Top 15 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2023

Puzzle games are a choice of all kinds of people, may they be intellectual people trying to boost their deduction skills or players looking for a hearty time pass with a puzzle game that comes forth as a story. Various types of puzzle games exist, from gem shifting games and connecting gems games being the simplest in terms of difficulty to the crime scene, life simulating, and platform-based games being the milestone of puzzle games. Graphics plays a very important role in puzzle games. Not every 3D game is appealing; some 2D games are challenging and integral to the entire puzzle gaming industry. Some of them are extremely logical, some are supernatural, and some are disturbing. They are disturbing because they depict the harsh realities of life and unnaturally sad stories.

Here are some of the handpicked puzzle games for PS4 which you won’t like to miss out. 

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The Witness (2016)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022


This game is a hall of fame in the puzzle genre. Developed and published by Thekla, Inc., nobody had expected it to shake the stats and ranks of the gaming market. It was released on 26th January 2016 for Windows and Play Station 4.
This game is based on an unknown island where the player plays an unknown character that goes around the island to find absurd formations and structures. The game’s main objective is to activate 11 turrets around a mountain, which would all shed light o the top of the mountain unlocking the final puzzle of the game.

Inside (2016)


 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

It is hard to believe, but this game has a perfect ‘10’ rating on steam. This is a milestone that not even a handful of games have received. The game was released on 23rd August 2016 for PS4. Its award list is just never-ending but, considering the best only; it got the 13th BAFTA games award for artistic development, game design, narrative, and Original property; The Game Award for Best Art Direction in 2016 and also stood third in the Game of The Year rankings.
The player of the game takes control over an unnamed character exploring 2.5D environments around him. The game depicts the sadness and darkness of life. It is represented by the monochromatic backgrounds and almost silent gameplay.

The Talos Principle (2014)


 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

This is yet another brilliant game that got a perfect ‘10’ rating on steam. Developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital, it was released in October 2015 for PS4. The game received many awards and the top award being the Puzzle Game of the year award in 2015.
The game consists of 120 puzzles in different environments, places filled with plants, deserts, snowy peaks, and stone ruins. The player controls a robot with futuristic technology and possesses human consciousness. The game runs in the first and third-person modes. There are more than 100 puzzles with astounding graphics. The game aims to collect ‘sigils’ by solving puzzles and exploring the open-world environment.

Moss (2018)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Developed and published by Polyarc, the game is a masterpiece in the puzzle gaming genre. This was the first and the most critically acclaimed V.R. game related to puzzle solving. It is possible to play it either in the first or the third-person perspective. It was only released for two platforms, PS4 and Windows. The former was released in February 2018 and the latter released in June 2018. It has also received awards at the 2019 N.A.V.G.R. (National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers) awards for the best control design and best Virtual Reality Direction. The game has a very interesting plot which is quite supernatural and fantasy-based.

Limbo (2010)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

It is a very well known platform based puzzle game developed and published by Playdead. It was released for PS4 on 24th February 2015. 

The game is a 2D game where the player controls a nameless boy at the ‘edge of hell’. The game has a really dark setting. It looks quite vintage and grainy. The location of the gameplay is like a rainforest where a titanic spider tries to kill you. There is a very less human presence in the game. The only people present in the game are either dead or want you dead.

The Last Guardian (2011)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

It was developed by S.E.I. Japan Studio and GenDesign. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on 6th December 2011. 

The player plays as a boy who befriends a Half-bird-half-cat named Trico. Trico is chained at the starting of the game. Upon freeing Trico, they set out on an adventure. The aim is to avoid ghostly soldiers who attack you and fight off armoured creatures who attack you. The setting of the game is at a place called Nest present in a deep valley.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (2015)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

This is a brilliant adventure puzzle game released on 12th August 2015 for PS4. It is developed by Starbreeze Studios and was published by 505 Games. The game has a 3rd person perspective, and the player has to control two brothers simultaneously.

The characters in the game are Naiee and Naia who are the two brothers controlled by the player. Their mother is no more as she has drowned to death, and the game is all about collecting water from the Tree of Life to save their dying father. 

Valiant Hearts: The Great War (2014)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

This game has a ‘perfect’ steam ranking of 10. It was released on 25th June 2014 for PS4. It was developed and published by Ubisoft. It is the best narrative game regarding war, as much effort has gone into its making. The developers have collected real-life stories from World War II war veterans as the game revolves around the 1st World War.
The player controls four characters in the game according to their involvement with the story. They are Anna, the Belgian nurse, Freddie, the American soldier, Emile the Frenchman, and Karl, Emile’s German Son-in-law. It has $ chapters with several sections.


 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by E.A., Unravel released in the February of 2016 for PS4. It is a great platform puzzle game. 

The player plays as the character named Yarny, and it is made of red yarn (as the name suggests). The objective of the game is to solve puzzles and to tackle creatures that might hurt you.  

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuma) (2014)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Developed by Upper One Games and published by e-line Media, it is a game of wisdom and culminates wisdom through its interactive gameplay. It was released on 18th November 2014 for PS4. 

The player plays the role of Nuna and her arctic fox. Nuna lives in a village, and the main objective of the game is to find the reason for the blizzard that destroyed her village.

Escape Plan (2012)

Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Developed by Fun Bits Interactive, Santa Monica Studio and Wholesome Algorithm; published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this game was released for PS4 on 29th November 2013.

 It is a really fun puzzle game where you control Lil and Large. The aim of the game is to lead these two characters out of rooms filled with booby-traps. There are simple traps like single brick paths to complicated traps like swinging hammers or axes. The player needs to escort them out of the room safely by drawing paths and disabling traps. If you fail, the character dies awfully and gruesomely. 

Q.U.B.E. 2 (2015)

Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Though it might sound ridiculous, the game stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion. It is an expansion of a game that was initially developed as a student project. It was developed by Toxic Games and was jointly published by Toxic Games and Grip Digital. It was released for PS4 on 21st July 2015.
Players play on with their avatar where they are stuck in an unfamiliar environment wearing a suit and special gloves. The gloves help them to interact with the environment. Players receive orders from Commander Nowak, a lady who contacts through radio.

Bridge Constructor Portal (2017)

Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

Developed by Clockstone and published by Headup Games, this was released for PS4 on 28th February 2018. The game is a simulation puzzle game which, as its name suggests, is a bridge construction game.
The game works in the portal series universe where the engineering simulator tasks the players to construct bridges to make trucks travel from one place to another. These player’s efforts are stopped by turrets, laser fields and require a clear insight of portals and launching pads.

Tetris Ultimate (2014)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

There is no gamer living on earth that hasn’t played Tetris at least once in their lifetime. Love it or hate it, Tetris is one of the best puzzle games to date. Developed by SoMa Play and published by Ubisoft, Tetris Ultimate was released for PS4 on 16th December 2014.
It is a brick simulator game where you have to fill layers or horizontal lines of boxes/gems to create space. Once the box is vertically filled, the game is over.

Human: Fall Flat (2016)

 Best PS4 Puzzle Games 2022

It is a well-crafted funny puzzle game developed by No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital. It was released for PS4 on 9th May 2017.
The player takes control over ‘B.O.B.,’ a customizable human. The versatility of the levels and enormity of various solutions present is what players love about it. There are multiple solutions to each level, and they are themed differently.
Puzzle games are great for mental development and for relaxation caused by the open-world wandering in the great environment. Give one of these games a try, and we assure you, you wouldn’t regret it.