If you are an avid professional gamer, then you must be aware of the struggle of charging a PSP. It is rare to find an ardent gamer who has no complaint about the battery life of these pocket gaming consoles. PSP games have the ability to grab the eyeballs because of their realistic graphics, better texture, and smooth controlling. But it is equally true that these facilities require high battery backup. Every gamer knows how frustrating it gets as his PSP dies when he is on the verge of winning combat. Yes, we feel the pain! The struggle seems so real irrespective of the fact that the gamer is professional or not. After all, who loves to lose a high voltage game because of low battery issues? 

When it comes to PSP chargers, there are a plethora of options available. Each one has its own USP. But it is extremely necessary to choose the best one for enhancing your gaming experience. Seeing so many options, you must be confused. When each and every charger advert is screaming of uniqueness, it gets too challenging to make a well-informed decision. 

Don’t worry as we have got you covered. After doing extensive research, we have come up with the list of top 15 PSP chargers that will definitely solve all your PSP charging issues. Here’s have a look at what we have got for you:

1.Insten Wall AC Adapter:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

This one is our personal favorite. It enables you to charge your PSP smoothly without any interruption. It gives a tough competition to other chargers available for PSP charging. This is a newbie on the list but has impressed a lot of gamers with its charging capacity. 

The adapter is accompanied with universal voltage input. This enables you to move across the world without having to carry a heavy voltage converter. While you are sitting lazily like a couch potato or are driving, this charger allows you to charge your PSP on the go. The charger needs to be used with a USB cable supported by the PSPgo system. It is light in weight, and thus you can carry it anywhere you want to. The best part is that it does not cost you a fortune. All you need to pay is $12.89. Indeed a great deal, right!

2.Dotop PSP 2000 3000 AC Wall Adapter Power Charger:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

This is again one of the most popular chargers. Gamers are quite in love with this one. Because of its features, it has made a special place in the world of PSP chargers. It comes with a worldwide input voltage of 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. The charger is absolutely safe for use as it is equipped with OVP, OCP, and SCP protection. The device has no compatibility issues at all. You can use it for charging Sony PSP 2000, PSP 3000, and a whole lot of other devices. This one, too, is compact and lightweight. So you can carry it even when you are going to your workplace or are out with your friends. If you are thinking of the price, then let us inform you that it costs just $8.39. If by paying this much amount, you get to play your favorite PSP game for much longer, then it is definitely worth the shot.

3.Leegoal AC Wall Adapter Power Charger:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

We cannot give a miss to this PSP charger while curating the list of top 15 PSP chargers for you. It is a highly reliable option. You can trust this charger for efficiently charging your PSP console. It allows you to charge your PSP while on the go. You can keep up with all the activities, and it will charge your PSP meanwhile. The charger supports 100V-240V, 50/60Hz. Here is no need to worry as the device is 100% compatible with OEM. A unique feature that this charger offers to the users is that it enhances the brightness of the screen to 200 cd/m2. It gives substantial performance when used with different versions of PSP. It costs just $9.99. You should definitely give it a try. 

4.Universal 5 in 1 Car DC charger:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

As the name suggests, this one is a multipurpose charger. You can use this 5 in 1 car DC charger for charging five different devices. Basically, its function is to charge the PSP, USB, DSi, NDS, and DS Lite. So if you have these abovementioned devices and you need to charge them frequently, then this charger can be your ideal choice. Opting for this charger will definitely be an economical move. You will get to charge five different devices with just a single charger. You have to pay just $5.49 for this amazing charger. So if you are running low on budget and need something economical, Universal 5 in 1 charger is the answer.

5.PSP 2000 Battery Charger:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

This charger id quite unique. It allows you to charge your PSP battery outside the PSP unit. So you need to take out the battery, and the charger will do the rest for you. You have to use it with a PSP adapter. This is again a budget option for you. Also, a point worth mentioning is that it does not heat up your device like other chargers because you get to charge the PSP battery outside.

6.Sony PSP Power Outlet AC Adapter Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

If you are looking for a top-notch charger for your PSP 2000 or PSP 3000, then Sony PSP Power Outlet AC Adapter Charger can be of great help to you. It is available for US 110-240V AC wall outlets. It takes just 3 hours to charge your PSP console fully. It enables you to play your favorite PSP games without having to worry about the battery draining out. This charger is about 1.8 metre or 6 feet long. No need to worry about the budget as it costs just $9.96.

7.GuangMaoBo Black New Home Wall Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

If you are tired of your unresponsive or faulty PSP charger, then do try this option. It is compatible with PSP 100/ 2000/ 3000. It is again a new arrival in this niche and is known for its astounding performance. It is compact and portable. This charger is suitable for charging your PSP on the go. It costs about $8.99 and thus suits your budget.

8.PSP car adaptor:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

Its best part is that it has 10 feet long cord. So you can charge it from a long distance too. This means you can use the charger from the back seat of your car. You need to pay just $4.99. This is indeed a great budget option.

9.Gomadic Advanced Rapid Wall AC Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

This charger comes with a foldable plug. It is suitable for utilisation at home as well as while traveling. It has a customized circuit design. This charger is purely based upon the latest power regulation. The state-of-the-art internal circuitry prevents overcharging, short-circuiting, power surges, etc. Also, it helps in extending the battery life of your PSP device. You need to pay just $19.56 for acquiring this highly beneficial PSP charger.

10.Wiresmith AC Power Adapter Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

This charger offers a lightning-fast charging facility. It is a heavy-duty charger for your PC and is highly durable.  The plastic polymer coating will keep the charger protected from frays and breakage. It is compatible with the PSP Vita 1000 system. It costs around $12.99 and is thus a budget option.

11.Datel Sony PSP Battery Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

This is a very cute looking charger for your PSP. It comes with a stand. The entire look of the device is quite attractive. This charger offers fast charging and prevents overheating of the PSP console. If you are low on budget, then this one can be quite useful.

 12.KMD PSVita AC Adapter Home Charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

This one is quite unique as it comes in two parts. It a completely reliable, safe, and secure charger for your PSP. This charger is compatible with both old PSP models and slim PSP. The charger is available in black color only. You are required to pay an amount of $7.90. 

13.PSP 1000-3000 car charger:

Best PSP Chargers 2020

This charger is compatible with PSP 1000/ 2000/3000. With the help of this charger, you can charge your device while playing heavy-duty games. Rest assured, as there will be no lagging issues. This is one of the cheapest options in our list as it costs just $5.99. 

14.Yan_3X AC Adapter Wall charger

Best PSP Chargers 2020

Again, this is a new arrival in the market. You can use it for charging PSP 1000/2000/3000.  It has a medium power cord, which makes the charging process convenient. It is available for just $15.96. So you need not worry much about it disturbing your budget. 

15.OEM Sony PSP-380 5V 1500 mA AC adapter:

 Best PSP Chargers 2020

It is compatible with PSP 1000/2000/3000. It has original OEM support. It is quite light in weight and can be carried easily from one place to another. It can be on the top of your purchase list if you are looking for a low budget, effective, and safe PSP charger.


So, these are our top 15 picks of PSP chargers for 2020. If you are plagued by the issue of battery drainage and overheating, then all you need to do is to go through this elaborate list. Choose any one, and you are good to go. Hope this article proves handy to you.