13 Best Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2021

Pocket juice is nothing but the power bank, and it is manufactured by the Tzumi. Tzumi is very well known for its electronic devices and its accessories like charging cables, VR headsets, power banks, mobile covers, portable speakers, and much more. All the products of Tzumi have the coolest eye-catching designs and budget-friendly prices. Hence, it’s products are worth purchasing as it has an attractive look and the low price tag. If you are searching for the pocket juice charger, then your search is ended as in this article, we have pinned the top 13 portable pocket juice chargers.

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Tzumi PocketJuice with 20000 mAh

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

According to the report by Tzumi, the PocketJuice 20000 mAh is the fastest charger available for phones and tablets. By preferring this product, you can prevent over-discharging as well as overheating of the device.
It is the latest safest technology that provides a steady current to the device. It consists of the UV- resistant protective shell. This portable charger can go with any smart device that has the maximum wired output of 4.2A. This product will leave your device with at most a 7x longer shelf life of the battery.

Tzumi PocketJuice endurance with 4000 mAh

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

If you want to have a nice feel in your hand and attractive blue and pink case colors, you must prefer this product. It consists of an attractive slim design, and the size is small and light-weighted, which is 4.4 ounces. This product is comprising of an in-built connector.
It is easy to use, you would feel comfortable while gripping this product with a soft rubberized shell, and it consists of a soft-touch silicone design. It delivers up to 15 extra charges to your device. It consists of QuickChip technology, and due to that, it provides a steady and reliable stream of power.

Tzumi PocketJuice with 6000 mAh

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

This product supports iPhones and Androids. It consists of the in-built cable of micro USB and has a high-speed USB port. It is portable with eye-catching designs. Thus, you can charge anywhere you want.
This consists of a QuickChip of 2.4 Amp Max, and the dual device can be charged. It comprises multiple charges in just one power bank. It consists of a high-density rubberized coating, industrial-grade battery, folds away AC wall plug, charging port, and in-built USB cable.

Tzumi PocketJuice with 8000 mAh

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

This 8000 mAh PocketJuice product can charge your device up to 4x. It consists of a folding AC plug that can directly be connected to the outlet. This product consists of 4 LED status lights, and by that, you will get to know how much juice is left. And if it just shows a single light, it means it’s time to recharge the battery.
It comprises of the 2 USB high-speed port charges that provide a combined output of 3.4A. Any of the smart devices can be charged via this charger, such as iPad, tablet, iPhone, Samsung galaxy, and any of the androids. It consists of 7.3 ounces of weight.

Tzumi PocketJuice extreme 6

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

Don’t say no to the external adventures just because your phone charging has gone as it has got its best partner that is a power bank. This product would protect your device from the over-heating, over-discharging, and over-charging.

This product is dust-proof as well as waterproof. The body of this device is covered with a silicone shell, it is thick and shock-proof. Don’t worry if this device gets fall or gets wet as it consists of protection against these all. The weight of this product is 6.9 ounces.

Tzumi Magnamount

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

Imagine you are driving to an emergency and at that time your phone battery is low then how would you catch up with emergency calls! This may have happened with a lot of people. But there’s nothing to worry about as for charging for your device while traveling this wireless charger is the best option for you.

This product consists of universal QI compatibility, 10 Walt speed, 2.4A USB, and powerful magnetic grip. This product supports iPhone X, 8,plus 7, 6, 6s, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, and note 8, 5. This product can tilt up to 180 degrees and thus, it eliminates the distraction while driving. This product is designed in such a way that it is universally fit.

Tzumi dashboard phone mount

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

With this product of Tzumi, you can enjoy its rapid wireless charging features. It consists of universal compatibility in terms of QI standard wireless charging. The body of this product is coated with a rubber pad so that your phone is safe in this product’s bracket.
You can tilt it or pivot and rotate it in whatever position you want as it consists of 320-degree telescope viewing. This is one of the best portable Tzumi chargers as you can use them in whatever way you want, such as while driving or while cooking your favorite recipe.

Tzumi Magnamount auto vent same AS  

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

This product consists of the unique magnetic design that comprises of 4 powerful magnets for the optimal gripping of the device. It consists of up to 10W fast charging speed and it is QI standards are universally compatible.

For your easy to use, it’s feature includes the universally fitting vent clip that can be adjustable wherever you want. The weight of this product is 2.5 ounces. Thus, have a safe drive with the help of this product.

Tzumi PocketJuice extreme with 10,000  

Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

Are you looking for an extraordinary power bank, then this product has it all. This product consists of 4 LED battery indicators that would let you know how much battery it contains. The unique feature of this power bank is that it consists of a flashlight that keeps you prepared for any circumstances.
It can deliver up to extra three charges to your device, and the capacity of this power bank is 10,000 mAh. This product is waterproof and UV- resistant. You can charge two devices at a time, and hence, there’s no need to fight any more than who is going to charge first and who is not.

Tzumi multi-angle folding desktop

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

This product consists of dual charging coils, and it features vertical and horizontal docking options. You can fold it to at most 90 degrees according to your use. There’s no impact on the charging efficiency on your screen size.
It consists of the delivery of 10W fast wireless charging speed, and hence, your phone would never remain uncharged for any special event. It consists of increased Qi sensitivity. Nowadays, many new phone models are coming out that consist of large screens. This portable power bank charger is designed for these large-sized phones.

PocketJuice portable charger with 5000  

Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

The design of this product is compact and hence, it can get fit perfectly into a pocket, purse, or anything you want to carry for. This product is smaller but it is powerful enough that it can charge your device up to 3x.

The weight of this product is 4.9 ounces and it consists of one lithium polymer battery. Hence, there’s no need to worry if your phone charging is low, just put this product in your purse or pocket and let the phone get charged on.

Tzumi PocketJuice endurance- mini portable 

 Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

If you are looking for a power bank that consists of multiple charging options, then this product is the best option for you. It consists of dual device charging, and the QuickChip of this product consists of 3.4 Amp Max. It is a lightweight product and is durable for longer periods.
You can carry this charger and charge your device whenever you want. It consists of military guard batteries and high-density rubberized coating. This product can charge any of the devices you want to. This product would fuel up your device up to 5x more shelf life of the battery if you leave your device with this portable charger for a couple of hours.

PocketJuice with 1500 mAh

Portable Pocket Juice Charger 2020

With the help of this product, many mobile devices can be charged. This product has been tested and certified. It comes with a USB cable, and it is easy to use. It remains charged for at least 6 hours.
This product supports IPad, Samsung, iPhone, and other android devices. Hence, to have a better traveling experience, must prefer this product.
The power bank is an essential need in this cat race world. So, why not purchase the best quality power bank. Don’t stop competing yourself in this cat race just because your phone doesn’t have enough charge. Pick anyone from above and make your day worthwhile. Hence, the above was everything about the top 13 portable PocketJuice products.