Top 10 Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

We all love travelling by train is a bliss of its own kind. We have a lot of trouble in calling at the railway’s stations to book a ticket or inquire about something. As this world is a fast moving world and needs its work to be done within no time, so here are some best railway apps Android/iphone 2023. Have a look at them and download them for a better and hassle-free work.

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Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022



Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

IRCTC allows you to check your PNR status, seat availability, ticket booking etc. You will not have any trouble in using this app. It has millions of download. It even shows the timetable for local trains and metro trains. IRCTC is the best railway app Android 2023. Use the app according to your language and explore the map for the trains. You can save the IRCTC routes and then see it offline. Download this app now and know everything right away. An app like this for Android has made our work easy.

Indian Railway Train Status

Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

It is the best railway app Android 2023. This all provides you with information related to trains. You can check the live status of the train as well as the map. You can easily book your trip by staying at home. There is no need to stand in the line and face it, crowd. You can check out the timetable of the trains, also includes berth calculator and also provides you with the information related to the trains in between. Android users can download this app and enjoy.


Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022
Delhi Mumbai Chennai Palwal is the main areas this app mostly covers. You can go paper-free with this app. e-ticket can be made from this app. you are just one step away from downloading such a good app for yourself. Enjoy this app and book tickets for your trips. You will love this simple app where you can know about trains and their timings and another enquiry if you want to know any. Best railway app Android 2023.

IRCTC Rail Connect

Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Best railway app android 2023. The smooth functioning of the app which allows you to book your ticket from it. Very good railway app where you can do tatkal booking and ladies Kota and senior citizen booking. You just have to swipe and select as per your needs. Best fits android users.

Where is my Train: Indian Railway & PNR Status


Know about the train’s schedule and the timing of it. This app is really useful and good. You can also check the PNR status as you can see from the name of the app. you can see the chart of the train and the seat availability. Best railway app Android 2023. You can also see how easily you can work on this app. It is not at all complicated. Android users are very lucky to have this app for free and can download it easily and then use it to its best.


Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

It is the best railway app android 2023. UTS allows you to book your train, cancel your train, reschedule your train. It also gives a live status of the train. You can easily track your train on your mobile. You are just one click away from downloading this amazing app on your devices. UTS app has millions of download my millions of users. Smooth functioning and simple access have made the app’s functioning good and understandable. Android friendly app.

Live Train Status


This app is a very good app for train inquiry. It gives you the permission to contact the agent and know about the train’s status. You can send a message in case of no internet. You can even book bus tickets and find hotels near the station. You can even search for the medical emergency nearby. Apart from this you can easily book the train ticket and reserve your choice of seat. You can even apply for food through this app and check the PNR status of the trains. Live train app is the best railway app Android 2023.

IRCTC Live Train


Best railway app iphone 2023. A very simple app with good features. You will get the list of cancelled trains and rescheduled trains. It also provides you with the live status of the train and the diversion of there is taking place. This app is iOS friendly app which can be downloaded for free from the app store.

Indian Rail IRCTC, PNR Status

Best Railway Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Plan your trips from this app by booking your train from this app. it will allow you to check the PNR status and the status of the train where it is and coming from or how delayed it has been. It also sets alarm if you have the train to catch. You can even pre-book your meal for your journey on the train. This app is easy to use and the automatic Reminders are there for you too. This app is Compatible with iOS users. Best railway app iOS 2023.

Indian Railway

 Railway Apps (Android/Iphone)

Best railway app iphone  2023. This app allows you to check your PNR status of the train, Arrival of the train, the running status of the train, routes of the train can be tracked. It even allows you to check the fare of the train and select the seat availability on the train. Indian railways search the trains for you and you can have the best experience from it. iOS-friendly app


These are the best railway apps Android/iOS 2023. You can download these apps for free and enjoy the service which these railway apps provide you with. They help you enough with the information from the railway stations. Online things are really good and easy to access and so are these apps. You just will not regret downloading these apps. If you found the information good then please do not forget to comment and like.

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