15 Best PS4 Hunting Games (Latest Released) 2023

Hunting is one of the things that have continued since the evolution of man.

People cannot hunt nowadays because most of the animals are vulnerable to extinction. Hunt has been a sport for kings for years. There was a time around the world when hunters were hugely respected and reputed. Animal skins and animal heads are kept as a trophy.

In that era, there were three types of hunters. The first ones killed animals for a living, selling their body parts or keeping the meat for food, and selling the skin for leather. The second type of hunter was the ones who killed animals to save themselves, and that was all that they were looking forward to.

The third type of hunter was the one who killed animals to gain fame and keep the heads as a trophy. Hunting has gone out of fashion because it was causing damage to the ecosystem but, that’s a sport that is still alive in the hearts of people.

People love to hunt but, in games. Games are keeping this outdated sport and art of survival alive.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Best PS4 Hunting Game

Developed by IllFonic and published by Sony Interactive Entertainments, it is a first-person shooting multiplayer game. It was released on 24th April 2023. The gameplay is very simple, yet the logic used is quite great. A total of 5 players play the game online. One of them controls a predator, and four others are special ops, military agents. It is a four on one challenge. The predator is more powerful to avoid being weakened by the number game. The objective of the game is to kill the drug lord after gathering Intel. But, the key feature of the game is the military vs. predator fight. The player who eliminates the predator takes control over the predator, and the player previously controlling the predator is now a military agent.

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Hunting simulator

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game is developed and published by Bigben. This is one of the best hunting simulators in the market. The game features more than 35 animals combining both big and small animals. These animals include predators, water birds, and other animals. It has four major game modes. The campaign mode has more than 100 missions with objectives and primary targets, waterfowl hunting or duck shooting, free hunting mode to progress slowly and develop your skills, and the Trap-ball mode, which sets a time limit and helps you improve your shooting skills. It features many weapons and accessories that can be used to your advantage.

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The Hunter: Call of the Wild

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game is developed by Expansive Worlds and is published by Avalanche Studios Group. It was released on 16th February 2017 for PS4. Real-life locations largely influence the locations of the game. Fifteen animals come with the average game, while a total of 54 animals are present if you buy the entire bundle. It features many breeds of animals. The graphics are elegant, and there are many kinds of shotguns, rifles, pistols, and bow that can be used in this hunting simulator.

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Legendary Fishing

Best PS4 Hunting Game

Developed by SIMS and published by Ubisoft, it is the most realistic fishing game. 

It has three game modes, and all of them are quite astounding. It has more than 20 varieties of fishes to catch. It has many destinations where different types of fishes are found. Arcade is the story mode where you have to complete objectives to complete the level. It has a Zen mode that is to relax while playing the game. The third is the time attack mode where the score is calculated for the number of and types of fishes caught in a given time. All the fishing gears in this game are upgradable.

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Monster Hunter: World

Best PS4 Hunting Game

It was developed and published by Capcom. It was released for PS4 on 26th January 2018.

It is a role-playing action game. The player controls a hunter named Astara. The player, along with other characters is on an expedition to find out about the fearsome elderly dragons. Many powerful monsters roam on the surface of the planet, and you need to hunt them down to survive and keep your fleet alive. The planet is called the new world. Zorah Magdaros and Xeno’jiiva are the two main monsters that the player needs to hunt down in the game.

Jurassic World evolution

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game is developed and published by Frontier Developments on 12th June 2018 for PS4.

It is more of a business simulator than a hunting game but, the hunting part is interesting as it involves tracking down your favourite dinosaur and hunting them down to collect DNA samples to recreate them for the ultimate Jurassic experience. 

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Best PS4 Hunting Game

Developed and published by Game Mechanic Studios, this is one of the best deer hunting games of all times. It involves tracking and hunting down many species of deer. All of these dears are trophy heads. Some of the species shown are the blackbuck, Big Horn deer, Elk, musk deer, Sitka deer, spotted deer, mule, reindeer, caribou and many more. The graphics and physics in the game are quite realistic, and it develops your hunter instincts.

Pro Fishing Simulator

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game was released on 29th November 2018. Two developers worked together to develop this game. They were Sanuk Games and RingZero Game Studio ltd. It was published by Nacon.

It is a complete reality-driven fishing game. It has official types of equipment certified by the international fishing board. It has many elegant locations with many varieties of fishes to catch. This game is beginner-friendly as well as challenging for the experienced. The dynamics are absolutely great, and sceneries are breathtaking.

Far Cry 5 

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game was developed by the Ubisoft teams of Montreal and Toronto together. Ubisoft published it. It is a first-person shooting-based adventure game. The player controls the deputy sheriff of Hope County. The main concern of the game is eliminating enemies, activating radio towers, and destroying enemy settlements. But, hunting is an integral part of the game as to craft gears. You need animal skins. There are many animal parts that you accumulate after killing the animals, which can be sold to earn money, exchanged for food, or to upgrade yourself or the gear.

Duck Dynasty 

Best PS4 Hunting Game

This game is based on the popular television show, Duck Dynasty. It was developed by Fun Labs and was published by Activation Publishing Inc. The player takes control over John Luke Robertson, son of Willie Robertson. This is the journey to becoming a Robertson Duckman to continue your family legacy. The game is set in the town of West Monroe in Los Angeles. You can hunt ducks, play tricks on and get advices from other family members. The game also gives you the feature to fish so that you could help your mom cook food. Ducks can be called in by using a variety of duck calls. 

Horizon Zero Dawn

Best PS4 Hunting Game

Developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game was released on 1st March 2017 for PS4. The game might primarily focus on survival, but the components used for survival and actions are all hunter kit materials. The player controls Aloy, who runs around the post-apocalyptic earth fighting robotic monsters with traps, spears, arrows, and explosives. The main purpose of the game is to hunt down robots to survive. The occasional use of technology does not disturb the amazing hunting experience anyways.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game is developed by Play Mechanix, Inc and published by Game Mill Entertainment for PS4 on 25th October 2016. The gameplay is quite simple, and the rules are also very clear. There are male and female deer on the screen. After the player fires the first deer, the animals start running. The objective is to kill as many male deer as possible. If you kill any female deer, the round ends. 

Far Cry Primal

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game was developed and published by Ubisoft. It was released on 23rd February 2016 for PS4. This is possibly the best open-world adventure game focusing on animal hunting. As the game is based on a primal setting in the pre-historic earth, only melee weapons like swords, spears, and clubs can be used. Ranged weapons include bows and slings. The aim is to kill wild animals to develop and develop your tribe. You need to defeat other hostile tribes, and objectives also include rescuing your tribemates from the captive of enemy tribes.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game was developed and published by CD Projekt. It was released for PS4 on 19th May 2015. This game has a really old setting; hence, the only weapons used in the game are swords, crossbow, and medieval bombs. The player controls Geralt of Rivia, whose primary objective is to slay monsters. Magic is also an integral part of this game. The game has stunning graphics and allows killing animals in the forest with a crossbow and sword. Many of the animals, like wolves, attack the player as well. The hunting is very realistic, and the animals exhibit a natural response to the intrusion.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Best PS4 Hunting Game

The game was developed and published by Ubisoft. It was released on 27th October 2017 for PS4. This game is also set in medieval times, and the player has the freedom to kill animals in the wild. Many animals attack the player, and killing them is an utmost necessity. The skins of animals help upgrade the equipment and accessories of the character. The game also lets you ride horses and so can provide a great experience of hunting from horseback. These are some of the best PS4 hunting games that people shouldn’t miss out on. All of them are equally good. Take your pick and enjoy.