Top 17 Best PS4 Board Games 2023 (Latest Updated)

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I came here again to talk to you Since I felt bored with my everyday life. I know you all are also feeling the same. Then I thought, why shouldn’t you and I try playing video games. But I remember that we already talked about various genres of video games like adventurous, action, poker, racing, and things like that. So this time we should try something different. Otherwise, we will Be bored playing the same kind of games every time.

I remember the summer days of childhood; I used to play some board games like Ludo, Carrom, Snakes and ladders monopoly, etc., with my grandfather. These games were traditional and brought the family together in their hectic lives. But after playing these games so many times with my grandfather, sister, and school friend, I never felt bored. When I felt idle, I remembered my childhood memories and decided to play these games online. I explored the internet and found some best board games to play.

So in today’s article, I, Shyami-the bored, busy boy, am going to tell you the 17 best board games (2023) to play. Read the whole article.

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Monopoly Family Fun Pack 

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Monopoly Family Fun Pack was developed and released by Ubisoft on November 18, 2014.

Monopoly Family Fun Pack collects the three most popular monopoly games- Monopoly Plus, My Monopoly, and Monopoly Deal. This game covers all the aspects of the classic monopoly game. The main theme of the original monopoly game has been retained. The mode of playing is multiplayer. Players have to roll a pair of dice and accordingly navigate the game board. The game currency is used to buy or sell assets, and the amount of money you possess determines your position in the game. The one who reaches bankruptcy the earliest loses the game, and the person with the highest amount of money wins the game.


 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Armello was developed and released by League Of Creeks on September 1, 2015.

Armello is a multiplayer game in which four players can take part. This is based on pure fantasy and is set in a fictional world. You, along with your co-players, play the role of a leader of an animal clan who has to compete with the other players to be crowned as the king/queen. You’ll use a series of cards and dice to progress through the board. It’s a turn-based game, and you can acquire and use the currency to purchase new abilities.

Pure Chess

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Pure Chess was created by VooFoo Studios and released by Ripstone Play It on April 15, 2014.

Chess is one of the most ancient board games in the history of humanity, and Pure Chess captures that essence in the most effective manner. This has both single and multiplayer modes. The single-player mode is offline, whereas the multiplayer mode is online. The graphics are 3D, and the game controls are smooth. There’s an online leaderboard for your achievements and 100 additional challenging levels. You can customize the level of difficulty according to your needs.

Trivial Pursuit 

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

This game was developed and released by Ubisoft on February 17, 2015.

Trivial Pursuit is based on the classic Trivia game in which you have to progress through the game board by answering certain questions. You can use the gaming console to answer the questions and move forward. This video game version has a set of questions based on general knowledge, and if you give a wrong answer, you’ll spiral down to the bottom and have to start over. 

The Jackbox Party Pack

Best PS4 Board Games 2022

This game was created and released by Jackbox Games on November 26, 2014.

The game has multiple rounds, and in each round, up to eight players can participate. You’ll be given a hint or topic, and your response can be in the form of an answer or a drawing depending upon the question’s requirement. The other players will then review your response and vote for the best reply making him/her the winner. The party pack has a collection of multiple games in which you can guess the name of a picture, play word games and answer trivia questions. You can earn game currency by giving correct answers.

The Jackbox Party Pack 2

Best PS4 Board Games 2022

This sequel to the original Jackbox Party Pack was created and released by Jackbox Games on October 13, 2015.

This second version consists of new exciting and fun games like Fibbage2, Bidiots, Bomb Corp, Earwax and quiplash. Fibbage is a bluffing game, and Earwax requires you to correctly guess a sound, Bidiots is the drawing game in which you have to draw on a prompt along with your Co-players, and the best voted drawing wins. Quiplash can be played with up to eight players and in Bomb Corp you have to defuse bombs to stay alive. All the games have multiplayer modes so you can enjoy with a large group of people.       


America’s Greatest Game Shows: Wheel  

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

This game was created and released by Ubisoft on November 7, 2017.

America’s most beloved games are out for the world! Now you can access this entertaining game on your PS4 gaming consoles and get ready to have loads of fun. The theme is based on the two classic games, wheel of fortune and jeopardy. The jeopardy game is in a quiz format but with a slight twist. Instead of giving answers to questions, you have to frame questions for answers! The wheel of fortune game is a turn-based game in which you spin the wheel which has different markings and a pointer. The marking on which the pointer stops at would be your prize.

Backgammon Blitz

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Backgammon Blitz was created by VooFoo Studios and released by Nomad Games on November 12, 2015.

Backgammon is one of the oldest strategy-based board games. You have to roll the dice and move your pieces. Up to two players can play this game at a time. The main goal is to remove all your pieces first from the board, and the one who does that wins the game. Strategy plays a key role in this game apart from luck. You have countless ways of moving your pieces. This is almost similar to checkers. Backgammon Blitz has a 3D interface, and the controls are smooth to use. It has a free demo version so that you can understand the gameplay before purchasing it.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

This game was developed and launched by Ubisoft on October 20, 2015.

This is a collection of the most loved board games on PS4. The collection includes Monopoly Plus, Risk Urban assault, Trivial Pursuit live, Battleship, Risk and Boggle. 

It’s a wholesome pack consisting of various game formats like using dice in Battleship, strategically planned gameplay in Battleship, the classic dice and currency game in Monopoly Plus and a challenging word game in Boggle. The gameplay is really interesting, and all the games are a definite must-try.


Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Tharsis was developed by Choice Provisions and released by Zach Gage on January 12. 2016.

It’s a strategy-based board game in which you have to roll a dice taking turns with your co-players. A maximum of four persons can play this multiplayer game. You can also choose to play solo and have total control over all the four characters, who are astronauts on a mission to Mars. This has a space theme and would be loved by the space buffs because of its interesting plot. You aim to reach Mars without endangering either yourself or your crew members. Each turn allows you to repair your spacecraft, replenish your health, and use special abilities.

Slay the Spire

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Slay the Spire wathereated by MegaCrit and released on May 21, 2019.

Slay the Spire is an interesting combination of the turn-based card game of UNO and the theme of building your story and gaining or losing money like in Monopoly. You have to choose one of the four available characters and would be given a deck of cards to start your game. Throughout the game, you’ll use your cards to climb a spire of multiple levels while facing resistance from enemies. The cards have either an attacking statement or a defence statement, and some cards help you earn money as well as health. 

Mahjong Gold

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Mahjong Gold was created by Creobit and released jointly by 8FLOOR and 4Hit Limited on March 20. 2018.

Ah! Here comes the good old Mahjong. This is a puzzle-based board game in which you have a set of strategically arranged tiles. Each tile has another similar pair which is kept away from it at a different place, and your job is to match all of them and clear the board of all the tiles. Sounds easy? It isn’t. The tiles won’t be arranged linearly, and there are hundreds of different arrangements possible which will test your puzzle-solving skills. It has over 120 challenging yet fun levels and is a classic favorite.

Risk Urban Assault

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Risk Urban Assault was created by Zoe Mode and released by Ubisoft Entertainment on August 2, 2016.

The end is near, the world is on the brink of collapsing, and you, a commando, are in charge of salvaging your troops and saving the world. Set in the aftermath of an apocalypse event, this turn-based board game uses a clever mixture of cards and dice to help you make decisions and progress through the game. Realistic graphics of some of the world’s most famous cities add to the overall charm of this game. Defeat your opponents to save the world and become its leader.

Rento Fortune

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Rento Fortune was created and released by LAN-GAMES EOOD on 

It’s a purely dice-based board game and has turn-based gameplay. It combines the concept of Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune. You have to earn currencies by rolling the dice and make your opponents lose money. You defeat your opponents by making them bankrupt. You can trade assets, win prizes through the Wheel of Fortune and use tornadoes to set back your opponents.

Arcade Archives Shanghai III

 Best PS4 Board Games 2022 

Arcade Archives Shanghai III was created by Sunsoft and released by Play station on July 3, 2015.

This game was created in 1993 and was released on Play Station by their Arcade Archives mission which revives all the old yet popular games. Shanghai III is very much like Mahjong and consists of tiles that you have to reveal and match with its pair. You can only take out those tiles which have at least one or more free sides.


Best PS4 Board Games 2022

If you are a person who loves action games but want to try board games this time or vice-versa, this game is for you. It makes you gaming in action mode. You must have known about the miniature universe if you know about Norse mythology. This is the theme of this game. Learn more about the theme.

Theme- You enter a miniature world in this game, already imagined in Norse mythology. Some Gods and spiritual figures are controlling the world; you will have to grab the powers of its God. And for this, you will have to make a superb strategy to win over every spiritual figure.


  • Perfect and 3-Dimensional Interface- Unlike most video games, The interface of this game is the icing on the cake. The interface sometimes takes you to the world of miniatures, and you can imagine yourself in the town of mythological Gods. Every little thing in the game reflects the vibes of the magical world. Be aware! You can also get lost in it.
  • A perfect blend of Action and Board gaming- yes, this is the thing that made me crazy for this game. I already used to love action and fight to games, but when I thought of trying a board game…Luckily, It was there. And then it made me interested in board games.
  • The unique theme of miniatures- The game is already different from other games in the same genres. The theme of being in the miniature world is another level of Adventure and experience.
  • A piece of sensational music- The best feature award goes to its music. Music works most with its interface to make you feel like another universe. Be ready to get into the war with God with the goosebumps of music.
  • A Japanese pro animation- As you have already read about this, The best feature award for this game is equally shared with its animation with its fire music. The anime is so magical that you can even see it in your dream while sleeping.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Best PS4 Board Games 2022

Hey, yes, you read it right. The game is a board game, too, and it is a strategy game. Like no.16 WARTILE, It is also a mix of the genre of the board, strategy, action, and adventure games. Isn’t it a fantastic idea to play these numbers 16 and 17 both one by one? Because both these games can make you addicted to them. You will need a game like it after playing wartile or Warhammer. So go for both the games together and feel like a knight rider.

Theme- In this game, You will find yourself in the Warhammer world. It is a war-torn land where all the wealth and glory are in dungeons. Denizens of Chaos are the people responsible for threatening the Warhammer world. You are the leader of warriors across the land fighting with the denizens. Swing swords, fire arrows, and cast spell when you fight with them. But you get more substantial after winning every level. After winning every battle, you are awarded some upgraded and new weapons.


  • A strategic classic video game- As you already read, it is a blend of strategic and board gaming. And this is why The gameplay is deeply tactful for the player. It would be best to have a strong and sharp strategy to lose your enemy.
  • Stunning Visuals- yes, like our number 16. The game also is best in its visual interface. The anime, background, and the world’s imagination with the map are created beautifully, which is sufficient to leave anyone mesmerizing in this world while playing.
  • More enemies and more strategies- The game is a sequel to WARHAMMER QUEST. But this time, it has upgraded itself with new areas added and new enemies introduced. You will have to change your strategy when fighting with different enemies and to enter a new town.

The list ends here, my friends! I am confident that this list gives you an idea of board gaming, and you have already decided what game you should download or purchase. Then do not be late. Click on the link given below and buy it. Start playing; till then, I will write a new article for you. I hope you play well.

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