When the scenario is all about gaming, the Anime games never fail to conquer the throne. However, animation and plot designing are two main key features that are responsible for their appreciable fan following. Regardless of territory, Anime game publications have a firm grip in the world of gaming all over the globe. These games leave their watermark in people hearts even after a long succession of years from their release. So these are the best PSP Anime games 2021.

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 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Welcome to the whole different dimension of horror and thrill. Released way back in 2011, this is an RPG, third-person perspective adventure game. Even after nine long years, this game never fails to chill your spine till today. Those creepy animations and spine-chilling music may give you horrifying nightmares. There are many fascinating characters, and, the game algorithm allows you to make in-built decisions. The game is a sequel of the corpse party series and, probably the best in the segment.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Based on authentic basketball, this is a PSP simulation game based on the Japanese sports Manga. Released on 20th February 2014, this RPG game remains to be a final choice in the PSP domain. Besides basketball, the game also highlights the emotions of players. A unique and versatile combination that conquers sports Anime games and probably the best in the segment. Facing; fierce rivalry, the game is not as simple as it looks. Still, this game manages to be on the list and is worth playing in 2021.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

To be precise, this game is just an anime version of Mortal Kombat. Released to the PSP domain in 2008, this game is of an arcade genre. With dozens of fascinating characters with versatility in fighting skills, the game is just a phenomenal piece of animation. The game allows you to choose your character as well as your rival. The main objective is to drain your enemy’s health by consecutive strikes and signature maneuvers.  Try to hit combos and strike to activate your character’s absolute power.  Summing up, this game compels you to play for an extended period of hours.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

On the contrary, this game is not an online game. This game is similar to other MMORPGs. You can upgrade your weapons and set your journey in this epic saga. Completing missions, indulging in fights with, several characters, this game is a comprehensive package. Released way back in 2009, the game is of a role-playing, single-player game. The speaking about the fascinating party of the game is the protagonist ‘Kirito.’ She can possess a maximum limit of 10 weapons. Thus, the game makes its way to the list.

Released in 2010 in the PSP domain, this game highlights the Japanese manga series ‘bleach. “Heat the soul: 7” is probably the best in the segment with a couple of new modifications. You can now play a four-player mode and, face giants in the game. A three-dimensional and sharp animation are the key features responsible for customer attraction. Players can enjoy playing with two modes of play. The ‘story mode’ and the ‘Mission mode.’ Unlike other emulator games, this game has got better and upgraded features in it.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Though this game might seem overrated as is deprived of three-dimensional animations, still it has set its foot in the gaming world. This game was released in 2006 as an education simulation game. It is entirely genuine to expect it’s overrated graphics. On the other hand, this game won’t let you complain about its contents. Players get an option of gender preferences of the protagonist, as both these have to face different challenges. Elizabeth or Theodore, what one would you choose?


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Announced on 15 August 2015, it was released a year later on 25 August 2015. This game is a single-player, action RPG. Based on the ‘Black Rock Shooter’ franchise, this game has more modernized content. The protagonist of the story is a female character who defends her planet from alien invasions. However, this piece of work was appreciated in the United States. Therefore, this game deserves to be in this hall of fame. 


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Released on 20 September 2012, this anime game takes the content to a whole new level. An action-adventure Anime game with multiple characters is accepted over the entire globe. Additionally, these players can switch the characters with different abilities and weapons of choice in the game. Thus, the game is feature-loaded and, remains to be people’s choice and a part of the list.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

For the sake of simplicity, you can denote this game as the Anime version of the Need for Speed series. Released on 20 February 2006, this game is of an arcade racing genre. There are more than 25 characters in the entire game and dozens of options for automobiles. This game has similar controls to that of all racing games. Even after 14 years, this anime masterpiece is a choice for many racing aspired players. 


Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Who doesn’t like to be a savior and save the world as superheroes do? Well, this game provides you with an opportunity to do so. Released on 20 September 2012, this game is of an action RPG genre. The protagonist of the content is Kotetsu, aka Wild Tiger. He is a superhero and battles against city criminals and saves the day to bring justice. Players can also switch characters in different modes within the story. Consequently, this game deserves to be on the list.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

For the sake of simplicity, this game is an anime version of the Power Ranger series. Released 8 years ago on 29th November 2012, this game probably had the most futuristic approach. Anime games that had more graphic content are likely to survive in the gaming market. This is why, this fighting genre game had more chances of survival, and it has been a foremost choice of play for many players. 


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

With excellent graphics and a more futuristic sense of approach, this game was launched way back on 15th September 2005. It’s generally hard to believe how the makers of the game were able to connect with such a modernized sense of animation. This shooting RPG game was the best when it launched. To date, this anime game makes it hard to compete for its rivals. The game’s visualization is focused on Artificial intelligence and the hard-core level of villains. Due to its rich content, it gets its place on the list.  


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Who would forget Naruto’s Great Ball Rasengan? Well, this game has taken Anime gaming to a whole new level. With multiple characters and more than a hundred of individual battles, a new set of anime characters including large giants were added in this game. The center of attraction of this unique game that makes it more exhilarating is the 360° rotating camera. With all these features loaded inside, makes this game a complete package of an RPG fighting genre. 


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

Published by Konami on 2nd July 2014, this game is of an adventure, rhythm genre. This anime game has more historical and musical content. You are a protagonist back in the mid 19th century in the Bakumatsu era in Japan. It was the time when only heaven’s songs were allowed to sing. You, along with your mates, protruding out from the masses, bring a rock revolution. People get more attached when history is involved. Therefore, this game owns the list.


 Best PSP Anime Games 2020

The Idolmaster Shiny Festa has a huge fan following. Published way back on 25th October 2012, this game is similar to the previous Bakumatsu Rock. The format of simulation is the core concept used in making this piece of anime game. Here, you have to engage the audience towards yourself to gain popularity. So, use the music skills, and break-through the noise to reach your audience. Besides, Bakumatsu Rock, this game is probably in the second preference. Still, it manages to survive in this gaming world. 


Anime games brought a revolution decade ago and substantially maintaining continuity in this process. All credits go to these masterpieces mentioned above. The projection of Anime games has increased in the past few years and grow at an exponential rate. These games are based upon Manga content, that is a wise strategy to boost the production. In the beginning, these games seem to be enigmatic, but they leave a watermark in your heart. The Anime games are evergreen and, you can play for hours without getting bored. Therefore, get these collections to experience a new world of gaming.