17 Best PS4 Mech Games 2023 (Latest Released)

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So, I was getting bored after playing all kinds of games on my Playstation, and IT WAS MORE TEDIOUS when I went outside my home because I realized I was an average human. But in the game world, I always feel myself no less than a superhero. But I know I am a superhero because a supervillain exists in the game, but in the real world, Who is like an alien or monster?

Uf Course, Our so-called “friends”!

I wanted to try some unique kinds of games full of action and adventure. And then I came to the Mech games for PS4. For your information, Mech games are those games that have a theme of Mechanical men or robots, etc. 

So, In this article, I, Shyami- Your Tech-Mech friend, brought you the

17 Best ps4 Mech games to be played in 2023. 

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 Best PS4 Mech Games 2023

The game lets the player select from 12 giant mechs. Each mech has special qualities and unique skill sets. They have great finishers and special moves as well. There are four modes in the game which are campaign mode, local versus, online versus, and co-op mode. Real cities and countries inspire four amazing arenas. More locations are added with every update. Currently, the best arenas are Tokyo, Egypt, Mexico, and San Francisco. The game also has a garage for modifying the mechs according to your choice. You can customize the look of your mech as well as the accessories it has.

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 Best PS4 Mech Games 2023

The game is a first-person shooting game, and the player controls a soldier of a group called the ‘Pilots’ who can control mech robots referred to as ‘titans’ in the game. This game is an online multiplayer game. The game is set on devastated colonies of the Frontier. Frontier is a space exploration zone and is also known as the Frontier Militia. There are two factions in each game which consists of five players each. The first faction is called Marauder Corps, also known as the ‘Militia,’ and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, known as the ‘IMP.’ The team’s objective is to defeat the other team in the deathmatch to capture a spaceship called ‘Redeye.’

Strike Suit: Zero 

Best PS4 Mech Games 2023

It is a spaceship battle game. The player can choose one of the four spaceships. The ships are the primary strike ship, interceptor, bomber, and fighter. The spaceships are equipped with great weapons like plasma cannons, lasers, guided missiles, semi-homing missiles, manual rockets, swarm missiles, homing missiles, Anti-captain ship missiles, and machine guns. This game is a 3D version of space shooting arcade games and is the reason for their elimination from the market. It has energy-based weapons, which limit their use. The game is a bit tricky as fighter mode, and strike mode is forms of any ship, and through the fights, the player needs to shift from one form to another effectively.

Project Nimbus

best mech games

The game is a fast-paced action game from the third-person perspective. The game is set on the earth of the future, which is utterly devastated and completely deserted. The player controls a humanoid with weapons that battle with enemies. The humanoid uses guns, cannons, and missiles, but the most important weapon it yields is a bladed sword which is its primary weapon. The game gives complete freedom to the players. The player can fly, shoot and do whatever is possible in the bounds of the game. The main objective of the game is to defeat bosses and their subordinates.

War Tech Fighters

 Best PS4 Mech Games

It is a great robot action game and is a very raw game. The fights are fleshy, and the controls are very easy to master. The narrative is very great, and the build-up for the plot was amazing. You control the mech of your choice and design it yourself. It has special moves, finishers and great weapons. The animations and the graphics are so detailed that they leave players spellbound. Everything in this game is neatly perfected, starting from the sounds to the action. 

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

best mech games

This one of the best mech-based first-person shooting games ever made for PS4 to be played with VR. The player controls ‘Rigs’. The game is mostly regarding five-minutes playing time for two competing teams consisting of three players each to dominate each other. Other than the classic deathmatch, there are other playing modes as well. The team takedown mode makes the players race against each other in terms of takedowns. There is a power slam mode which is like a landing aimer game. You jump into a ring but, to gain power for your jump, you will have to take down enemy robots. The last and the most innovative mode is the warzone which features a three-player American football match between mechs.   


best mech games

It is free to play the online multiplayer battle game. The player controls the giant robot which can fly in the air and walk on the land. It can attack from anywhere as well. The player can create small units and put them on the battlefield for them to fight. There are many special units to be picked up during a match. Pilots and mechs can be purchased by kudos which is earned by winning matches and completing challenges. There are many game modes like warzone, challenges, capture the flag, player vs player, survival, co-op and solo. All these games have different demands and winning criteria.


ps4 mech games

The game is a completely stealth driven game. The player controls as shooters who are involved in a great war fought between Ruthenia and Harmonia, which are two neighbouring countries. There are fourteen chapters in the game, and the player controls 3 characters in the game. You play through each character’s individual story. The first character is Mikhail, a pilot who survived a while his fellow soldiers died. The second character was Olga, a former soldier and police captain of a Ruthenian town when it was a part of Garmonia. The final character is Leonid, a former rebel leader who is accused of a murder.  

Zone of Enders

 Best PS4 Mech Games 2023

It is a great third-person shooting and hacks ‘n’ slash game. The player controls ‘Orbital Frame’ Jehuty, who is a master weapon-wielding mech robot. The game events turn up due to a character called Dingo who comes and hides inside the Jehuty suit to protect him from being attacked by Ken Marineris. The mechanical fights are quite astounding and stunning. The players would thoroughly enjoy playing this game.

Mini-Mech Mayhem

 Best PS4 Mech Games

This is a quite funny yet interesting mech game. The game is more of a turn-based strategy game. The player starts the game by customizing a cute robot by changing each individual part and colouring it as they like it. Make sure to complete the tutorial properly. Every match has four movement directions for your robot and eight directions in which it can fire. It has emoticons, dance moves, and amazing weapons. Getting the most points by defeating your enemies helps you win.    

New Gundam Breaker

 Best PS4 Mech Games

The game is a visual novel, and each chapter ends with an amazing 3-on-3 or 2-on-2 fight between mechs. The game doesn’t aim at a deathmatch. The main concern of the game is to earn scores by completing the messages. Many side missions also pop up while a mission is continuing. The reflexes of the player need to be impeccable so that they can seize any opportunity with both hands and save themselves from many enemies as they always outnumber you. The AI of the enemy mechs start slow but, gradually becomes stronger.

Metal Wolf Chaos

 Best PS4 Mech Games

It is a great 3rd person shooting game. The player controls the fictional President of the US named Michael Wilson, who controls a mech to lead a fight against a military rebellion led by the VP named Richard Hawk. A large arsenal of weapons is at your dispense. The environment is destructible. You also have additional missions to save hostages and collect energy pods. These side missions provide you with special weapons and gain you a shield to protect you from enemy attacks. The enemies should be destroyed within the allotted time.

Virtual On: Cyber Troopers

 Best PS4 Mech Games

It is a great fighting game with versus mode. It is quite unlikely to see such an old game up the list, but the quality and the things this game offers don’t deserve to be ignored. The earth is in a modern era where humans migrate to other planets to set up colonies, leaving behind a piece of technology. The technology is used to make robots for battle called ‘Virtuaroids.’ The game is simple, defeat your enemy with the virtuaroid of your choice in two of the three rounds fought. There is also a large catalog of weapons, starting from guns to missiles.

Just Cause 3

PS4 Mech Games

Just cause it is one of the most popular games already. The player controls Rico Rodriguez in this open-world third-person shooting and stunt game. The entire map has five different zones with unique features. The physics might be exaggerated but, it differs from the other Just Cause games as it has a special wingsuit. But, this game features many mechanical soldiers, and the game’s technology is always top-notch, and there is no doubt about it.

Hardcore Mecha

PS4 Mech Games

This game is one of the most interesting platform games in which the player controls the character of a super robot with a great weapon yielding capacity. The players can choose from various mech suits, including a macros-inspired suit that transforms and a completely American military-styled mech. It also features an advanced suite with super punches and lasers. Some levels demand a skyscraper-sized mech fighting for the player, and that’s quite interesting. There are also some space combats.
Upon observing this list, there is a fair possibility that you would recall games from the list which your friend suggested you play but, you forgot to play it. Well, it is never late to play a game. Try now. Enjoy these games and tell your friends about them.


Best PS4 Mech Games

The Electronic art store develops the game. The match is perfect for those who want to play a mech game with the spices of adventure. The game is like Mass effects meet Destiny crossed with Warframe. It takes elements from both Mass effects and Destiny crossed. Learn more about the storyline. K

Storyline- The world is left incomplete by the Gods. But there is a shadowy faction threatening all Mankind because there is no God. But some warriors are standing between this ancient technology and these villains. There are 4 warriors, and you will play the role of one of them. Join the team and assemble the high-tech, hand-crafted, and uniquely powerful exosuits. The game takes you on an adventurous journey of vast ruins, deadly enemies of battles, and other world artifacts. With every victory of each combat, you gain more power and your exosuit. As a warrior, you must fight all the dangers of an ever-changing world. All four warriors need to be united to defeat the evil spirits. 

Here are some of its unique features to know before downloading any other game. 

  • Hero Individual, Triumph united- There are four different heroes in the game with different powers and skill sets. They need to complete the task individually but ultimately defeat the evil; They will be united to triumph. You will go on an adventurous journey with three of your teammates. Each player’s role will be based on the choice of their exosuit and will decide the contribution and strategic position in the team. 
  • Choose the customizable exosuit- Yes, the game gives you the freedom to choose the exosuit in your way. You can customize your exosuit from arsenal. Each unique exosuit will display the different power and capabilities.
  • Explore the ever-changing world full of mystery- The game is about the thrill of dangers in the ever-changing world. The whole game is to discover some mystery parallel to save the world from shadow evil. The challenges are with the Anthem’s visually spectacular, evolving, open-world features where unpredictable conditions, hazards, and enemies exist.
  • Star ratings- 4.0
  • Price- $14.99 

Assault Suit Leynos 

Best PS4 Mech Games


If you love action games in a world full of robots, You have reached the destination. The Assault Suit Leynos is a classic reawaken of the old version, but this time into a high definition. Be ready for the high-definition robotic war with the ultimate alien-blasting experience. Read the theme of the game; it will help you better understand it. 

Theme- the earth is suffering in the aftermath of the fourth world war. Resources are scarce, and this made the nations rivals to each other. And the cause of most of the rivalry is an uneasy truce between the countries to reach the stars or other planets for survival. Humans settled colonies there and mined the resources. Everything is going in favor of humans. And it seems like a ray of hope to survive on another planet. But just as peace finally seems possible, an unknown enemy emerges from the farthest region of space, and it comes to threaten the human species. To stop him, humans need to deploy an assault suit squadron. 

Here are some unique features that make the game worth playing. 

  • The best-in-class audio visuals- The game upgraded itself from an old-school Mega drive classic design to fresh HD visuals and sounds up to date for PlayStation 4 and PC. The new audio visuals make the game for the modern young generation.
  • The unique concept of Alien vs. Robots- the Hollywood-like concept of a battle between Alien vs. Robots make it special. Here you will not face a common enemy; You need to wear the Assault suit and jump into the war to face the unknown mysterious alien menace to send him back into space. 
  • Full of unique devastating weapons- If you have bored playing the standard guns etc. You can try the game as you will find unique and special weapons to destroy a common enemy. By completing each submission, you upgrade yourself and unlock some unique and more powerful weapons.
  • The massive number of game modifiers- the game lets you play with many game modifiers. You can unlock the different modes here by mixing up the Arcade Mode Gameplay or traditional way according to your wish. 
  • Star Ratings- 4.5
  • Price- $49.95 

That is it for today, guys! I hope you have come to some different and unique Mech games for your PS or PC. And I am sure there must be more than one game you want to play from the list. Then do not hesitate to buy them one by one by clicking the link below. I am sure you will get a new world experience full of robots through all the games above. I like the mech games in the action gaming genre. Hence, I am preparing a recent article about the series’ success. 

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