywhere. It is useful for medium and small-sized businesses. Even if the recruiter is not a tech-savvy, one can easily use this software to post ads related to job openings, run e-mail sequences, provide job descriptions, fix appointments for meetings and interviews, etc. Also, apart from the resume, recruiters can collect other details about the candidates to make sure s/he is fit for the given job position.

Recruiterflow saves a lot of time as the repetitive tasks are performed automatically by the software. Sourcing Chrome extension is another useful feature offered by this software. It helps in building strong social network and accessing the candidates’ contact details, along with their social profiles. The recruiters do not need to manually enter the data for sourcing. It searches for the suitable candidates on social networking sites, making the candidate outreach process easier for recruiters. The e-mail sequencing feature helps in getting a better response rate, and also makes onboarding way quicker.

Benefits offered by Recruiterflow:

  • The software allows the users to send e-mails to the desired candidates and convert them into hired employees.
  • It can provide career pages in order to help recruiters in hiring appropriate candidates.
  • The career pages offered by Recruiterflow can be linked to LinkedIn for providing simple application access button.
  • If a candidate does not use LinkedIn then he can manually fill the details in application form as the forms are highly customized.
  • Recruiterflow maintains candidates’ profiles in order to make it simple to search and shortlist eligible candidates.
  • Once the eligible candidates are shortlisted, further process like scheduling interview, communicating over mails, etc. takes places.
  • The software offers features like evaluation list and results to make it easier for the hiring teams to check the compatibility of the candidates.

  • Using Recruiterflow, the hiring team can divide their jobs and assign their roles accordingly. It also assures security as only the people with specific permissions (as per their roles) can access the specific data. This also prevents the overlapping of tasks as every team member is assigned a specific task.
  • Recruiterflow works as a single communication platform for complete hiring team, where recruiters can discuss their opinions about the candidates they shortlist. Also, this helps in making the hiring process transparent as the complete team can access every single detail related to the hiring process.
  • This software is very easy to use because of its simple interface.
  • It allows users to easily track applicants, which makes the hiring process efficient.
  • It saves time by automatically performing the repetitive tasks.
  • The CRM feature offered by the software makes it possible for the users to communicate with clients and applicants within the platform.
  • Recruiterflow offers high customizability and flexibility.
  • It comes with a number of useful features and that too at a reasonable price.
  • The customer support service is excellent as their response is very quick and helpful.
  • It allows users set their own recruitment process and implement it using customized features.
  • The status of applications at every hiring stage can be tracked by each and every member of the recruitment team.
  • The developers are working constantly on the updates to make the user-experience even more better.

Although the software is excellent at its work, there is a little scope of improvement in case of few of its features. For example, the evaluation tools offered by the software could be upgraded. Apart from the existing ones, there should be more features for the evaluation process. In fact, there should be different categories of evaluation tools for different job profiles. This will help in making the evaluation process more efficient. Also, the reporting tools need to be improved. Another problem is that if you really wish to design and implement an efficient recruitment process using the Recruiterflow software then it needs a great investment of time. As the process is designed by you, you are the only one who is going to decide that whether the process is working efficiently or needs to be changed at any point of time. Also, it would be very helpful if the upgraded version of this software could offer SMS campaigns. I feel it would help in increasing the response rate of the clients and the applicants. There could be a number of improvements that can make the software even more useful and efficient. But even if we do not consider those improvements, the Recruiterflow software is still performing well in the market and is being used by thousands of recruiting businesses all over the globe.