Portable Lungs might be a little misguiding to you but the answer hides when you are in a situation where you are lacking your lung’s ability to breathe such as underwater, then this portable lungs might help you to save your life.

So, today we are presenting you with a list of Top 15 Best Portable Lungs in 2021.

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1.DXDiver bailout Pony bottle diving kit

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This balanced first stage has 2 LP and 1 HP port. The second stage hose connects to the first stage by the aid by the vertical swivel. This device eases the breathing process because of the conventional regulator design.

The system is more air volume compared to the similar redundant but it is still apt for the traveling purpose. This pony bottle comes along with fresh hydro and VIP sticker. It fills the adapter for easing out the filling on the conventional tank.

2.DXDiver bailout Pony bottle diving kit 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This 13 cubic foot pony bottle is two times the volume of similar setup integrated 1st stage with the 1LP and the 2 LP port. It has a button pressure gauge that has a fill adapter that will fill from your tank.

It comes with a fresh VIP sticker and hydro and is DXD second stage. It is available in different colors

3.Aqua lung ABS scuba octopus

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This aqua lung ABS scuba octopus is a combination of excellent breathing performance and gives the benefit of low profile body style. For the regulators it exceeds CE breathing requirements and its versatile design provides proper functioning when its right side up or else upside down.

It as a custom fast release mount clip that helps to keep the ABS properly on the body every time. It has a 39” yellow hose that is easily distinguishable from the ABS hose and the primary hose. This can be easily spotted when an emergency occurs out of air.

4.DXDiver Bailout pony bottle 19 cf(2.7L)

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

The DXD second stage hose is connected to the first stage. Due to the conventional regulator system it becomes easy to breathe with the help of this device. It has more air volume than a similar redundant system but that does not matter much as you can still take it for traveling purposes.

This pony bottle will come along the fresh hydro and the VIP sticker. Its size is 15 cubic feet. You can take it for traveling as this is s great portable lungs.

5.Head sport sea vision full face snorkeling 

Best Portable Lungs 2020

This is a full face mask that allows you to breathe naturally and effortlessly even if you are underwater. This head sport face mask sea vision has a dry snorkel that stops water from the snorkel and makes it very comfortable and convenient.

This also has a breath ventilation system that automatically defogs the mask so you can get a clear vision of what is in front of you. This mask gives 180-degree180-degree fields of view so that you can get a much clear vision of the underwater from each angle.

6.Submersible system spare air 3000 3.0 kit 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This spare air system is one of the smallest reluctant scuba systems that you can get with enough air to help you to get on the surface in the case of out of air emergency. This is patented spare air that must be the standard piece of scuba diving equipment for the ones who are many kinds of safety-minded divers.

This spare air system gets easily refilled from the scuba tank and it comes with an included refill adapter.

7.Sherwood 6 cu ft. 3000 PSI aluminum 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020


This Sherwood portable lung has got a full manufacturer’s warranty. You can use this awesome high-pressure spare tank when you get in any kind of emergency underwater. This is a must requirement for diving purposes.

This comes with a yoke design value that is 6cu ft., and about 0.9 liters and the pressure is 3000 PSI. This has a high visibility yellow color that makes it very easy to locate. So you should give it a go!

8.Caredy scuba tank mini scuba dive cylinder 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020


It is made of a food-grade silicone material mouthpiece, that is safe enough and does not smell bad and has an ergonomic design. It is portable so you can take it where ever you want and it has a large capacity breathing that lasts longs

The underwater breathing may take up to 15-20 minutes. The surface of it has been sprayed with high-pressure gas storage technology and it is durable. This portable lung is also resistant to seawater corrosion. The gas is very pure it is because of the one-way gas-filled filter with double filter.

9.Qinlorgo diving oxygen tank

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This qinlorgo diving oxygen tank is of high quality that is made of CNC processing, the quality is also excellent and the surface is of the hard oxidation process. The breathing bottle is made of 6061 aviation aluminum, that comes with spraying plastic technology surface, the gas storage is of high pressure plus it is durable.

It has anti-corrosion by the seawater that has a capacity of 0.7L.the valve is explosion-proof and safe to use. The master value of the switch is also great. If the air leaks out then it gets stored together with a pressure reduction bin so that it could be adjusted to the amount of air-flown out.

10.Sopras Sub bailout pony bottle diving kit


 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This sopras has a balanced first stage that has 1 HP and 2 LP ports. The conventional regulator design makes it much easy to breathe underwater. It is portable because of its small size. The pony bottle comes along with fresh hydro and VIP sticker.

It comes in different colors. It is just double the volume of a similar setup that is it is of 6 cubic foot Catalina pony bottle. You can fill up the conventional tank with the help of a fill adapter for easily filling it.

11.MiniDive Mini scuba tank 30 cu


Best Portable Lungs 2020

If you want a good quality of mini scuba tank that comes with a range of 5-20 minutes then a MiniDive is just what you will like! The MiniDive is a great company that designs, develops, and also manufactures its product so that to ensure the best quality of products for each of its customers.

It is very easy to refill this in just a few minutes with the help of the high-quality hand pump that is of stainless steel. This is a portable diving kit that is transportable by plane. It is of high quality of blue leather that protects the tank from small shocks and splinter.

12.SMACO New generation scuba diving tank 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020


This SMACO Diving cylinder is essential equipment for the divers! This allows each of its users to be able to breathe normally underwater for plenty of minutes regardless of application. This has a constant pressure valve inside the bottle itself.

You can also entirely switch off the air valve when you wish to store it. This is an explosion free lung that isn’t just limited to the shallow diving purpose. You can easily take it with you on the plane to a vacation. This is also resistant to pressure and corrosion.

13.SMACO S400 scuba diving tank equipment


 Best Portable Lungs 2020

Here comes another diving product by the SMACO Company! This product features an air switch valve that can entirely shut down the air source so that there is no leakage of air when you store it. This also has an external explosion free valve.

It has a constant pressure valve that ensures uniform control of air out and makes it more stable. The pressure gauge of it is of stainless steel and is corrosion-free. The kit comes with a special hand pump that is very simple to use and can the tank completely wherever you are.

14. Jimfoty scuba diving tank equipment


 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This Jimforty scuba diving tank is made up of  6061 aviation aluminum stand plus the cylinder has gone through strict tests and has conformed to the diving standards. The mouthpiece is also safe as it is made of food-grade silicone material and has been safely assured.

You can press on the top to remove out the gas inside of the bottle just remember that the pressure should not be exceeding 30000psi or 200ba. This is also resistant to seawater corrosion. This also comes with an inflator that is convenient and easy to use

15.POEO scuba mini dive oxygen tank and scuba 

 Best Portable Lungs 2020

This POEO scuba diving equipment has a regulator, that turns on automatically on-demand of the breathing balance at any time. The pressure gauge is also included in this. The capacity of this is 0.5 liters for five-ten minutes of underwater breathing.

This is a very convenient tool that has the breathing mouthpiece made of food-grade silicone resin that is tasteless and safe. Its design is ergonomic and so you can breathe using this freely in underwater. The length of it is 36.3 cm and the maximum pressure it can hold id 3000PS 200 BAR