15 Best PS4 Apps To install in Your Console 2023

Have you been searching for the top best apps for your Play Station 4? In this article, we’ve prepared the very top best apps for your Play Station 4. Your Play Station 4 device is not just a gaming console. The PS4 device can be used to stream movies, TV shows, video editing, and many other things to help enhance your experience with the device. To enjoy a wonderful and entertainment-filled experience with your PS4 device, we recommend you install these apps. Below are the top best PS4 apps you should install on your gaming console to make your experience more fun.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

PlayStation Music is a music streaming app that Spotify sponsors. The Spotify music app happens to be the world’s leading music streaming service, and in other to use the app, you would need to create a Spotify account. This app has lots of amazing features, and one of the unique features of Spotify on PlayStation Music is that it allows users to listen to music and play games simultaneously. The PlayStation Music can be used for free, but it’s with limited features and includes ads. To upgrade to a premium trial subscription, you would have to make a payment of $9.99 a month. The premium subscription gives you access to all available features and removes ads too. You are also offered a free 30-day premium trial, allowing you to check out the features before purchasing them.

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 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The Netflix app is no exception to our list of best PS4 apps and probably should be first on your list. With lots of movies and TV shows to stream, while you grab some popcorn, it’s, without doubt, one of the world’s leading media streaming platforms. The app can be downloaded for free from the PS Store, but you need to make a subscription starting at $8.99/month and going up to $15.99/month. The subscription depends on the number of devices or highest resolution that you’d like to watch the content on.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

YouTube has made a great remark on the online world. The app allows you to stream videos, TV shows and even allows you to post your videos. This wonderful app can almost be used on everything that has a screen. You can access YouTube from PS4’s browser directly, though the standalone app’s user interface is much easier to use. The service is free to download and use. However, if you’re willing to pay for the Premium service, it starts at $11.99/month, and it gets you ad-free streaming and access to exclusive video content.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

SHAREfactory is one of the commonly used apps by lots of PS4 users to edit their gameplay content. The app offers you simple video-editing tools to combine, customize and share your gameplay footage among your friends. The app also allows you to add your own commentary or soundtrack to your videos to make it more unique.  It also features lots of themes, stickers and texts that you can add in a gameplay video. It allows you to upload video on Facebook, save to a USB thumb drive, and also upload to other services once you’re done editing. The SHAREfactory is free to download with no limited features.

 PlayStation Now

 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The PlayStation Now is a subscription based game which allows PS4 users play classic PS3 titles, without downloading them. Currently, there are above 450 games currently available on the PlayStation Now. However, you would need to make a payment $19.99 a month to access all of them. The app also offers you a 7-day free trial.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

Anime lovers are not left out in this list. The Crunchyroll service leads the top option for Japanese Anime and Asian content. The Crunchyroll brings anime like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Hunter x Hunter, and more. This amazing app delivers the latest episodes an hour after it has aired in Japan and lets you stream the content in 720p. You can download the app on PS4 free, but the service is not. To gain access to all contents available you’d have to be a premium member. To be a premium member subscription starts at $6.95 per month, but the app offers a 14-day free trial. 

 WWE Network

 Best PS4 Apps 2022

You’d definitely install the WWE Network app on your PS4 if you’re a fan. The app offers you access to lots of exclusive content with scheduled programming and an on-demand library. It also allows you to watch all pay-per-view events of WWE, live. The app charges $9.99 a month, but it offers one free month trial. With this you’d be sure if it’s worth paying for monthly

 Amazon Prime Video

Best PS4 Apps 2022

Like Netflix the Amazon Prime Video allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and more. The app stands as a potential rival against Netflix to be one of the largest streaming services today. The app serves you unlimited access to tons of movies and TV shows alike, including exclusives like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The app lets you buy or rent your favourite movies and TV shows.

To be able to make to make use of this service you’d require an Amazon Prime subscription that costs $12.99 per month or $119 a year. The app gifts you the first 30 days for free when you make an annual payment. There are whole lots of other cool features and benefits when you become a member. 


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The HBO NOW app brings you all the content from HBO. To watch lots of amazing series like Game Of Thrones and more on your PS4 device you definitely need to install this app.  The app also offers lots of original series, documentaries, sports, along with the latest blockbuster movies. The content available on the HBO NOW app is strictly not on Netflix or Amazon video service or any other streaming service. The app offer a one-month free trial and a subscription of $14.99 a month. 

 Tubi TV

 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The Tubi TV offers you more than enough of hit movies and TV series. It stands among one of the streaming service with one of the largest catalog of flicks and shows cutting across genres like comedy, drama, sci-fi etc. The app also offers you personalized recommendations to help boost your experience with the app.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

DAZN is one of the most famous video streaming platforms which is dedicated primarily to sports. When you make a the app gives you access to live and on-demand streaming of boxing, fighting, and other sports events on your PS4. The app gives you a free monthly trial, but you’d need to shell out a $9.99/month fee to continue enjoying your favourite sports event. 


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The VRV helps you shorten the list of video streaming apps. If you’re not a fan of jam-packing apps on your PS4 VRV should be the alternative to your needs as it aggregates content from some of the most popular platforms like Crunchyroll, Nerdist, Boomerang etc. This appliction gives you access to stream over 20,000 hours of content, with everything from anime, sci-fi shows, and cartoons among other things on your PS4. All you have to do is just log in, connect your accounts to VRV, pay a measly subscription fee for full access.

 BBC iPlayer

 Best PS4 Apps 2022

BBC iPlayer allows you watch BBC programs on your PS4. If you missed a content earlier the app provides pretty simple channel schedules so that you can easily find the content you couldn’t catch up with. The personalized recommendation makes it very easy for users to find content they’re searching for. The app is really a must-have.


 Best PS4 Apps 2022

The crackle video streaming app allows you to stream all sorts of movies and TV shows. The app has an ever-growing library of hit movies and shows for newbies. The app makes sure you don’t run out of exciting movies and TV shows to watch and make your time worth it. It also offers you lots of exclusive Sony Crackle Originals to help you explore intriguing shows. All these features and more for free, amazing.

Pluto TV

 Best PS4 Apps 2022

Pluto TV is a one-stop platform for movies, sports, comedy, news, anime, and more. The app includes over 100 live channels, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Sky News, and Cheddar, and there’s no doubt you’re offered loads of entertainment. Pluto TV is the right app when searching for one that can cater to all your varieties.
The app also did a good job by ensuring personalized recommendations, allowing users to find interesting content without wasting time.


There’re many more apps for your PS4, but as you know, this is how far our list can go. These apps are confirmed to stand out among others, making them the best. If you feel we missed your favorite app(s), we are sorry for that. We hope we’ve satisfied your reason for going through this app.
If you have any suggestions or questions to ask, don’t hesitate to send them through the comment and be sure of instant reply.