After the massive success of PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment launched PlayStation 4 in North America, Australia, Japan and South America. It locked horns with brands like Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One. This time Sony emphasised upon various social aspects for the console. Features like media sharing, community creation, share play, and live streaming have been an active part of PlayStation 4. However, PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible.

Talking about the controller of PlayStation 4, the DualShock 4 is the primary controller of PS4. There is no difference in this controller and the previous ones of the same series. Some additional features, as well as design refinements, can be seen in these controllers. Analog stick caps have been given a concave design. Refinements have been added to the shape of shoulder buttons and triggers. We can see a steeper downward angle for offering a proper resting space. Also, the handgrips have been thickened.

The touchpad of DualShock 4 is capable of detecting two simultaneous touch presses. Micro USB connectors are used to charge DualShock 4 controllers. It has a headphone jack, internal speaker and pair of headset earbuds. Its motion track system is better than that of PS3.

If you have been looking for PS4 controllers, then you need not search anymore. In this article, we have curated a list of top 15 PS4 controllers. Here you will get in-depth details about all the PS4 controllers. Here we go!


1.YCC Team wireless controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This is a wireless controller for PS4. Also, there is no issue of compatibility as you can use it with PlayStation 4/Slim/Pro. It has option sensing technology as well as the latest system of vibration. You will gain precise control over the gameplay because of enhanced trigger buttons and analog sticks. It does not matter whether you are a newcomer or a veteran player – this controller opens up new gaming opportunities for every player. It has a built-in speaker as well as a stereo headset jack. This enhances your audio experience while playing games. This will cost you $36.99 only.

2.Etpark PS4 wireless controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This one is quite popular among the gamers. It is a revolutionary PS4 controller with features that enhances your gameplay. You will witness a whole new level of gaming experience with features like an integrated light bar, built-in speaker, touchpad etc. Efficient charging is possible by using a micro USB port or plugging into PS4. Also, there is a Share button which is used to share some of your best gaming moments with the world. The mini light bar is capable of displaying a wide variety of colours which represent different players. The controller costs $36.99.

3.PS4 controller ORDA wireless gamepad

Best PS4 Controllers 2020

You need not worry about compatibility issues if you have got this amazing controller. You can use it for playing games in PS4, PS4 Pro, and PC and so on. The dual built-in shock motion motors offer a highly intense and authentic gaming experience to the gamers. The controller comes with an ergonomic layout. This controller has the capacity to reduce the response time and enhance accuracy level at significant moments. You can share your best gameplays as well as play silently by using a 3.5 mm audio port. The controller will cost $42.96.

4.NACON Controller Esports revolution unlimited

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller can be used in both wireless and wired set up. It has dual customisable sticks with varying amplitude – 30/38/46. The controller is equipped with a smart LED indicator. It has interchangeable stick heads. It has an average battery life of a whopping 7 hours. For running the controller, you need 1 lithium polymer batteries. It comes in black colour and looks extremely elegant and opulent. However, because of its features and looks, the controller comes quite expensive. You need to part with $158.08 for buying this controller.

5.PS4 controller V2 CHASDI wireless Bluetooth 

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller comes with dual rumble feature with 6 axis motion wireless function and touchpad. It is compatible with Android OS and PC. It also comes with a USB cable. It has a built-in high capacity lithium battery which provides a long battery life. You will get the option of 15 minutes’ auto sleep. It costs just $36.99.

6.DualShock 4 wireless controller:

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This is the official PS4 controller. It is available in a huge multitude of attractive colours and style. The trigger buttons, as well as dual analog sticks, have been upgraded in terms of feel, sensitivity and shape. The touchpad is clickable as well as allows multi-touch. This enhances your gameplay to a greater extent. You can easily charge it by plugging it into a PS4 system in rest mode. Charging with USB cable is also possible. This is a bit expensive, and you have to pay $49.50 for acquiring the controller.

7.Etpark PS4 Wired controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller is exceedingly suitable for playing games on PS4. The latest motion-sensing technology, three-axis accelerator and three-axis gyroscope enhance your gameplay. There is a dual-point capacitive sensing touchpad on the front part of this effective PS4 controller. For those who need a PS4 controller within budget, this one is the ideal option. It costs just $22.99.

8.Power Lead Wireless gaming controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller supports not just PS4 but PS3/PS4 Slim/ Windows PC. There are several features that make the controller highly beneficial for the gamers, such as, clickable touchpad, multi-touch, built-in speaker and 3.5mm stereo audio jack. It is also equipped with a six-axis sensor. For this one, you need to pay $41.99.

9.JAMSWALL PS4 controller wireless DualShock 4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller for PS4 consoles is heavily loaded with lucrative features like three-axis accelerator, three-axis gyroscope and motion-sensing technology. It is capable of detecting omnidirectional dynamic details like Pitch, Roll and Yaw. The ergonomic design of the controller optimised layout of the buttons, non-slip surface makes the gaming experience smooth and comfortable. You need to pay $36.99 for this controller.

10.Jar Owl ps4 controller wireless for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

specially designed for PS4 players, this controller is quite a favourite among the gamers. The reason behind its popularity is because of the complete control that you acquire over the gameplay. Efficient and quick charging facility is there. You need to pay just $34.99 to buy this controller.

11.Donop wireless controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller uses wireless transmission technology. The built-in speaker, 3.5 mm stereo jack and upgraded joysticks will enhance your gaming experience. This controller also allows easy sharing options. It comes with a 900 mAh battery that allows efficient charging. The pressure sensors of the controller help you to experience all those crash, explosions and hits. It will cost you around $40.99.

12.OUBANG remote control for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

The controller is loaded with features like 3.5 mm stereo jack, multi-touch and clickable touchpad, built-in speaker etc. You will be able to gain precise control over the gameplay because of the shape and sensitivity of the trigger buttons and analog sticks. It comes with built-in 900mAh battery and allows easy and efficient charging. It costs around $34.96.

13.ZFY Z01PS4 controller

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This heavily loaded controller for PS4 opens up new horizons for PS4 games. The vibration and latest motion-sensing technology act as a cherry on the cake. It is compatible with PS4, POS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. You can charge it quickly and play games for long hours. The layout of the trigger buttons, as well as the sensitivity of the dual analog sticks, provides you with a better and enhanced gaming experience. This is again quite a budget-option as it costs just $33.99.

14.YU33 2 pack wireless controllers for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

If you need precise control over your gameplay, then without any inhibitions, opt for this controller. The design and layout of the buttons offer you perfect control over the games. It offers a battery life of up to 5 to 8 long hours. The design is quite attractive and elegant. This controller too comes equipped with 3.5mm jack, touchpad, integrated light bar etc. This one is a bit expensive and costs $53.99.

15.KINGEAR Pro controller for PS4

 Best PS4 Controllers 2020

This controller is compatible with PS4 consoles. The sensitivity level of the controller is too high. There is no issue of signals as it utilises world-class wireless connection technology. The controller is lightweight and easy to hold even for long hours. Features like clickable touch, multi-touch and integrated light bar play a significant role in enhancing your gameplay. It costs just $39.99.

Now that you know the details about the top 15 PS4 controllers, all you need to do is to choose anyone from the abovementioned list. Select according to your preference, budget and taste. No matter which one you choose, you will experience much better gameplay. Go gaming, guys!