Many of you might not be familiar with the word winch. What is winch? Winch is a tool which is used for towing the heavy vehicles like truck, bus, which carry a ton of load. The first-ever winch was invented in 1959 and was manufactured by Belleview Manufacturing Industries.The Winch is the best equipment being made so that there might not be any difficulty for the traveler, if, their vehicle’s tire got stuck in mud. So, stop seeking help from your friend and wasting your energy after pulling your vehicle and buy the best winch of your choice because winch is capable and strong enough to pull your vehicle. Still in a dilemma about whether to get a winch or not and if to get then which winch? Below is the list of Top 15 best Portable Winch 2021.

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1.Master Lock Electric Portable Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

Imagine a situation where your vehicle got stuck in mud. How long it will take and how much amount of energy is wasted by doing it on its potential? So much, Right? But what if you have a winch with you?

Now, talking about the master lock electric portable winch, it is best used for cars, trucks, and buses. Apart from this, it can provide about 2000 pounds of pulling capacity and has 12V DC power. The most reliable thing is that the steel mounting plate, remote control, hand crank, 30ft. steel cable, and 20ft. power cable is provided along with winch.

2.Super Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

Super winch was first ever winch designed and is connected to ATV. It is smaller and compatible as compared to other winches and can provide power to the relatively small size vehicles only.

Talking about its features, it has 3000 pounds of pulling capacity, mounted switch, handled remote, and weight around 20 pounds. If you want a winch for lightweight or small size vehicles then, this is the best winch.

3.Bravex Electrical Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

Let’s see how the Bravex winch is different from another electric winch. Bravex Electrical Winch is a reversible portable winch. If we talk about its features, then it consists of a long list. Let’s see.

The features include 12V DC and 30% extra motor which helps the winch to run smoothly. It can be used for lifting any heavy vehicle. The galvanized steel cable and hook is provided for the safety. It also ensures dual-direction electric winching.

4.Smittybilt Winch

Best Portable Winch 2020

Smittybilt is a manufacturing company with over 50 years of experience. Smittybilt winch has also reinvented the world of recovery winch and undated its heavy-duty features for performance. The features include 6.6 horsepower engine, and has 3 stages planetary gear used for increase pulling power.

The hook of very good quality is given and has good remote controlling systems as well. It also provides waterproof protection layer for the spare parts. Aren’t all the features different and amazing? If you are looking for excellent winch and well-pulling power, Smittybilt is best.

5.Master Lock ATV Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

Master Lock is said to be one of the best electric winches of 2017. This master lock electric ATV winch is mostly recognized by the people, due to its features and capacities and contains Robust planetary gearing which gives high torque and load capacity on a small stage.

It has 12V DC power and can handle 1500 pounds of weight. It also provides safety hooks and 35ft galvanized cable. This is best in use for pulling small vehicles.

6.Warn Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

Imagine you are dealing with aircraft company and aircraft carrier got stuck in mud what will you do? Which winch will you use? So here you go, warn winch is one of the best and powerful winches ever had.

Warn winch includes interesting features such as motor in 3 stages planetary gear which helps to deliver the smooth power. It has a 12000-pound pulling capacity and has a great break design. It is quite expensive but can be best among all if you had Warn winch.

7.Keeper Heavy Duty Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

This keeper heavy-duty winch is portable, used in Marine, and is loaded with rapid mount. This winch cannot be trailer or self-recovered and has better break handling. It contains 5.5 horsepower battery and wireless remote to control all the operations by being in the safety zone. The remote also contains an LED light for safe use.

It has 9000 pounds pulling capacity and also features lift and turn clutch. This is one of the best winches for marine.

8.Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

As compared to other witches, the champion winch is not per as its name, as it has less power containing capacity. This witch is specially designed for ATV/UTV mountings.

The main specification of this winch includes 1.6 horsepower motor and 4500 pounds of power pulling capacity. The eye-catching part is that it contains wireless remote control. This can be said as best for ATV/UTV use.

9.Warn Corded PullzAll Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

This winch is usually manufactured in China. It is highly durable, easy to use, and always ready to remove the obstacles coming in between while pulling the tool. It can lift to 1000 pounds of weight only.

The eye-catching moment in this is that it has variable speed control and LED load indicator. It is mainly used in Auto-shops, pipe fitting, garages, and in construction. The specialty is that it includes overloading indicator as well.

10.Dutton-Lainson Trailer winch

Best Portable Winch 2020

This is the second-best electric portable winch. This kind of winch is specially designed for Boats. The manufacture of this kind of winch is done in the USA. It is the best choice for boats up to 9000 lbs.

The catchy function includes power-in and out free wheel operations. It contains mechanic friction and dynamic break as well. It has 3000 pounds of lifting capacity and 12V DC motor. It also has 3 positioned rotatory switch. What could be more amazing than this all features in one winch? You must try on this winch if you are looking it for a heavy boats.

11.Sportsman EWINCH Portable Electric Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

This winch is said to be an incredible electric boat all the time. There are many features one could ever think of. It can pull stumps and logs, and can also recover vehicles. This winch has become very popular as it has a high pulling capacity of 6000lbs for rolling and 2000lbs capacity for straight pulling.

Isn’t it amazing that it has both the specialty in one? It has vehicle attachable hooks and does not require any battery. This type of winch is necessary for jobs that require serious pulling powers.

12.Warn Drill Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

This winch is one of the lightest among all and has a pulling capacity of 500lbs only. This is said to be a multipurpose tool as it is used in heavy nursery stock or pulling a rolling load up on a trailer. It is a standard portable drill and includes clutch which makes rigging fast and easy. If you are looking for a lightweight winch than this one is best for you.

13.Super winch Tiger Shark

Best Portable Winch 2020

If you have the least budget for purchase of the winch, then this one is for you and is one of the best-selling options among all. The unit is weather-sealed, comes in 3 stage gearbox and body is made up of stainless steel. It is sturdy and long-lasting and the remote is rugged which is easy to use. As it contains all the features it is worth every penny.

14.X-Bull Electric Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

X-Bull is one of the best and highly recommended winches especially for Jeep. If your jeep is stuck in mud then this would be one of the winches you should think of. The features and specialty are at its best.

It has a pulling capacity of almost 13000 lbs. It has a 3 gear planetary system and waterproof rope. It contains 2 wireless remote controls and has a fast pull out free spooling clutch. If you are seeking to buy a winch for Jeep this one is best for sure.

15.ELITE Electric Heavy-Duty Winch

 Best Portable Winch 2020

This car winches are becoming necessities in today’s life. It is highly recommended for car or hauler winches. What if there are no winches available for cars? No, this is just a Nightmare. There are numerous winches available for cars and other less weight vehicles.

It weighs 90 pounds and has a wireless remote control. The catchy thing is it has automatic breaking lock rope which is used to prevent free spooling and slacking. It doesn’t cost much and can be easily available.

Thus, We are just finished with our top 15 best portable winches of 2020. We hope you can find out the best winch and this article is helpful to you.