The little portable oxygen concentrator is a very helpful machine for the senior people who have a low oxygen level. These oxygen concentrators are easier to carry compared to the oxygen tanks. Now, if you have a low oxygen level and want to go out then there’s no worry. You can take them with you for the riskless traveling.Portable oxygen concentrators are easier to increase the saturation in blood as senior people have to deal with the low oxygen level problem such as sleep apnea, anemia, COPD, and recovering after some particular surgery. It drives the air in, compress it, and then it filters out the nitrogen via sieve bed and there’s 95% of pure oxygen in the portable. You can inhale it via a nasal cannula or mask.

We have pinned the top 12 portable oxygen concentrator to help you out. So, let’s begin without wasting much time.

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1.Inogen one G5

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

Inogen One G5 is the newest version of Inogen. It is a versatile and robust concentrator option. It consists of intelligent pulse dose delivery that features six flow settings. You can use it 24/7 as it is designed for full-time usage.The battery life of this oxygen concentrator is 6.5 and the device weight is approximately 1.9 pounds. Moreover, it is approved by FAA for flights and features the in-built Bluetooth. The maximum oxygen output is 1260 ml/min.


 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

If you are dealing with accuracy daily then this portable oxygen unit is the best option for you. The weight of this portable oxygen concentrator is 4.8 pounds. It consists of an AC and DC adapter, cannula, and the platinum unit.Coming to its battery life, the platinum consists of 8 hours.The model of platinum is designed for day-to-day patient’s disorders without any problem. Moreover, it can also withstand the direct rain for at least 10 minutes.

3.Devilbissoxygen concentrator

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

Devilbiss’s five-liter compact oxygen concentrator is featured with the turn-down technology, which helps to minimize the wear on the internal components and reduces the consumption of power by which it extends the shelf life of the concentrator.This portable oxygen concentrator is legal to relay on. It consists of the lockable flow meter. Moreover, it consists of 2 piece cabinets and so, it is easier to maintain. It has the feature that downloads the inputs data of patients, and information on a critical situation.

4.Invacare perfecto2

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

This portable oxygen concentrator can separate the nitrogen from the surrounding air. This POC is designed for indoor usage. This simple and quiet for easy use. It looks small and runs smoothly without creating high noise.The oxygen purity of this concentrator is around 97%. The oxygen flow of this comparator is 5 LPM and its a continuous flow concentrator. It consists of three separate filters for easy maintenance. The weight of this concentrator is 40lbs.Moreover, it consists of a SensO2 oxygen monitor. It has featured with a low flow alarm. If you want to sleep peacefully at night with low-level noise of POC then this is the best option for you.

5.Devilbiss ultra quiet

 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

If you are looking for the quietest portable oxygen concentrator then this is comparator has it all you want. It is quietest and is easy for traveling as it consists of easy assemble as well as disassemble.It would work perfectly even if you don’t give the proper maintenance for 2 years. It consists of 2 pieces of cabinet and due to 2 pieces there’s an improvement of sound quality and also improves the process of cooling.The oxygen sensing device of this POC can increase the shelf life of this product. It consists of a lockable flow meter. If you are suffering from COPD, lung disorders, or cardiovascular disease then you must prefer this product as it has been designed for these disorders.

6.Precision medical EasyPluse

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

This portable oxygen concentrator is easy to carry anywhere you go as it consists of lightweight and compact. It consists of a longer shelf life of the battery and hence, the patients can have enough amount of oxygen whenever they want.The flow of oxygen is 1 to 5 liters per minute and it utilizes VPSA technology. If you have to travel through flight then this product is best as it is been approved by FFA. It consists of AC and DC power supplies.Moreover, it consists of the CMV or Controlled Minute Volume technology that delivers the volume of oxygen by automatic adjusting to the breathing rate. Hence, it consists of maintaining oxygen supplies per minute volume.

7.Respironics EverFlo

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

This portable oxygen concentrator is designed in such a way that it requires less electricity to operate and produces less heat. This product has been designed to reduce the output of noise with a sound level of approximately 40 decibels.The battery life of this POC is of 8 hours. The oxygen flow is 1500 ml per minute. One can use this product with 50 feet of tubing for maximum mobility. Moreover, it is approved by FFA for traveling in flight. It consists of an interface panel and the indicator of alarm.

8.Inogen one G3

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

If you are prescribed for oxygen supplement and want to get up to feel betterment then this device it the best option for you. Now, there’s no need to carry the heavy POC while traveling or other activities as this footprint POC is much powerful compared to others.This product has been clinically approved. It is ultra-quiet and hence, you would be able to sleep peacefully. You can travel by boat, train, or car, anything you want to with this portable oxygen concentrator.It comprises of AC power supply, DC power cable, rechargeable lithium-Ion battery, and nasal cannula. You don’t have to worry about refilling the tank. Its functions are simple to understand and consist of an LCD that is easier to read as well.


9.O2 concepts Oxlife Independence POC

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

It consists of two batteries configuration and that allows you to maintain the product. The transportation doesn’t matter if you are going to travel with this POC as it is most versatile. This product would be able to learn the condition of your health as it consists of DNA software.Moreover, it consists of a multi-color large LCD screen that is easy to read. This product consists of 2x the oxygen pulse volume per setting compared to other POC. Furthermore, it comprises lithium Ion battery, handles to pull and two wheels, spare intake filter, and AC and DC supplies.

10.Inogen one G4

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

If you are searching for the smallest portable oxygen concentrator then your search is now ended. As this product is the smallest of all. Thus, you don’t have to quite your independency and motility for the oxygen concentrator.It can be charged by AC as well as DC supplies. The single battery provides oxygen supplement up to 3 hours whereas the double battery provides till 6 hours. It consists of a 3 flow setting for the pulse dose delivery.The features it consists of are display, flow control, on/off button, breathe detection light, audible alert light, and alert light.

11.Respironics Millennium M10

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2020

This portable oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen up to 10LPM. This product is designed according to one of the most reliable oxygen concentrators. It consists of an integrated sieve canister.There’s no need to do extra expense on the accessories of the concentrator as it features great reliability. It consists of free maintenance SMCT cycle valve and twin-head compressor.For its longer shelf life, it consists of high-quality durable casters.For the protection against the electric shock, it consists of the protective tubing that guards tubing double fault and electronic wires. The best feature of this product is the integrated sieve canister as it helps to enhance the bed life.

12.Precision medical EasyPluse POC3


This POC consists of CMV or controlled minute volume technology for the longer shelf life of the product. This product requires less maintenance and hence, there’s nothing to worry about. It comprises of cords, AC as well as DC supplies and cannula.This product is the king among others in the quality of the highest purity oxygen. You just have to turn on by dialing the flow you want and the product is ready to use. This product does have multiple buttons but it is easy to use.The weight of this product is 4.9 lbs and it is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator for use while traveling. The battery duration of this POC is 11 hours. It consists of the in-built rechargeable battery and that can extend the battery to 5.5 hours.With the help of the above given portable oxygen concentrators, the patient suffering from the low level of oxygen has no longer to quite their independency and motility. They are free to travel by taking one of the portable oxygen concentrators from above with them. Hence, the above was everything about the top 12 portable oxygen concentrators.