Everyone would love growing witty, and one of the fun ways of enhancing your wit, wisdom, and basic knowledge is playing quiz alone or challenging friends. This is an amazing way of learning. You tend to memorize faster, and you learn quite much than you can generally do with your books. But who is going to plan a quiz set up for you? Wait, smartphones have grown smarter right? Let’s check out a few amazing quiz apps 2021 that can be used in smartphones to enhance the overall knowledge and grow knowledge considerably:

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 Best Quiz Apps Android/ iPhone


1. HQ Trivia Android / iphone

Best Quiz Apps Android

HQ Trivia was last year’s breakout smash hit. This game is the closest you’ll get to an actual quiz show. Unlike other apps, HQ Quiz features a real host asking questions at pre-set times. When you answer a question correctly, you proceed to the next round—incorrectly, and you’re eliminated. In the end, remaining participants the split real prize money. While it might not be millions, you can buy a lunch or two. Games are every day at 9 PM EST and weekdays at 3 PM EST.

2. Logo Game Android

Best Quiz Apps Android

There are many quiz games on Android, but few of them are free. Logo Game is a fun, simple guessing game. It features over 2200 famous international brands and 73 levels that increase in difficulty. You’ll be surprised at how extensive the game is for one that it is totally free. It even features achievements and leaderboards.

3. 94% Android / Iphone

Best Quiz Apps Android

94% is a fun twist on the traditional quiz game format. In this app, you are given a scenario, and you need to find 94% of the scenarios that match it. Think something like Family Feud. For example, you might have to guess 94% of things people do before going to sleep. There are hundreds of questions and a variety of difficulty levels. The developers also regularly update the app with new content making it always feel fresh.

4. Quiz Your Friends Iphone

Best Quiz Apps iPhone

This game puts you in the creative seat. Quiz Your Friends gives you the ability to create the perfect customized quiz to match your interests. You can choose anything from your favorite TV shows, places, or whatever you like. You can save the quiz for later or send it out to all your friends immediately and test their skills out yourself.

5. Popcorn Trivia Android

Best Quiz Apps Android

Popcorn Trivia has become one of the most popular mobile quiz games. This fun quiz is designed by movie buffs for movie buffs. Each week the developers add new movies in categories spanning across the genres.

6. DK Quiz iphone

Best Quiz Apps iPhone

DK Quiz is another amazing quiz game. This free app contains over 100 quizzes ranging with topics from science and history to food and music. The game features leaderboards, so you compete against friends and check your rankings across all players.

7. Quizup android

Best Quiz Apps Android

The first options on this list are great for playing solo or killing a few minutes as you wait for the train. Quizup takes the competition to the next level where you pit yourself against friends and opponents PVP style. Whoever answers questions faster than the other does gets the points. There is a broad variety of categories, and the game expands across more and more of them as it progresses. Special categories also debut during holiday seasons and big movie premieres. For those looking for a more social experience, this is a great choice.

8. Trivia Only Android

Best Quiz Apps Android

Trivia Only shares some overlap with QuizUp, but it’s definitely an app to keep an eye on. The app has not only standard, classic quiz game staples, but also features fun little mini-games that put a twist on the quiz app format. If you are looking to sample next year’s most popular game, then download this one.

9. Quizoid Android

Best Quiz Apps Android

Quizoid is on the of the classic Android quiz games. With over 7,000 trivia questions, this game will truly test your skills. It also features three dynamic modes—classic, 20 questions, and arcade—along with full offline functionality. It’s definitely worth the $2.99 Premium Upgrade unlocking an additional 3,000 questions, extra game modes, and hints.

10. Trivia 360 Android

Best Quiz Apps Android

Trivia 360 is a newer app that combines the most fun aspects of a variety of quiz games. It features thousands of questions mixed up in true/false, riddle and a range of other styles. The interface is easy to use, and US players will love the landmark questions that will test their memory of grade school geography

11.Logo Quiz Android

Best Quiz Apps Android 2020

This is a free application that offers amazing features to Android users. Most of the users find it a perfect app, and it stands out to the user’s expectations. There are niches which can be chosen by you and you can find your questions regarding the niches. Some of the amazing niches are food quiz, guess the color, slogans, minimalist, expert mode and the levels keep coming with the updates. You can find many smalls logos in the app as well. Above all, there are 52 levels which will be elevated with your approaches to play. There are even hints provided for the user so that he or she can guess the answer with the help of that.

12.Logo Quiz Android

Top 10 Best Quiz Apps Android 2020

This is another application that can help you sort the questions and answers of Quiz. You can even use the voice input feature. You can even view many questions in your favorite niche. There is even a feature of getting the quiz questions downloaded in PDF format. Hence, you can always go for such an application that can bring the best in you and can help you come across amazing questions that can boost your intellect and help you become aware of many things.

13.Boggle with Friends Android / iphone

Top 10 Best Quiz Apps Android 2020

This is a classic application that comes in the mobile format. You can invite any person close to you to like your family and friends through the link. This application levels up your awareness and enriches your knowledge gradually. You can quiz up with your friends which is a great thing to do that boosts the wit of each individual. You can choose the niche on which you want to play. The best part is you can even invite the family and friends who are either IOS or Android users. Hence, this is an amazing pass time for the people.

14.Psych! Outwit Your Friends Android / Iphone

Best Quiz Apps Android 2020

This is an application that has something new to look up to. This application has amazing features and works amazingly in involving the user completely. You will have to earn points which can only be possible if you give correct answers. You can even find answers to your questions. This is a pure knowledge hub where you can get a lot of scopes to learn about the niche that you want. You can even take part in the online co petitions. Not just this, but you are even free to share this with your family and friends and spice up your time creatively with this.

15.Heads up Android / Iphone

Quiz Apps Android 2020

Heads up is a perfect family thing. This application can also be a great way to make the best out of the time together and play something creatively. This adds up to the knowledge of the people, and the questions can differ from person to person on the niche one chooses. This app keeps a watchful eye on the players who guess the name of a book or a song or an individual taking a hint from the actions of the friends acting out for the player. This is an amazing modern app.

Getting the Most Out of Your Quiz Games

There are many amazing quiz games you can check out. However, most of the games generate their revenue from advertisements. For this reason, you need to protect your personal data stored on mobile by using a VPN. With a VPN, your network connection is protected, so you don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.