Are you confused trying to make a pick on the best Ps Vita game to play in 2021?

Since PS Vita is the closest we get to console-quality games on a portable system before the emergence of Nintendo Switch, we will review The 15 Best Ps Vita Games to okay in 2021.

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1.KilllZone: Mercenary

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Mercenary makes the most of its portable unit, with breathtaking visuals, extensive gameplay, and multiplayer that gives Xbox 360 and PS3 titles a run for their money.
On the other hand, Mercenary has never been the pinnacle of the shooting series, but this exclusive PS Vita sequel is easily the best portable FPS ever.
“Killing Zone: Mercenary” has a wealth of weapons for you to use, and various enemies are eager to knock you down. However, this is a violent and exquisite game that shows the true courage of PS Vita, And it will intrigue you.


 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

“Minecraft” is a game of endless possibilities with great adventures. If your interest is to build a farm, raise chickens and live a simple life? This game is undoubtedly what you need as it allows you to do that real quick. But if you are the adventure type and want to continue a bold adventure and kill as much dragon as you can? Then this is also a go-to PS Vita game in 2021. Or maybe you want to go out with your friends and build your world, living like Hogwarts or Middle-earth; it is also possible with Minecraft.

This is a game every PS Vita game lover should have at their gaming cabinet or list..

3.The Waking Dead

Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

“The Walking Dead” game is the most intriguing PS Vita game I have had to play yet. The storyline is something hard to tell. But, it Is super excited to play. You’re constantly forced to make the most challenging decision in the game, and simultaneously, it makes you question these choices long after the fifth and last chapters disappear. The Walking Dead: Season 1 is the best interactive in terms of commentary, and its fast but measurable rhythm makes you feel welcome on PS Vita.

The Walking Dead is a game you should look forward to playing this year 

4.Lost Dimension

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

In many ways, Lost Dimension is a standard tactical RPG, in which you can form a group and take turns fighting against enemies on the grid. What’s also interesting in this game is that Different companions have different skills set, such as basic attack or strong maneuverability, and close to the enemy will affect the damage you cause, and so on. However, the cool and yet adventurous part is: at each level, one of your companions always betray you, and you need to figure out who it is in order to eliminate it.

5.Velocity 2x

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Velocity 2X is the long-awaited sequel of Velocity Ultra, which offers incredible puzzle platform action and award-winning top-down shooting games! Participate in the Quarp Drive teleport to defeat the enemy in space battles against specific races.
This is undoubtedly the type of game for which Vita was designed. More so, it’s a perfect portable addiction and a great excuse to increasing the volume of your headphones.
As you progress in this game, the more you see more moves, which means there is a lot of space and action in this PS Vita Game.


 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Tearaway is another PS Vita adventure game that revokes around a messenger on a mission to deliver a unique message to the player, designated by the game’s characters as “the You”. … The player uses many Vita features to guide Iota or Atoi and fight with leftovers, minor enemies who try to prevent the delivery.
Just like Sackboy’s adventure, the messenger’s pursuit of delivering letters is full of charm, experimental design, and fun.
Tearaway is certainly a PS Vita game you should consider playing this year.


 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Guacamelee leads you through life and death in a spicy adventure, From sunny desserts to cloud-covered fortresses, from underground tunnels to quaint Mexican villages containing many secrets, hidden challenges, unforgettable characters, and videos game. Guacamelee brings back the memory of Juan Aguacate’s journey. During Juan Aguacate’s journey, there were always many things to do (this includes destruction, collection, and stacking, etc.); you can easily click on this new game to see them all over again in an adventurous manner.

8.Gravity Rush

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

This interesting and strange action game allows you to manipulate the force of gravity to overcome obstacles and destroy enemies. The plot is incomprehensible, but hurrying to walk on the wall or in the air with soksang is more than just correcting. That being said, Last year’s sequel remains on the PS4, but Vita’s original experience is worth it and as such with playing this year.

9.SteamWorld Heist

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

 SteamWorld Heist lets you attack the enemy’s spaceship, defeat the enemy’s crew, and it also allows you to manage a bunch of robotic steam pirates.

The game has colorful levels and colorful characters and has a unique dialogue function. Compared with random fighters fighting, the game gives them more authentic characters.

What is more interesting is that The combat is turn-based; meaning as you move your characters around while imagining the best way to attack, You will also be responsible for targeting your characters’ weapons, deciding whether you have a clear shot or whether you should opt for a more elaborate ricochet.

SteamWorld Heist is undoubtedly a game to have a taste of.

10.Vanillaware’s “Dragon Crown” 


 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

With a wide range of reconnaissance systems, countless weapons, six-level mastery skills and local and online multiplayer games. Vanillaware’s “Dragon Crown” has been the best hit them up game in its genre . what you must note is that,  the speed of the fighters is slower, when you compare it to the PS3 version of the game; this is not to be considered a issue though. And if you have both versions, the Vita port is ideal for carrying your character on the road, because you can transfer the recorded data between the two.

11.Odin Sphere Leidthrasir

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

This game has a bright, hand-painted art style that gives the characters and levels a fresh look that doesn’t seem too old.
The game’s storyline follows several generations of Odin, each with its unique weapons, fighting styles, and attacks, as well as movement mechanisms. Each has an entirely different look and game and offers a wide range of gameplay, eliminating many enemies, large and small, with the powerful weapons at your disposal.


 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

OlliOlli is yet another PS Vita game, but not a large game with hours of history, profound gameplay, lush levels or attractive characters. But it provides a challenging game where you can train in horizontal scrolling, skate as fast as possible, and complete as many rounds as possible. The game presents you with 50 levels for you to master, with over 20 tricks. 

Another cool thing about this game is that, it  provides vintage sprite graphics for retro game fans.

13.Rayman Origin

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Is one of the intended PS Vita action game you must have played in recent times. . This 2D game provides the intense four-person jumping action that Mario surpasses. Ubisoft’s title takes place in a world created by the mysterious bubble dreamer. When the dark forces sent an evil creature and dark cartoon people to catch up with the electronics and nymphs living in this world, Lehman and his friends rushed to save the world. Rayman Origins supports four-player games. Players can complete various stages through cooperation and competition, making this game an adventurous game to play in 2020.

14.Dragon Quest Builders

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

Dragon Quest Builders is a role-playing construction game that mixes Minecraft’s accessible craftsmanship with the response, simple story, juicy craftsmanship, and good humor of Dragon Quest.
While other construction games open you up to the world, this game slowly opens you up to the world with complex projects as you develop along with the game’s storyline, setting specific goals while leaving room for personal expression.

15.Virtue’s Last Reward

 Best Ps Vita RPG Games 2020

It comes with a live and interactive storyline around nine kidnapped persons who face puzzles and confrontations to escape from an unknown facility.
One feature you can interact with within this game is the FLOW system, which you can use to replay critical events and get new results rather than replay the whole game. This, combined with a new 3D presentation, a complete voice set, and cut scenes, takes the series of its static DS roots to a living and compelling interactive page-turner.

Getting this game is worth every penny and time.


And here is the end of this PS Vita Games review guide. 

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